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This is a guide on Wyvern Riding, a new mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want a tutorial guide on how to ride monsters as well as the controls, read on!

What is Wyvern Riding?

New Mechanic in MH Rise

Wyvern Riding is a newly introduced mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). This allows you to ride and control any large monster!

Completely Replaced Mounting

The mounting from past games has been completely replaced with Wyvern Riding. Not only will you ride monsters this time, but you also have to control them as well. This introduces new things to master and techniques to learn!

Has A Time Limit

Riding Timer

The Riding Timer shows you how long you can ride a certain monster. Time replenishes whenever you land an attack and depletes when you are hit. You can't ride monsters forever!

Wyvern Riding Trailer

Steps in Wyvern Riding

# Description
1 Put the monster in a Mountable State using Silkbind, Wirebug, and Aerial Attacks.
You may also launch monsters onto another monster to put the other monster in a mountable state. Damage numbers will have a blue shine whenever you are dealing mounting damage.
Use Puppet Spiders to instantly put monsters in a mountable state.
2 When they are mountable, mount by pressing A for Switch or Right-click for PC or by attacking the monster.
3 If there is a monster nearby, attack the monster and fill the Wyvern Riding Gauge to execute a Mounted Punisher!
4 Launch monsters into walls or obstacles using the Y button for Switch and C button for PC. Don't forget that you can do this multiple times by B for the Switch version and the Space bar for the PC version after each launch!
5 After launching the monster to a wall / obstacle, the monster will go down and will be open for free hits!

How to Mount Monsters

Check IconUse Silkbind, Wirebug and Aerial Attacks

Check IconUse Puppet Spiders

Check IconMake monsters fight each other

Mountable State

To ride monsters, you have to put them in a mountable state first. This can be accomplished in several ways: using Silkbind and Wirebug Attacks consistently, using Puppet Spiders, or monsters attacking each other!

Take note, Wyvern Riding replaces the traditional mounting we know from the past games so consider these methods if you want to ride these monsters!

Use Silkbind, Wirebug, and Aerial Attacks

Mounting Damage.png

Using Silkbind Attacks, Wirebug Attacks, and Aerial Attacks consistently against a monster accumulates mounting damage onto a monster. When your wirebugs are fully charged, always try to execute silkbind attacks!

Also, a blue shine will appear behind the damage numbers whenever you deal mounting damage so look out for those!

List of Silkbind Attacks and How to Use

Use Puppet Spiders

Puppet Spider

Puppet Spiders are a type of Endemic Life that puts monsters in a mountable state instantly! Like the usual Endemic Life, they can be picked up around the map and will be stored like an item.

To use the Puppet Spiders, highlight it on the Item Bar and Press Y to use for the Nintendo Switch or Press E for the PC version.

Puppet Spider Location: How to Get and Use Puppet Spiders

Make Monsters Fight Each Other

Monster Attack Another Monster

A monster attacking another monster will eventually wear it down to its mountable state! This could happen by either attacking another monster while riding on one or monsters wearing themselves out in a turf war.

A turf war can be instigated by luring monsters to the same area. This can be done using certain endemic life like the Stinkmink or the Wailnard. The loser will always be mountable after the turf war so be alert for when you can ride!

Turf Wars: List of Monsters in Turf War

Wyvern Riding Not Working?

Requires Multiple Wirebug or Silkbind Attacks

Putting monsters in the mountable state requires multiple aerial or silkbind attack hits. You cannot wear them down by hitting them once. Repeatedly use aerial or silkbind attacks to mount monsters faster - silkbind attacks like the Hunting Horn's Earthshaker and the Bow's Aerial Aim make for a faster Wyvern Riding.

Cannot Mount the Same Monster Twice

If you have just mounted a specific monster, you cannot mount it again after a short while. Based on our testing, a cooldown of 5 minutes is required before you can mount the same monster again.

The Arzuros in the Wyvern Riding Tutorial is Different

The Arzuros in Wyvern Riding tutorial is a bit different because it only requires 1 wirebug or silkbind attack hit before you can mount it. This is intentional so you would not waste time trying to mount the monster. The wyvern riding threshold in the full game is increased to balance the game. Do not be confused if you are not mounting a monster after a single hit!

Wyvern Riding Tips and Tricks

Check IconLearn the Ropes by Doing the "Learning to Ride" Quest.

Check IconThrow a Large Barrel Bomb (or Mega Barrel Bomb) while airborne.

Check IconRecover health or sharpen weapons before mounting.

Check IconLearn how to Dodge Cancel.

Check IconUse Evade / Emergency Evade to counter another Monster's attack.

Check IconIf there is another monster, launch the ridden monster to the other monster so you can Wyvern Ride again.

Check IconIf there is no other monster, launch the ridden monster to any wall or obstacle.

Check IconOnly use Mounted Punisher when the gauge is almost depleted.

Check IconMonster Attacks can deal blights or status ailments to other monsters.

Learn the Ropes by Doing the Learning to Ride Quest

Learning to Ride Quest.png

The Learning to Ride quest is a Training Quest, one of few that you can take which helps with learning the fundamentals of gameplay. In this quest, you will learn all that you need to know to Wyvern Ride, including the usage of Puppet Spiders.

Use Large Barrel Bombs While Airborne

1 Put the Monster in a Mountable State
2 Place additional bombs near the monster (optional)
3 Fly over the head using Wirebugs and throw a Large Barrel Bomb (or Mega Barrel Bomb) while airborne
4 Press Y (Switch) or Press E (PC) while airborne to throw the bomb Large Barrel Bomb (or Mega Barrel Bomb) downward

If you have bombs in your inventory and there is a mountable monster in front of you, you might want to maximize the damage you deal before mounting by throwing a bomb while airborne. This makes sure that the single-hit attack damage is maximized! If you have time, you may even lay down bombs before going airborne to add more boom to your attack!

Throw bombs by equipping them in your Item Selector, going airborne using Wirebugs, and pressing Y button (Switch) or E button (PC) to throw the bomb downward.

Recover Health or Sharpen Weapons Before Mounting

After putting a monster in a mountable state, the monster will not move for about 10 seconds. Maximize this time by recovering your health, sharpening your weapons, or crafting items before you deal that single-hit to commence Wyvern Riding!

Always Attack a Monster To Ride than Pressing A or Right-Click

Since being in a mountable state gives you free hits, we suggest attacking the monster once than pressing A (Switch) or doing a Right-click (PC). This deals additional damage however small that may be.

Learn How to Dodge Cancel

Monster Hunter Rise - Wyvern Riding Animation Cancelling.gif

After using a weak or strong attack, if you still have wirebugs in your gauge, you can dodge after an attack to cancel the remaining attack animation and follow-up with another attack! This can greatly increase your overall Wyvern Riding DPS and speed up the charging time of your Wyvern Riding gauge so you can execute the Mounted Punisher faster!

Use Emergency Evade to Get Up!

While Wyvern Riding, there is a possibility for your monster to go down because of another monster's attack. When this happens, use emergency evade to stand up again!

Hunter Health Is Not Affected

The health of hunters does not go down when the monster you are riding gets hit! Do not worry too much about your health when you are on top of a monster just focus on attacking!

Use Evade to Counter Another Monster's Attack

Wyvern Riding Evade to Counter.gif

You can also use Evade to counter another monster's attack. This will stagger them and deal damage!

Launch a Monster Into Another Monster

When there is another monster in the area, we suggest launching the monster you are riding onto the other monster. This puts the attacked monster into a mountable state so you can Wyvern Ride again!

Of course, be aware if the other monster has been mounted already! You cannot mount the same monster again - you have to wait for about 5 minutes!

Launch the Ridden Monster to Walls or Obstacles

Always Launch Monsters

Press the Y button (Switch) or C button (PC) when in front of a wall/obstacle to slam the monster. Take note that you can do this multiple times as long as you have wirebug charges by pressing B (Switch) or Space bar (PC) after every successful wall slam.

Not only does this deal big damage, but it also restrains the monster using ironsilk threads that greatly reduce its movements!

Better to Do This Immediately in Multiplayer

When in a multiplayer session, your friends cannot hit a monster you are riding on which can cause a significant DPS drop. In that case, it is better to just launch monsters to walls as soon as possible when in a multiplayer session allowing your friends to dish damage!

Only Use Mounted Punisher When the Riding Gauge is Almost Out!

Mounted Punisher when the Gauge is Almost Out

When the Riding Gauge fills up, this allows you to execute a Mounted Punisher, however, this knocks the hunter off the monster's back. With this in mind, it is more efficient to execute Mounted Punisher when the gauge is almost out. This allows you to dish a hit or two against the other monster!

Use Monster Attacks That Can Deal Blights or Status to Other Monsters

Some attacks from mounted monsters, like Rathian's Poison Strong Attack or Great Baggi's Sleep Mounted Punisher, deal blights or status effects. Use this effectively against other monsters!

Abnormal Status and Elemental Blight Guide

Best Monsters to Wyvern Ride

All monsters can be ridden but not all of them are very helpful with the monsters. Yes, additional damage is always helpful but other effects like status or blights should be accounted as well. Here are some that we suggest riding when they are in the locale!

Monster Wyvern Ride Merits
MH Rise - Rathalos Large Monster IconRathalos Rathalos's Mounted Punisher deals both poison and fireblight to an opposing monster. We highly suggest mounting Rathalos when he is in the locale!
MH Rise - Magnamalo Large Monster IconMagnamalo
MH Rise - Diablos Large Monster IconDiablos
For pure raw damage Magnamalo and Diablos are the best choice! The blast attacks from the Malice wyvern deals so much damage against other monsters and Diablos' horns deal a huge amount of damage especially the strong attack.
MH Rise - Great Baggi Large Monster IconGreat Baggi Great Baggi's Mounted Punisher puts the other monster to sleep - giving you the opportunity to deal massive damage via wake-up attacks.
MH Rise - Barioth Large Monster IconBarioth Barioth's Mounted Punisher procs iceblight to an opposing monster, greatly reducing their movement speed.
MH Rise - Zinogre Large Monster IconZinogre
MH Rise - Tobi-Kadachi Large Monster IconTobi-Kadachi
Zinogre's and Tobi-Kadachi's Mounted Punisher both proc thunderblight to an opposing monster, making stuns more likely!
MH Rise - Mizutsune Large Monster IconMizutsune Mizutsune's light attack can vary between a normal bite attack and a water beam attack - we want to get the water beam attack so that it would proc waterblight.
There is no definite way to make Mizutsune choose the water beam attack but with our testing, it does the water beam light attack more when used from a distance.

Wyvern Riding Tutorial

When you have successfully mounted the monster, know how to ride it! Here are all the things you need to know!

Main Controls

Switch PC Action
Left Analog.png + Button R.png

Left Stick + R
MH Rise - W ButtonMH Rise - A ButtonMH Rise - S ButtonMH Rise - D Button + MH Rise - Shift Button

Directional Button + hold Shift
Buttons X.png X
MH Rise - Left Click
Light Attack
Buttons A.png A
MH Rise - Right Click
Strong Attack
Buttons B.png B
MH Rise - Space Button
Button R.png + Buttons B.png

R + B
MH Rise - Space Button Space
(while attacking or being hit)
Emergency Evade
Costs 1 Wirebug.
Buttons Y.png Y
Launch Monster
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

X + A
MH Rise - Left Click + MH Rise - Right Click

Left-Click + Right Click
Mounted Punisher
When Wyvern Riding Gauge is full.



While riding a monster, use the Left Analog Stick while holding the R Button for Switch.

Use any of the following buttons W A S D while holding the Shift Button for PC. You can take the monster anywhere on the map so ride to your heart's content!

Light Attack

Light Attacks

Execute a light attack by pressing the X Button in the Switch version and Left-click for PC.

Strong Attack

Strong Attacks

Execute a strong attack by pressing the A Button in the Switch version and by pressing Right-click for PC.

A strong attack is slower than a light attack but packs more punch. It is advisable to use this only when there is a huge attack window!



You can evade by pressing the B Button in the Switch version. You can also use evade with the Space Bar for PC.

You can execute an Emergency Evade when your monster is attacking or being hit at the cost of your Wirebug gauge.

Launching Monsters

Launch Monsters

You can launch monsters onto a wall, an obstacle, or another monster by pressing the Y Button (Switch) or C Button (PC). This costs one Wirebug per hit and this can be chained multiple times! This will cause you to dismount so keep this in mind!

To chain wall slams, press B Button(Switch) or the Space Bar (PC) to recover your grip onto the monster. Be careful though, the subsequent launches will be timed so try launching a monster in an area with opposing walls!

Also, launching the monster you are currently riding onto another monster will cause that monster to enter its mountable state!

Mounted Punisher

Filling up the Wyvern Riding Gauge enables you to execute the Mounted Punisher. This is more like a finishing move when you have successfully filled up the Wyvern Riding Gauge.

To fill up the Wyvern Riding Gauge, attack other monsters or evade before you get hit.

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