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Monster Hunter Rise Monster List: List of All Monsters

This is a list of all confirmed monsters appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Check here for a comprehensive list of all new monsters, newly added title update monsters, and returning monsters.

New Monsters (Update 3.0)

Recently added monsters as of the lastest Free Title Update.

New Monsters
Monster Hunter Rise - Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Zinogre.pngApex Zinogre Narwa the Allmother Border.pngNarwa the Allmother

Elder Dragons

Chameleos.pngChameleos Crimson Glow Valstrax.pngCrimson Glow Valstrax Kushala Daora.pngKushala Daora
Narwa the Allmother.pngNarwa the Allmother Teostra.pngTeostra Thunder Serpent Narwa.pngThunder Serpent Narwa
Wind Serpent Ibushi.pngWind Serpent Ibushi

Apex Monsters

Apex Arzuros.pngApex Arzuros Apex Rathian.pngApex Rathian Apex Mizutsune.pngApex Mizutsune
Apex Rathalos.pngApex Rathalos Apex Diablos.pngApex Diablos Apex Zinogre.pngApex Zinogre

Large Monsters

Aknosom.pngAknosom Almudron.pngAlmudron Anjanath.pngAnjanath
Arzuros.pngArzuros Barioth.pngBarioth Barroth.pngBarroth
Basarios.pngBasarios Bazelgeuse.pngBazelgeuse Bishaten.pngBishaten
Diablos.pngDiablos Goss Harag.pngGoss Harag Great Baggi.pngGreat Baggi
Great Izuchi.pngGreat Izuchi Great Wroggi.pngGreat Wroggi Jyuratodus.pngJyuratodus
Khezu.pngKhezu Kulu-Ya-Ku.pngKulu-Ya-Ku Lagombi.pngLagombi
Magnamalo.pngMagnamalo Mizutsune.pngMizutsune Nargacuga.pngNargacuga
Pukei-Pukei.pngPukei-Pukei Rajang.pngRajang Rakna-Kadaki.pngRakna-Kadaki
Rathalos.pngRathalos Rathian.pngRathian Royal Ludroth.pngRoyal Ludroth
Somnacanth.pngSomnacanth Tetranadon.pngTetranadon Tigrex.pngTigrex
Tobi-Kadachi.pngTobi-Kadachi Volvidon.pngVolvidon Zinogre.pngZinogre

Small Monsters

Altaroth.pngAltaroth Anteka.pngAnteka Baggi.pngBaggi
Bnahabra.pngBnahabra Bombadgy.pngBombadgy Bullfango.pngBullfango
Delex.pngDelex Felyne.pngFelyne Gajau.pngGajau
Gargwa.pngGargwa Izuchi.pngIzuchi Jaggi.pngJaggi
Jaggia.pngJaggia Jagras.pngJagras Kelbi.pngKelbi
Kestodon.pngKestodon Ludroth.pngLudroth Melynx.pngMelynx
Popo.pngPopo Rachnoid.pngRachnoid Remobra.pngRemobra
Rhenoplos.pngRhenoplos Slagtoth.pngSlagtoth Uroktor.pngUroktor
Wroggi.pngWroggi Zamite.pngZamite

New Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - New Monster List

New monsters are always exciting to see, since they present new challenges (and new armor) for the hunter! All the new monsters in MH Rise were inspired by yōkai, also known as monsters and spirits from Japanese folklore. Here are all the new monsters that were officially confirmed for MH Rise and everything we know about them.

New Monsters
Aknosom MHRiseAknosom Almudron MHRiseAlmudron
Bishaten MHRiseBishaten Goss Harag MHRiseGoss Harag
Great Izuchi MHRiseGreat Izuchi Magnamalo MHRiseMagnamalo
Rakna-Kadaki MHRiseRakna-Kadaki Somnacanth MHRiseSomnacanth
Tetranadon MHRiseTetranadon

New Monsters Hunt Guide

Returning Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise - Returning Monster List

There will always be a place for monsters returning from previous titles in any Monster Hunter game. Not only are they nostalgic for veteran hunters, but they can also serve as a gateway for newer players to the older games. Take a look at all the returning monsters that have been confirmed for MH Rise!

Anjanath MHRiseAnjanath
Past Games: MHW, MHWI
Arzuros MHRiseArzuros
Past Games: MH3U, MHG, MHGU
Barioth MHRiseBarioth
Past Games: MH3, MHP3, MH3U, MHGU,MHWI
Barroth MHRiseBarroth
Past Games: MH3, MH3U, MHGU, MHW, MHWI
Basarios MHRiseBasarios
Past Games: MH, MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MH4U, MHGU
Bazelgeuse MHRiseBazelgeuse
Past Games: MHW
Diablos MHRiseDiablos
Past Games: MHF2, MH3, MH4U, MHW
Great Baggi MHRiseGreat Baggi
Past Games: MH3, MH3U
Great Wroggi MHRiseGreat Wroggi
Past Games: MH3U
Jyuratodus MHRiseJyuratodus
Past Games: MHW, MHWI
Khezu MHRiseKhezu
Past Games: MH, MHF, MHF2, MHFU, MH4U, MHG, MHGU
Kulu-Ya-Ku MHRiseKulu-Ya-Ku
Past Games: MHW, MHWI
Lagombi MHRiseLagombi
Past Games: MHGU
Mizutsune MHRiseMizutsune
Past Games: MHG, MHGU
Nargacuga MHRiseNargacuga
Past Games: MHF2, MHFU, MH3, MH3, MH3U, MH4U, MHG, MHGU, MHWI
Pukei-Pukei MHRisePukei-Pukei
Past Games: MHW, MHWI
Rajang MHRiseRajang
Rathalos MHRiseRathalos
Past Games: All MH games
Rathian MHRiseRathian
Past Games: All MH games
Royal Ludroth MHRiseRoyal Ludroth
Past Games: MH3, MH3U, MHG, MHGU
Tigrex MHRiseTigrex
Tobi-Kadachi MHRiseTobi-Kadachi
Past Games: MHW, MHWI
Volvidon MHRiseVolvidon
Past Games: MH3U, MHG, MHGU
Zinogre MHRiseZinogre
Past Games: MH3U, MH4U, MHG, MHGU, MHWI

Returning Monsters Hunt Guide

Monster Count: How Many Monsters

46 Large Monsters and 26 Small Monsters

Right now, there are currently 46 Large Monsters and 26 Small Monsters (as of Update 3.0) in the game for a total of 72 unique monsters!

It includes a lot of new entries including Aknosom, Bishaten, and many more. There are also a lot of returning monsters that's a staple to the Monster Hunter franchise including the Tigrex, Zinogre, and even the Sky monarchs, Rathalos and Rathian.

Elder Dragons like Teostra, Kushala Daora, and Chameleos also joins the fray! Apex versions for your favorite monsters also appears in-game.

There are also upcoming updates for the game which might introduce new monsters so don't hesitate to get the game - it's worth it!

Update Roadmap and Schedule: Free Title Updates

Estimated Total Monster Count + Expansion

Excluding the Small Monsters, there are over 70 Large Monsters from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and more than 90 in GU - and with 46 Large Monsters confirmed we're already halfway there! Since this is a base game entry and CAPCOM is known to release a G-Rank Expansion to supplement their Monster Hunter base games, we expect the total number of monsters to approach that of GU (at 90) or more during the game's lifespan!

World's lack of monsters is due to several old entries not making it into the cut but since Rise is being open to all these old monsters, a huge monster count is definitely on our way.

Rumored Monsters


Monster Hunter Rise - Tetsucabra Rumors

The same way Master Utsushi was revealed, Hojo was shown riding a miniature version of a Tetsucabra. This could be very far-fetched but if you think about how Tetsucabra's samurai theme fits perfectly with MH Rise's, suddenly it could make sense!

Is Tetsucabra in Monster Hunter Rise?

Great Jagras

Monster Hunter Rise - Great Jagras Returning

Great Jagras appeared first in Monster Hunter World and we will not be surprised if it is announced in Monster Hunter Rise considering smaller Jagrases appeared in the Shrine Ruins!


Monster Hunter Rise - Bullfango

When you go to Shrine Ruins Area 9, you will see a couple of Bullfangos ready to ram you. Their presence made us think that their pack leader, the Bulldrome is set to return!


Monster Hunter Rise - Gobul Rumors

Gobul has not appeared since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and has a similar skeletal model to Royal Ludroth so we expect it to be confirmed for Rise! Moreover, the Submarines that Buddies use to trade with faraway lands in the Argosy looks like a Gobul. We hope this is a sign that the angler fish will be back!

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