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Diablos Guide

This is a hunt guide for Diablos, a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to beat Diablos, its weaknesses, attack patterns, drops, and more!

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Diablos Guide
Weapons.pngDiablos Weapons Armor Icon.pngDiablos Armor

Diablos Hunter Notes

Diablos Returning Monster.png
Type Flying Wyvern Previous Games MHF2, MH3, MH4U, MHW
Threat Level 7/10 Rampage Type Stalker
Major Weakness Ice Other Weakness(es) Water, Dragon
Blight / Elemental Damage None Abnormal Status None
Known as the "Tyrant of the Desert." The Diablos is extremely territorial and will use its massive horns to charge at invaders. Diablos have the ability to borrow underground and use this ability to strike from below, however, their sensitive ears make them susceptible to Sonic Bombs. Despite their predatory appearance, they are herbivorous and mostly feed on cactus.

Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Sandy Plains.pngSandy Plains 9 / 12 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 12
Infernal Springs.pngInfernal Springs - - -

Diablos Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

Monster Physiology

Damage Type Weaknesses

Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png
Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png
Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 45 60 40
Horn 21 42 20
Neck 40 40 25
Abdomen 65 70 40
Back 25 42 35
Wing 40 30 60
Leg 35 35 35
Tail 50 24 45
Tail Tip 23 26 10
Overall 38 41 34

Elemental Weaknesses

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 0 15 10 25 15
Horn 0 20 10 25 20
Neck 0 15 5 20 15
Abdomen 0 25 10 30 25
Back 0 20 10 25 20
Wing 0 25 10 30 25
Leg 0 10 5 15 10
Tail 0 20 10 15 20
Tail Tip 0 20 10 25 20
Overall 0 19 9 23 19

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Hunting Tips

・Diablos can be forcibly brought to the surface by using loud sounds. And its charging attack, while devastatingly powerful, can be baited into colliding with anthills, momentarily getting the Diablos stuck.


Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep Blast
1★ 0 3★ 1★ 2★
Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight Thunderblight Iceblight
1★ 1★ 1★ 1★ 2★

The more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head Red Extract
Horn Red Extract
Neck Red Extract
Abdomen White Extract
Back Orange Extract
Wing White Extract
Leg White Extract
Tail Orange Extract
Tail Tip Orange Extract

Diablos Attack Patterns

Charging Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Quick Dash.gif

One of Diablos' signature attcks. Diablos will lower its horns, lock on a target and run full speed at it dealing massive damage to any hunter's hit. Unprepared hunter's can be easily KO'd if they are caught off guard.

This attack has three possible variations. See all of them below:

Diablos Charging Attack Variations
Charging Gore
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Charging Gore.gif

Diablos assumes a low stance while locking on to its target. After a brief moment of calm, Diablos charges towards the in an attempt to impale the target with its massive horns.
Dodging this attack is fairly easy with as long as you have a distance amount of distance from Diablos prior to the charge. Walk towards one side as its locking on to you. Once it has completely locked towards your location, hit the gas just before the charge and sprint towards the same direction you've been walking towards!
Menacing Charge
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Menacing Charge.gif

Diablos picks a target as it paces towards it's destination. Once the target is locked, Diablos springs into action by performing a sudden charge attack with its horns.
The key to dodging this attack is to run in a straight line either to the left or right as it positions for the charge. This makes it easier to determine Diablos' charge path.
Quick Dash
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Quick Dash.gif

This is the fastest variation out of the three so always keep an eye out for this attack! Diablos usually does this attack whenever a hunter is too close or after it sprints towards a target.
This attack is telegraphed by a faster version Charging Gore's low stance. Always be prepared to dodge or block whenever Diablos lowers its head.

Double Gore

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) -  Double Gore.gif

Diablos preps his massive horns for two frontal head swings starting from one side to another. This attack covers a massive area in front of Diablos so be prepared to block both attacks or dodge out of the way!

Quick Bite

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Quick Bite.gif

Diablos performs a quick bite towards hunters in front of it. This attack deals minor damage but can potentially knock you back, leaving you open for deadlier attacks.

Burrowed Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Furious Ambush.gif

Diablos' second signature attack. Diablos burrows underground and prepares to ambush the target from the earth. See its attack variations below:

Diablos Burrowed Attack Variations
Burrowed Assault
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Burrowed Assault.gif

Diablos picks a target as it burrows underground. Once it's completely burrowed, it will travel towards underneath the target and spring back to the surface. This launches the target up in the air and deal an incredibly high amount of damage so sheathe your weapon as soon it starts burrowing if you cannot block the attack!
Furious Ambush
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Furious Ambush.gif

Diablos burrows undeground and travels away for short distance. After choosing its target, it launches itself up in the air towards the target.
This is a very dangerous attack that can easily KO hunters because Diablos' entire body turns into a hitbox during the attack. Don't hesitate to perform a Leap of Faith when caught in a terrible position!

Tail Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Tail Slam.gif

Diablos can use its massive tail to inflict high damage towards unsuspecting hunters. See all of its attack patterns below:

Diablos Tail Attack Patterns
Tail Spin
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Tail Spin.gif

Diablos spins in place two times, flinging its massive tail towards anyone positioned around it. Each spin covers 180 degrees.
Tail Slam
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Tail Slam.gif

Diablos quickly slams its tail towards anyone who stays directly behind it for too long! Getting hit with this attack knocks you down and leaves you open to devastating follow-up attacks.
Diagonal Tail Whips
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Double Tail Whip.gif

Diablos whips its tail two times in a diagonal fashion, dealing high damage and launching anyone caught in the attacks.
Boulder Fling
Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Boulder Fling.gif

Diablos spins around and slaps its tail at the earth in front of it.
This results in a boulder flying towards the target.

Hip Check

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Hip Check.gif

Diablos rams its hips sideways similar to other Wyverns like Barioth, dealing massive damage and knocking anyone down in its path. Its best to dodge towards Diablos' tail when it begins to posture for a Hip Check.

How to Beat Diablos

Break Its Horns

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Breaking The Horns.gif

An incredibly dangerous task but one that is worth the risk, breaking Diablos' horns greatly reduces the range of its Charge Attacks. It is important to note that Diablos' Horns are so tough that they can deflect most weapons below Blue Sharpness.

Hammers and Gunlances can bypass the toughness because of their charged swings and shelling damage respectively. Alternatively, consider using Mind's Eye against Diablos so you can strike its horns without fear of bouncing off of them.

Use Environmental Traps

Savy hunters will position themselves between a charging Diablos and a wall or pillar so that Diablo's horns get stuck. Similar to Tigrex, this will create a huge damage window for hunters to unleash they most powerful attacks.

Use Quicksand in the Sandy Plains

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Using Quicksand.gif

The same pillar Diablos' horns will become stuck in will also uncover a patch of quicksand if destroyed creating yet another way to hinder Diablos' movement.

Sonic Bombs Can Disable Diablos!

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Interrupting Burrow Attack.gif

Hunters can use Sonic Bombs to force Diablos out of the ground! You can easily determine which burrowed attack Diablos will perform by its movement underground.

If DIablos is burrowing towards a target, it is performing a Burrowed Ambush — This particular attack can be interrupted!

Proper timing and placement of the Sonic Bomb (toss it near the breaking earth) results in Diablos prematurely springing out of the ground with its upper body exposed for a few seconds .

Keep to its Flank

Monster Hunter Rise (Diablos) - Leg KO.gif

Diablos' head is not only dangerous but also fairly hard to hit for melee weapons due to Diablos' general height. Keeping to its flank and attacking its legs and chest is a safer strategy that can also result in knockdowns.

Diablos Materials and Drops

Low Rank

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Diablos Ridge 33%
Diablos Fang 25%
Diablos Shell 16%
Dash Extract 12%
Diablos Marrow 7%
Diablos Tailcase 7%

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Diablos Shell 28%
Diablos Ridge 25%
Diablos Fang 21%
Diablos Tailcase 16%
Diablos Marrow 10%

Broken Part Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Twisted Horn 100% (Both Horns)
Diablos Ridge 80% (Back)
Diablos Marrow 20% (Back)


Material Drop Rate
Diablos Tailcase 70% (Tail)
Diablos Shell 40% (Body), 18% (Tail)
Diablos Ridge 32% (Body)
Diablos Fang 23% (Body)
Diablos Marrow 5% (Body), 12% (Tail)

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate
Wyvern Tear 50%
Diablos Ridge 35%
Dash Extract 35%, 15% (x2)
Diablos Shell 15%, 50%

High Rank

Target Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Diablos Ridge+ 35%
Diablos Carapace 18%
Diablos Fang 13% (x2)
Diablos Marrow 10%
Dash Extract 9% (x2)
Diablos Medulla 7%
Diablos Tailcase 5%
Wyvern Gem 3%

Capture Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Diablos Carapace 29%
Diablos Ridge+ 23%
Diablos Marrow 13%
Diablos Fang 11% (x2)
Diablos Medulla 10%
Diablos Tailcase 9%
Wyvern Gem 3%

Broken Part Rewards

Material Drop Rate
Majestic Horn 100% (Both Horns)
Diablos Ridge+ 50% (Back)
Diablos Marrow 30% (Back)
Diablos Medulla 20% (Back)


Material Drop Rate
Diablos Tailcase 70% (Tail)
Diablos Carapace 40% (Body), 13% (Tail)
Diablos Ridge+ 33% (Body)
Diablos Fang 12% (Body x2)
Diablos Marrow 7% (Body)
Wyvern Gem 3% (Body), 5% (Tail)

Dropped Materials

Material Drop Rate
Large Wyvern Tear 40%
Diablos Ridge+ 35%
Diablos Carapace 24%, 50%
Dash Extract 15% (x2), 25% (x2)
Wyvern Gem 1%

Diablos Weapons and Armor

Diablos Close-Range Weapons

Sword & Shield Image
Studded Club II
Sword & Shield Image
Spiked Bat
Sword & Shield Image
Studded Club I
Switch Axe Image
Axe Semper Tyrannis I
Switch Axe Image
Axe Semper Tyrannis II
Switch Axe Image
Grand Chaos
Lance Image
Diablos Lance I
Lance Image
Diablos Lance II
Lance Image
Diablos Spear
Insect Glaive Image
Diablos Rod I
Insect Glaive Image
Diablos Rod II
Insect Glaive Image
Tyrant Rod
Hunting Horn Image
Duo Horn I
Hunting Horn Image
Duo Horn II
Hunting Horn Image
Duo Risoluto
Hammer Image
Diablos Hammer I
Hammer Image
Diablos Tail
Hammer Image
Diablos Hammer II
Gunlance Image
Diablos Gunlance I
Gunlance Image
Diablos Gunlance II
Gunlance Image
Diablos Cannon
Great Sword Image
Quarrel Hornsword II
Great Sword Image
Feud Hornsword
Great Sword Image
Quarrel Hornsword I
Dual Blades Image Diablos Bashers II Dual Blades Image Diablos Mashers
Dual Blades Image Diablos Bashers I
Charge Blade Image
Cera Strongarm
Charge Blade Image
Diablos Strongarm I
Charge Blade Image
Diablos Strongarm II

Diablos Ranged Weapons

Heavy Bowgun Image
Heavy Bowgun Image
Dual Threat I
Heavy Bowgun Image
Dual Threat II
Bow Image
Diablos Coilbender I
Bow Image
Diablos Coilbender II

Diablos Armor

Diablos Set Diablos S Set

Diablos Buddy Equipment

Felyne Diablos Set Canyne Diablos Set
Felyne Diablos S Set Canyne Diablos S Set

Diablos Quest Appearances

Low Rank

Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest ★3 A Few Bumps Along the Way (Key)
Village Quest ★6 Twisted Desire

High Rank

Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest ★7 Fought, Failed, Fired Up
Hub Quest ★7 A Quartet of Horns
Hub Quest ★7 Subterranean Disturbances (Key)
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Proof of Power

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