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This is an article about the best starter weapons in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know which weapons are best for beginners, and the easiest weapons to pick up and learn, read on!

Best Beginner Weapons

Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise - Starter Weapon Long Sword.jpg

Check IconPerfect for aggressive gameplay

Check IconVery high DPS

Check IconHas multiple offensive counter attacks.

The Long Sword is considered the strongest weapon in the game. Coupled with how its easy to pick up combos, it's the perfect beginner weapon.

It has a very long reach and powerful combos that can dish out tons of damage. Also, it has many counterattack opportunities that allow you to go full aggressive against a monster.

If you are a fledgling hunter that is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with a monster, we recommend the Long Sword!

Long Sword Controls and New Moves

Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise - Starter Weapon Hunting Horn.png

Check IconBuffs have been streamlined into attacks

Check IconEasy to chain combos

Check IconDeals blunt damage for stunning monsters

This weapon went from being one of the most complicated to a simple weapon in the Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) hence we recommend this weapon for beginners!

Melodies are now automatically played by executing the same notes consecutively. You don't have to stay somewhere safe just to play melodies!

Hunting Horn Controls and New Moves

Dual Blades

Monster Hunter Rise - Starter Weapon Dual Blades.png

Check IconFast attacks and high mobility

Check IconLower skill cieling due to fewer mechanics

Check IconApplies Element and Status Effects against monsters effectively

The Dual Blades is for beginners that like the full combo and high mobility weapons. This weapon has a very simple gameplay loop: Demon Mode -> Attack -> Archdemon Mode -> Attack Again. Archdemon Mode unlocks a plethora of new combos while increasing your attack damage!

This weapon is also the King of Element Attacks because it applies elemental damage more often than other weapons. Make sure to use elemental Dual Blades with the element that a monster is weak to!

Dual Blades Controls and New Moves

Light Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise - Starter Weapon Light Bowgun

Check IconMore mobile than Heavy Bowgun

Check IconPuts you in a relatively safe distance

Check IconRecommended for hunters who want to try out ranged weapons

If you want to start early with ranged weapons, the Light Bowgun is a perfect starting point. It is very mobile and is relatively safer because it attacks from a distance. Though we recommend the Light Bowgun, it is still a ranged weapon with a very steep learning curve so expect to be overwhelmed by all its mechanics.

Light Bowgun Controls and New Moves

List of All Weapons

Check out all fourteen weapons and maybe find the right weapon for you!

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