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This is a guide on Wyvern Riding, a new mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know more about how to ride monsters as well as the controls, read on!

What is Wyvern Riding?

Wyvern Riding is a newly introduced mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). This allows you to ride any large monster and fight for you!

Wyvern Riding Instruction Video

Steps in Wyvern Riding

# Description
1 Put the monster in a Mountable State using Silkbind and Wirebug Attacks.
2 Mount by pressing A or by attacking the monster.
3 If there is a monster nearby, attack the monster and fill the Wyvern Riding Gauge to execute a Mounted Punisher!
4 Launch monsters into walls or obstacles using the Y button. Don't forget that you can do this multiple times by pressing B after each launch!
5 After launching the monster to a wall / obstacle, the monster will go down and will be open for free hits!

How to Mount Monsters

Putting Monsters in Mountable State

Mountable State

To ride monsters, you have to put them in a mountable state first. This can be accomplished in several ways: using Silkbind and Wirebug Attacks consistently, using Puppet Spiders, or monsters attacking each other!

Take note, Wyvern Riding replaces the traditional mounting we know from the past games so consider these methods if you want to ride these monsters!

Use Silkbind and Wirebug Aerial Attacks

Silkbind Attack Mountable

Using Silkbind Attacks and Wirebug Aerial consistently against a monster gives you a high chance of putting it in a mountable state. When your wirebugs are fully charged, always try to execute these unique moves!

Use Puppet Spiders

Puppet Spider

Puppet Spiders are a type of Endemic Life that puts monsters in a mountable state instantly! Like the usual Endemic Life, they can be picked up around the map and will be stored like an item.

To use the Puppet Spiders, highlight it on the Item Bar and Press Y to use.

Attacked by Another Large Monster

Monster Attack Another Monster

A monster attacking another monster will eventually wear it down to its mountable state! This could happen by either attacking another monster while riding on one or monsters wearing themselves out in a turf war.

Be alert for when you can ride. Why watch when you can fight!

How to Ride Monsters

When you have successfully mounted the monster, know how to ride it! Here are all the things you need to know!

Main Controls

Button Action
Left Analog.png + Button R.png
Buttons X.png Light Attack
Buttons A.png Strong Attack
Buttons B.png Evade
Emergency Evade can be used when you are attacking or being hit.
Buttons Y.png Launch Monster
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Mounted Punisher



While riding a monster, use the Left Analog Stick while holding the R Button. You can take the monster anywhere on the map so ride to your heart's content!

Light Attack

Light Attacks

Execute a light attack by pressing the X Button.

Strong Attack

Strong Attacks

Execute a strong attack by pressing the A Button. The strong attack is slower than a light attack but packs more punch. It is advisable to use this only when there is a huge attack window!



You can evade by pressing the B Button. You can execute an Emergency Evade when your monster is attacking or being hit at the cost of your Wirebug gauge.

Launching Monsters

Launch Monsters

You can launch monsters onto a wall, an obstacle, or another monster by pressing the Y Button. This costs one Wirebug per hit so this can be chained multiple times! This will cause you to dismount so keep this in mind!

Also, launching the monster you are currently riding onto another monster will cause that monster to enter its mountable state!

Mounted Punisher

Mounted PunisherEnlarge

Filling up the Wyvern Riding Gauge enables you to execute the Mounted Punisher. This causes the monster to topple down and be open for attacks!

To fill up the Wyvern Riding Gauge, attack other monsters or evade before you get hit.

The Riding Timer

Riding Timer

The Riding Timer shows you how long you can ride a certain monster. Time replenishes whenever you land an attack and depletes when you are hit. You can't ride monsters forever!

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