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This is an article about your Room in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know more about what you can do inside your Room, the customizations you can do, as well as a list of trinkets and hanging scrolls you can display, read on!

Your Room Features


The Housekeeper enables you to customize your room and access Kamura facilities from inside your Room like the Meowcenaries, The Argosy, and the Buddy Dojo.

This is also where you can watch all cutscenes via the Gallery!

Item Box

You may access your Item Box from your House like the old games. Here you may change weapons and item loadouts, change your appearance and layered armor, as well as set your Switch Skills!

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

Buddy Board

Your Room also has a Buddy Board to customize anything Palico or Palamute related! Change a wide range of settings here like choosing which Buddies to take on hunts as well as change their gears, skills, and layered armor!

Can You Upgrade Your Room?

Not Upgradable But Customizable

Your Room is Not Upgradable.png

Your Room is not upgradable but has quite a number of customization features that you can personalize. From the displaying photos you took from Photo Mode or displaying trinkets obtained from Relic Records to changing the background music of the entire Village - Your Room has a wide range of options.

Room Interior Customization

You can change various items displayed inside your Room via the Housekeeper. Just talk to it then choose Room Customization → Change Room Interior.

Steps in Changing the Room Interior
1 Talk to your Housekeeper and choose Room Customization → Change Room Interior.
2 Choose the type of display you want to edit.
Hanging Scroll, Trinkets, Alcove, and Photos
3 Choose which item you want to display!

Change Hanging Scrolls

Check out the Hanging Scroll option then you can display all obtained scrolls in the game. Some scrolls can be obtained by finishing quests while most can be bought from the Argosy for Kamura Points.

The hanging scrolls from the Argosy are mostly Monster Icon Scrolls that are unlocked by hunting (slaying or capturing) the same monster ten (10) times. Non-monster scrolls (those with fancy names like Moonlit Night) are usually unlocked by progressing the game!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Display Trinkets on the Display Shelf and Alcove

Display Trinkets MH Rise MH Rise.png

Small statues of monsters and other things can be displayed on the display shelves or the alcove (below the Hanging Scroll) in your Room.

Some of these can be obtained by looking for Relic Records scattered around locales or through the lottery in the Market. Lottery is available when there is an ongoing sale or when you scan an amiibo!

All Amiibos and How to Use Amiibos

Display Photos from Photo Mode

Photos taken while you're out adventuring can be displayed in your Room as well. Capture those precious memories and display them proudly for everyone to see!

List of Hanging Scrolls

Scrolls Room MH Rise.png

Hanging Scrolls are bought from the Argosy using Kamura Points. Some Hanging Scrolls are obtained simply by furthering the story of the game. Other scrolls, Monster Scrolls to be exact, are unlocked in the Argosy by hunting (slaying or capturing) the same monster ten (10) times.

Here is a list of the Hanging Scrolls as well as their prices in the Argosy:

List of Hanging Scrolls
Hanging Scroll Price
Izuchi Scroll 1000 pts
Baggi Scroll 1000 pts
Kulu Scroll 1200 pts
Wroggi Scroll 1200 pts
Arzuros Scroll 1000 pts
Lagombi Scroll 1000 pts
Volvidon Scroll 1500 pts
Aknosom Scroll 1200 pts
Ludroth Scroll 1200 pts
Barroth Scroll 1200 pts
Khezu Scroll 1200 pts
Tetranadon Scroll 1200 pts
Pukei Scroll 1500 pts
Bishaten Scroll 1500 pts
Basarios Scroll 1500 pts
Somna Scroll 1500 pts
Rathian Scroll 1500 pts
Barioth Scroll 1500 pts
Kadachi Scroll 1500 pts
Magnamalo Scroll 2000 pts
Anjanath Scroll 1800 pts
Nargacuga Scroll 1800 pts
Mizutsune Scroll 1800 pts
Goss Scroll 2000 pts
Rathalos Scroll 1800 pts
Almudron Scroll 2000 pts
Zinogre Scroll 1800 pts
Tigrex Scroll 2000 pts
Diablos Scroll 2000 pts
Rakna-Kadaki Scroll 2000 pts
Daora Scroll 2500 pts
Chameleos Scroll 2500 pts
Teostra Scroll 2500 pts
Rajang Scroll 2500 pts
Bazel Scroll 2500 pts
Ibushi Scroll 3000 pts
Narwa Scroll 3000 pts
Apex Arzuros Scroll 3000 pts
Apex Rathian Scroll 3000 pts
Apex Mizutsune Scroll 3000 pts
Fast Friends 1000 pts
Slayer of Malice 2500 pts
Moonlit Night 3000 pts
The Showdown 1500 pts

List of Trinkets

Display Trinkets MH Rise MH Rise.png

Trinkets can be won in Kagero the Merchant's Lottery every time he has a sale. Mini-statues of monsters can also be obtained by completing Relic Records in your Notebook and talking to Kagero.

List of Trinkets

Trinkets Obtained from Relic Records

Trinkets Obtained from Relic Records
5 Records 10 Records
Shrine Ruins Wooden Arzuros.pngArzuros Carving Wooden Magnamalo.pngMagnamalo Carving
Frost Islands Wooden Tetranadon.png Tetranadon Carving Wooden Goss Harag.png Goss Harag Carving
Sandy Plains Wooden Great Izuchi.png Great Izuchi Carving Wooden Almudron.png Almudron Carving
Flooded Forest Wooden Bishaten.png Bishaten Carving Wooden Somnacanth.png Somnacanth Carving
Lava Caverns Wooden Aknosom.png Aknosom Carving Wooden Rakna-Kadaki.png Rakna-Kadaki Carving

Defeat Narwa The Allmother

Find ALL Relic Records and
Defeat Narwa the Allmother

Narwa the Allmother Hunt Guide

Trinkets Obtained from Lottery

Trinkets Obtained from Lottery
Lucky Felyne Trinket.pngLucky Felyne Mini Toadversary Trinket.pngMini Toadversary
Pure Machalite Trinket.pngPure Machalite Kamura Twins Trinket.pngKamura Twins

Trinkets obtained from Lottery is still incomplete. We will update this when we obtain some more from the Lottery!

If you've won a trinket not listed above, let us know in the comments!

Background Music (BGM) Customization

You can also change the background music (BGM) via the Housekeeper! You can access this by going to Room Customization → Change BGM.

You can change the songs for the Village, Buddy Plaza, Gathering Hub, and Training Area! More BGM's are also unlocked as you progress the game!

Your Room Location

Found Beside the Smithy

Your Room is situated beside the Smithy. You can access it seamlessly!

Fast Travel using the Village Map

Your Room is also accessible via fast travel in the Village Map. Just choose Your Room!

What is Your Room?

A Place to Rest and Unwind

MHRise Your House

Your Room is a personal place to rest and unwind between hunts. Here you can change the BGM of the whole Kamura Village, display photos you took using Photo Mode, and display trinkets and scrolls you obtained while adventuring!

Room Interior

After going inside your room, you will see the Housekeeper and the display shelf for your trinkets on your left (also a hanging scroll display behind the Housekeeper), and the Buddy Board and the Item Box on your right!

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