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This is a farming guide for Warm Pelt, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Warm Pelt locations and drop sources, as well as Warm Pelt uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Warm Pelt - Basic Information

Name Warm Pelt ImageWarm Pelt
Name (JP) 暖かい毛皮
Description A pelt from a small animal. Used for many things, but mostly just regular clothes.
Rarity 4 Type Monster Materials
Sell Price 50 Hold Limit 99

Warm Pelt - How to Farm

Low Rank Monster Rewards


MH Rise - Kelbi IconKelbi (45%) MH Rise - Anteka IconAnteka (18%)

Video Farming Guide

Farming Guide

Shrine Ruins

Warm Pelt is available from both Kelbi and Anteka, but it has a lower drop chance with Anteka than Kelbi. The best way to farm for Warm Pelts is to do Low Rank Quests or Expeditions and get it from the Kelbi in the Shrine Ruins, by fast travelling to Sub-Camp 1 and traveling through sector 13 and 11.

Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Locations

Make Sure There Are No Large Monsters

When large monsters are in the same areas as the Kelbis, they will run away and not come back for some time. This is the case with most small monsters. So if Kelbis don't appear in those areas, try waiting for a while before you can farm Warm Pelt!

Warm Pelt - How to Use

Effect Summary
Used as forging and crafting material.

Used to Craft Weapons

Hammer Image Teddybear I (×4)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Heavy Bowgun Image Anteka Burst I (×4) Heavy Bowgun Image Rapidcaster II (×2)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Head Image Arzuros Helm (×1) Arms Image Bone Vambraces (×2)
Head Image Bullfango Mask (×2) Torso Image Droth Mail (×1)
Legs Image Hunter's Greaves (×1) Head Image Hunter's Helm (×1)
Legs Image Kadachi Greaves (×2) Waist Image Khezu Coil (×1)
Waist Image Lagombi Coil (×1) Arms Image Leather Gloves (×1)
Head Image Leather Headgear (×1) Waist Image Volvidon Coil (×2)

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