How to Get the Comfortable Sandals Award | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak - Comfortable Sandals Award

This is a guide to the Comfortable Sandals Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn the locations of all NPCs and characters around Elgado Outpost to unlock the Award!

How to Get the Comfortable Sandals Award

There are a total of 41 NPCS around Elgado Outpost. To get this award, you'll need to talk to all of them.

Note that this Award cannot be achieved until you have rescued Doctor Tadori in the MR4 Urgent Quest, In Search of the Doctor.

Easy to Miss NPC Locations

Easy to Miss NPC Locations
Hayate the Brave and Raiden the Gallant Stand next to Nagi the Buddy Agent and press Y to change targets and talk to the two Palamutes.
Fukashigi the Informant In Your Room, approach the wall scroll and interact with it to find him.
Unabara the Rookie Moves across Central Plaza, starting from the Tea Shop, ending at the stall with the umbrella at the Market, then going back.
Tanko the Sailor At the docks, sitting in a boat down the stairs.
Pingarh the Sailor Next to Tanko. Will also give a small trinket after each Quest you complete!
Sue the Researcher At the docks, sitting in a boat down the stairs.
Pharo the Proud At the far end of the balcony next to the Tea Shop.
Tartar the Sailor Climb up the stairs onto the boat in the Market where the entrance to Your Room is.

All NPC Locations by Area

Central Plaza (6)
Chichae the Quest Damsel Oboro the Merchant Minayle the Blacksmith
Buddy Smithy Bis Arena Master Arlow Unabara the Rookie
Command Post (10)
Dame Fiorayne Admiral Galleus Doctor Tadori
Sir Jae (goes to different areas) Dame Luchika Sir Ertz
Culan the Researcher Calgo the Researcher Gatlyn the Researcher
Sue the Researcher - -
Docks (6)
Wandering Felyne Supy Russeau the Sailor Rowan the Sailor
Paz the Chevalier Tanko the Sailor Pingarh the Sailor
Tea Shop (7)
Azuki the Cook Bahari the Scientist Selva the Chevalier
Pasapato the Historian Pharo the Proud Red Hell Hunter
Black Hell Hunter - -
Market (10)
Courier Nagi the Buddy Agent Hayate the Brave
Raiden the Gallant Collen the Sailor Fran the Stalwart
Flur the Sailor Phino the Sailor Ziretta the Sailor
Tartar the Sailor - -
Your Room (2)
Housekeeper Fukashigi the Informant -

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