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Your Room Guide: Things To Do Inside

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This is an article about your Room in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. If you want to know more about what you can do inside your Room, the customizations you can do, as well as a list of trinkets and hanging scrolls you can display, read on!

Your Room Features


Kamura Elgado

The Housekeeper enables you to customize your room and access facilities from inside your room like the Meowcenaries, the Argosy, and the Buddy Dojo.

This is also where you can watch all of the story cutscenes and monster and locale intros that you have seen via the Gallery!

Additionally, if you're just up for a chat, you can talk with your Housekeeper with Chitchat.

Item Box

Kamura Elgado

You can access your Item Box inside your room like the old games. Here you may navigate through your Item Pouch and Item Box to transfer and refill items in your item loadout, change weapons and equipment, and change your appearance, Layered Armor, or armor pigments.

You can also set your Switch Skills between your Red and Blue Swap Scrolls here, which is used in Switch Skill Swaps!

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

Buddy Board

Kamura Elgado

Your room also has a Buddy Board to customize anything Palico or Palamute related! Change a wide range of settings here like choosing which Buddies to take on hunts as well as set up their gears, skills, and behavior.

You can also manage your Palico and Palamute's Layered Armor here!

Fukashigi the Informant

Kamura Elgado

Fukashigi the Informant is a Felyne hiding behind a secret compartment located behind the hanging scroll found inside your room in both Kamura and Elgado.

Upon talking to Fukashigi, it will share secrets about some of the characters that you have met in the game.

Fukashigi's Secrets

The secrets listed are incomplete. Please let us know if you hear a new one from Fukushigi in the comments!
First Half Rice Ball Artist Seihaku likes Komitsu the Sweettooth because of the hunter (you).
Second Half Yomogi the Chef have no idea of the secret truth of her origin.
First Half Doctor Tadori is having packed lunches made for him by Bahari.
Second Half The Quest Damsel and princess Chichae had a beautiful, long mane of hair once.

Characters and Voice Actors

Can You Upgrade Your Room?

Not Upgradable But Customizable

Your room, both in Kamura and in Elgado, is not upgradable but has quite a number of customization features that you can personalize.

From hanging scrolls that you've bought from the Argosy, displaying trinkets you've collected from Relic Records or from the Lottery, exhibiting photos that you have taken from the game's Photo Mode, to changing the background music while in Kamura or Elgado - your room has a wide range of features you can try when you want to take a break from hunting!

Room Interior Customization

You can change various items displayed inside your room via the Housekeeper. Just talk to it then choose Room Customization → Change Room Interior.

Steps in Changing the Room Interior
1 Talk to your Housekeeper and choose Room Customization → Change Room Interior.
2 Choose the type of display you want to edit.
Hanging Scroll, Trinkets, Alcove/Desktop, and Photos
3 Choose which item you want to display!

Separate Customization Between Rooms

Kamura Elgado

The decorations you set in your room in Kamura is not linked in the one in Elgado and vice versa. This means that you can decorate your two rooms with different scrolls and trinkets!

Change Hanging Scrolls

Kamura Elgado

You can display any hanging scroll that you have collected inside your room. Scrolls can be bought at the Argosy with Kamura Points, which are unlocked by either progressing through the game, finishing specific quests, or hunting the same monsters ten times!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Display Trinkets Inside Your Room

Kamura Elgado

Kamura Display Shelf

Elgado Display Shelf

Kamura Alcove

Elgado Desktop

Small wooden carvings and statues of monsters and other things can be displayed on the display shelves or at the alcove or desktop in your room.

These trinkets are obtained by receiving them as rewards for locating Relic Records scattered around all locales in the game or by winning them as prizes at the Lottery.

Display Photos from Photo Mode

Photo Frames in Your Room

Photos taken while you're out adventuring can be displayed in your room as well. Capture those precious memories and display them proudly for everyone to see!

Photo Mode Guide

List of Hanging Scrolls

MH Rise - Scrolls Room

Hanging scrolls are bought from the Argosy using Kamura Points. Hanging scrolls are unlocked at the Argosy by either progressing through the game and finishing certain quests, or by hunting each monster ten times.

Hanging Scroll Price How to Unlock
Izuchi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Great Izuchi
Baggi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Great Baggi
Kulu Scroll 1200 pts 10 Kulu-Ya-Ku
Arzuros Scroll 1000 pts 10 Arzuros
Lagombi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Lagombi
Volvidon Scroll 1500 pts 10 Volvidon
Aknosom Scroll 1200 pts 10 Aknosom
Ludroth Scroll 1200 pts 10 Royal Ludroth
Barroth Scroll 1200 pts 10 Barroth
Khezu Scroll 1200 pts 10 Khezu
Tetranadon Scroll 1200 pts 10 Tetranadon
Bishaten Scroll 1500 pts 10 Bishaten
Basarios Scroll 1500 pts 10 Basarios
Pukei Scroll 1500 pts 10 Pukei-Pukei
Jyura Scroll 1500 pts 10 Jyratodus
Somna Scroll 1500 pts 10 Somnacanth
Rathian Scroll 1500 pts 10 Rathian
Barioth Scroll 1500 pts 10 Barioth
Kadachi Scroll 1500 pts 10 Tobi-Kadachi
Magnamalo Scroll 2000 pts 10 Magnamalo
Anjanath Scroll 1800 pts 10 Anjanath
Nargacuga Scroll 1800 pts 10 Nargacuga
Mizutsune Scroll 1800 pts 10 Mizutsune
Goss Scroll 2000 pts 10 Goss Harag
Rathalos Scroll 1800 pts 10 Rathalos
Almudron Scroll 2000 pts 10 Almudron
Zinogre Scroll 1800 pts 10 Zinogre
Tigrex Scroll 2000 pts 10 Tigrex
Diablos Scroll 2000 pts 10 Diablos
Rakna-Kadaki Scroll 2000 pts 10 Rakna-Kadaki
Daora Scroll 2500 pts 10 Kushala Daora
Chameleos Scroll 2500 pts 10 Chameleos
Teostra Scroll 2500 pts 10 Teostra
Rajang Scroll 2500 pts 10 Rajang
Bazel Scroll 2500 pts 10 Bazelgeuse
Ibushi Scroll 3000 pts 10 Wind Serpent Ibushi
Narwa Scroll 3000 pts 10 Thunder Serpent Narwa
Valstrax Scroll 3000 pts 10 Crimson Glow Valstrax
Apex Arzuros Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Arzuros
Apex Rathian Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Rathian
Apex Mizutsune Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Mizutsune
Apex Diablos Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Diablos
Apex Rathalos Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Rathalos
Apex Zinogre Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Zinogre
Fast Friends 1000 pts Reach ★3 Village Quest or
★2 Hub Quest
Slayer of Malice 2500 pts Clear ★5 Urgent Village Quest: Comeuppance
Moonlit Night 3000 pts Clear ★7 Urgent Hub Quest: The All Mother
The Showdown 1500 pts Default
Daimyo Hermitaur Scroll 2000 pts 10 Daimyo Hermitaur Hunted
Blood Orange Bishaten Scroll 2000 pts 10 Blood Orange Bishaten Hunted
Aurora Somnacanth Scroll 2800 pts 10 Aurora Somnacanth Hunted
Scorned Magnamalo Scroll 4000 pts 10 Scorned Magnamalo Hunted
Garangolm Scroll 3300 pts 10 Garangolm Hunted
Shogun Ceanataur Scroll 2800 pts 10 Shogun Ceanataur Hunted
Magma Almudron Scroll 3200 pts 10 Magma Almudron Hunted
Lunagaron Scroll 3700 pts 10 Lunagaron Hunted
Astalos Scroll 3200 pts 10 Astalos Hunted
Espinas Scroll 3200 pts 10 Espinas Hunted
Gore Magala Scroll 3200 pts 10 Gore Magala Hunted
Seregios Scroll 3200 pts 10 Seregios Hunted
Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Scroll 3200 pts 10 Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Hunted
Malzeno Scroll 4400 pts 10 Malzeno Hunted
Shagaru Magala Scroll 3600 pts 10 Shagaru Magala Hunted
Furious Rajang Scroll 4000 pts 10 Furious Rajang Hunted
Gaismagorm Scroll 5000 pts 10 Gaismagorm Hunted
Sun Princess 3500 pts Clear M★2 Urgent Quest: Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins
Valiant Knight 4000 pts Clear M★3 Urgent Quest: A Rocky Rampage
Dappled Daytime 4500 pts Clear M★3 Urgent Quest: A Rocky Rampage
Deadly Tracker 4500 pts Clear M★4: Urgent Quest: Ice Wolf, Red Moon
The Oppression 5000 pts Clear M★5 Urgent Quest: Witness by Moonlight
The Abyss 6000 pts Clear M★6 Urgent Quest: Proof of Courage

List of Trinkets

MH Rise - Display Trinkets

Trinkets can be won as prizes at the Lottery every time there is an ongoing sale at the Market.

Monsters trinkets can also be obtained by obtaining all Relic Records from all locales in the game and receiving them as rewards from either Kagero or Oboro at the Market.

Trinkets Obtained from Relic Records

Trinkets Obtained from Relic Records
5 Records 10 Records
Shrine Ruins MH Rise - Wooden ArzurosArzuros Carving MH Rise - Wooden MagnamaloMagnamalo Carving
Frost Islands MH Rise - Wooden Tetranadon Tetranadon Carving MH Rise - Wooden Goss Harag Goss Harag Carving
Sandy Plains MH Rise - Wooden Great Izuchi Great Izuchi Carving MH Rise - Wooden Almudron Almudron Carving
Flooded Forest MH Rise - Wooden Bishaten Bishaten Carving MH Rise - Wooden Somnacanth Somnacanth Carving
Lava Caverns MH Rise - Wooden Aknosom Aknosom Carving MH Rise - Wooden Rakna-Kadaki Rakna-Kadaki Carving
Jungle MH Rise Sunbreak - Daimyo Hermitaur Statue Daimyo Hermitaur Statue MH Rise Sunbreak - Astalos Statue Astalos Statue
Citadel MH Rise Sunbreak - Garangolm Statue Garangolm Statue MH Rise Sunbreak - Lunagaron Statue Lunagaron Statue

Defeat Narwa The Allmother

Find ALL Relic Records and
Defeat Narwa the Allmother

Narwa the Allmother Hunt Guide

Trinkets Obtained from Lottery

Trinket Lottery Prizes

Lucky Felyne

Wheeled Canyne Toy

Bombadgy Pot

Kamura Twins

Golden Hojo Cast

Cohoot Lottery

Mini Toadversary

Mini Submarine

Felyne Daruma

Moofy Doll

Pure Machalite

Crystal Cluster

Kingdom Longship


Toy Spelunker

Regalfin Pouch

Gowngoat Bobbler

Massive Copal

Gargolda Statue

Espinas Statue

Malzeno Statue

Archfiend Statue

Background Music (BGM) Customization

You can also change the background music (BGM) via the Housekeeper! You can access this by going to Room Customization → Change BGM.

You can change the songs for the Village, Buddy Plaza, Gathering Hub, and Training Area! More BGMs are also unlocked as you progress the game, and some are available as DLC at the Nintendo eShop or at the Steam store.

List of Downloadable Content and Prices

Your Room Location

Found Beside the Smithy in Kamura

Your room is situated beside the Smithy. You can access it seamlessly!

Found Inside the Ship in Elgado

Your room in Elgado is located inside the ship near the market area in Elgado. You need to embark the ship to get access to your room.

Fast Travel using the Village Map

Your room is also accessible via fast travel in the Village Map. Just choose Your Room in Kamura or Elgado!

What is Your Room?

A Place to Rest and Unwind

MH Rise Sunbreak - Rest and Unwind

Your Room is a personal place to rest and unwind between hunts. Here you can change the BGM of the whole Kamura Village, display photos you took using Photo Mode, and display trinkets and scrolls you obtained while adventuring!

Room Interior

Kamura Elgado

After going inside your room, you will see the Housekeeper.

You can also spot the display shelf and alcove/desktop for your trinkets, and the Buddy Board and the Item Box inside!

If you want to speak to Fukashigi, approach the hanging scroll in your room and interact with it.

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