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This article is about Malzeno, the flagship monster for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (MH Rise: Sunbreak) expansion DLC. Read on for more information about Malzeno, the vampiric elder dragon!

Malzeno Basic Information

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Malzeno New Monster
Type Elder Dragon
Threat Level ?/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
Official Description
An elder dragon covered with elegant silver scales. It drains the life energy of other living creatures, creeping around at night and attacking its prey from behind. Though Malzeno appears regal at a glance, it takes on a more sinister appearance after draining enough energy.

The Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno

The identity of the vampiric monster in the Sunbreak teaser was finally revealed during the CAPCOM Online Program at TGS 2021! Malzeno is an elder dragon, and is the flagship monster of the upcoming expansion DLC, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Capcom Online Program
at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021


MH Rise Sunbreak - Bloodblight
True to its vampiric nature, Bloodblight drains the life force of those affected by it. While afflicted, it reduces natural HP recovery and healing item effectiveness. The hunter's health also gradually decreases.

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Evolution
Attacking a monster overcomes the Bloodblight, restoring health based on the damage dealt. However, allowing Malzeno to absorb too much of a hunter's life force will cause it to evolve and power up.

Malzeno Butterflies Speculations

Prominently featured alongside Malzeno are flying red butterfly/fish-like creatures. If following the vampiric theme, they can also be interpreted as bat-like.

In the Teaser Reveal, Rathalos was seen chasing a cluster of them before being ambushed by Malzeno.

In the Three Lords Trailer, they can be seen surrounding Fiorayne and the Hunter before Malzeno swoops down to attack them.

It is a likely possibility that these creatures have a symbiotic relationship with Malzeno, acting as lures for its prey.

Malzeno Attacks and Moves

Roar Attack

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Roar
Like most monsters, Malzeno has a powerful roar that can temporarily stun hunters.

Tail Grab and Slam

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Tail Grab and Slam
It launches its prey with its tail then follows up by catching the prey midair and slamming it to the ground.

Lunging Bite

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Lunging Bite
Malzeno raises its forelegs then lunges forward for a bite attack.

Breath Attacks

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Breath Attack
Malzeno can fire its red breath to targets in front of it or straight to the ground while airborne. The attack ends with a small explosion.

Tail Thrust

MH Rise Sunbreak - Malzeno Tail Thrust
Malzeno opens its claw-like tail, charges it with energy, and then thrusts it. This attack inflicts Bloodblight.

Malzeno Armor

The Malzeno armor was first shown on the official Sunbreak website, showcasing the new Silkbind Attacks and Switch Skills for the Great Sword.

Male Female

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