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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Astalos Guide

This article is about Astalos, a returning monster for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (MH Rise: Sunbreak) expansion DLC. Read on for more information about this returning monster as well as its attack patterns, weaknesses, and drops!

Astalos Weaknesses and Hunter Notes

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Astalos Returning Monster
Type Flying Wyvern Previous Games MHGen, MHGU
Threat Level 7/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
Large Flying Wyverns with crest-shaped organs that let them control vast amounts of electricity. Astalos vibrate these organs on their head, forked tail, and brilliant wings to charge the respective body part with electricity, yielding tremendous strength and an amplified attack range. Violent to a fault, witnesses have observed them using all their might to drive intruders from their territory.

Astalos Weakness and Resistance

Astalos Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Tail 35 35 20
Leg 25 25 15
Wing 25 25 20
Back 25 25 20
Neck 55 55 30
Abdomen 24 24 15
Chest 55 55 39

Astalos Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Tail 5 5 0 10 5
Leg 5 5 0 10 5
Wing 5 5 0 10 5
Back 5 5 0 10 5
Neck 5 5 0 5 5
Abdomen 5 5 0 10 5
Chest 5 5 0 10 5

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Hunt Astalos in Sunbreak Demo

Astalos is featured in the Sunbreak demo as an Expert quest.

Sunbreak Demo Guide and Monsters

A New Returning Monster

This would be the third appearance of Astalos in the Monster Hunter franchise. It was first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

It is part of the Fated Four, with the other members consisting of Gammoth, Mizutsune, and Glavenus.

Large Flying Wyvern

MH Rise - Astalos Charged

Astalos is known for its crest-shaped organs that store a large amount of electric energy. When all his parts are fully charged, its attacks turn devastating.

Could Have an Apex Version

MH Rise Sunbreak - Boltreaver Astalos

▲ Boltreaver Astalos from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

It is highly likely that Astalos will have an Apex version in Sunbreak. If we look at the pattern of Apex Monsters currently in Monster Hunter Rise, all of these have had Deviant versions in past games.

Astalos is no different as it has a Deviant called Boltreaver Astalos, which made its debut appearance in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


In the Sunbreak Demo, Hunters can fight Astalos in the Jungle. There is no indication if Astalos is present in other maps but we'll surely update this section when the full game drops!

The Jungle: Map Details and Information

How to Beat Astalos

The tips below are from what we learned by playing the MH Rise Sunbreak Demo! We will update this section after fighting Astalos again in the full game.

Be Aware of Its Charged State

Astalos can store electricity in its tail, wings, and head and can become fully charged. You know Astalos is in a charged state when the wing talons, tail tip, and crown are glowing yellow-green.

While in the charged state, its attacks are faster and more powerful. To take away its charged state, Astalos should be attacked on its body parts where electricity is stored, like its head.

Shock Traps Fully Charge Astalos

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Charge Astalos with a Shock Trap

Like that of Zinogre, using a Shock Trap on Astalos will stun it but will also power it up!

Since Astalos receives more damage on the charged parts when fully charged, you can opt to charge Astalos with a Shock Trap to make it more vulnerable. However, be ready for a more aggressive Astalos when you do this.

If your goal is to incapacitate Astalos for free hits, we recommend using Pitfall Traps instead. A shock trap should be a last resort if necessary.

Charged Parts are Especially Vulnerable

In the demo, hitting the parts that are charged (glowing head, tail tip, and wing talons) would deal a great amount of damage to Astalos. You gotta be careful though, beside those parts are the areas where you are most exposed to damage. Try balancing offense and defense when fighting Astalos.

Bring Nulberries

Nulberry in Item Box

Astalos deals Thunderblight, where Hunters affected by it are more susceptible to being stunned. Don't forget to take the Nulberries available in the Main Camp item box or pick them up around the locale.

Nulberry Location: How to Get and Effects

Weak to Ice and Water (Past Games)

In the past games, Astalos was weakest to Ice followed by Water. Its usual weak spots included its head, the tip of its tail, and the tail itself.

Though we can't choose the weapon to use in the demo, it is great to know this early one so you'll be ready for the main game.

Astalos Attack Patterns

Here's what we learned from the MH Rise Sunbreak Demo!
Name Description
Wing Stomps Astalos slams its large wings with authority, dealing damage in a wide area.
Electro Stake Explosion Astalos plants its tail on the ground then causes an explosion.
Electro Beam A long-range attack where Astalos fires of a lightning beam from its tail.
Electro Storms Astalos summons multiple lightning pillars that moves in a zigzag pattern.
Aerial Electro Slam Astalos flies up and slams itself, discharging electricity in a wide area.
Electro Slingshot Astalos charges and prepares for flight then dashing towards the Hunter at high speed.

Wing Stomps

Wing Stomps Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Double Wing Stomp
Wing Stomps: Astalos slams its wings, damaging anyone within the wide range of the attack. If it is charged, Astalos may slam both wings consecutively, which can lead to paralysis or even fainting.

Hunters aren't safe even if they're directly ahead or even slightly left or right from its wings. It is best to dodge roll towards its legs, or wirebug above to clear the area.

Electro Stake Explosion

Electro Stake Explosion Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Stake Explosion
Electro Stake Explosion: Astalos pierces its tail on the ground and sets off a lightning explosion.

There is a little delay between Astalos piercing the ground and launching the move, so it is possible to attack it and dodge the explosion right after. Gunners can also take this opportunity to launch attacks on Astalos, as it will stay in one place for the entire duration of the move.

Electro Beam

Astalos is capable of spewing off electric beams from its body. This attack can either come from its tail or the crown of its head.

Electro Beam Variations
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Tail Beam
Electro Tail Beam: Astalos produces a beam of lightning from its tail damaging anyone in a straight line. It is relatively easy to dodge this attack as you just need to avoid positioning yourself in front of Astalos' tail.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Crown Beam
Electro Crown Beam: A variation of the Tail Beam but using Astalos' crown. Astalos will look up at the heavens as it charges a beam of light that will later slam on the Hunter in a straight line. Try to time your dodge or wirebug away because Astalos tends to home in on the Hunter when using this move.

Electro Storms

Astalos summons lightning pillars which move in a zigzag pattern. This is an attempt to confuse the Hunter so Astalos can follow it up with moves or an electro ball attack. Astalos will fire 4 lightning pillars at a time while enraged so take heed!

Astalos has two variations for this attack, both differs mainly on how Astalos follows up the initial pillar attacks.

Electro Storm Variations
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Storms (Electro Ball)
Storms with Electro Ball: Astalos follows up the storms with an electro ball that travels quickly in a straight line. Make sure to dodge promptly or use your counterattack silkbind moves to survive this attack.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Storms (No Ball)
Storms with No Electro Ball: This is the second variation of Astalos' Electro Storms attack where instead of an Electro Ball, Astalos follow this move up with another move - taking advantage of the confusion the storms created.

Aerial Electro Slam

Aerial Electro Slam Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Aerial Electro Slam
Aerial Electro Slam: Astalos has its dive bomb attack wherein it leaps to the air, spreads its wings, and lunges at its target which causes a lightning explosion upon landing.

It is useful to keep an eye out on Astalos as it rises in the air to determine who the dive bomb is meant for. Spread out if you or a nearby teammate are close if either of you is the target to avoid multiple people getting downed by the attack.

Electro Slingshot

Electro Slingshot Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Electro Slingshot
Electro Slingshot: Astalos will create some distance before bolting across the field at the Hunter. It can also use this move if Astalos senses that the Hunter is far away. This deals massive damage and should be avoided or countered where possible.

Astalos will often combo into this attack after using its wing slams so keep an eye out for its crouching and charging posture.

Astalos Equipment

The devs have revealed what the Astalos armor will look like in MH Rise Sunbreak on their official Twitter account!

Male Hunter Female Hunter
Palamute Palico

Astalos Weapons

Astalos weapons in the previous games are known to possess 20% Affinity and have the Thunder Element.

Astalos Armor

All Astalos armors in the previous games give Stun Resistance, as well as Chain Crit, which serves as the signature skill of the armor set.

Chain Crit increases the user's Affinity after landing repeated attacks. The Affinity boost will remain as long as the user is attacking properly, which can be very useful for weapons that encourage aggressive gameplay.

The Affinity boost from Chain Crit will end if an attack misses or if the user does not attack within five seconds.

Astalos Materials and Drops

Master Rank Astalos Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Astalos Scissortailblade 80% (Tail)
Astalos Shard 32% (Body)
Heavy Astalos Shell 25% (Body)
Boltscale 18% (Body), 17% (Tail)
Astalos Wingmembrane 15% (Body)
Heavy Astalos Crest+ 8% (Body)
Astalos Mantle 3% (Tail), 2% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Heavy Astalos Crest+ 80% (Crest)
Heavy Astalos Shell 70% (Back)
Astalos Wingripper 50% (Wing), 20% (Wing x2)
Astalos Wingmembrane 30% (Wing)
Astalos Shard 27% (Back)
Boltscale 17% (Chest)
Astalos Mantle 3% (Tail), 2% (Body)

Astalos Dropped Materials

Master Rank

Material Drop Rate
Astalos Shard 55%
Large Wyvern Tear 50%
Heavy Astalos Shell 30%
Astalos Wingripper 15%
Astalos Mantle 1%

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