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Afflicted Monsters

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Monsters

Afflicted Monsters are a new type of monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. This guide lists all the currently known afflicted monsters, their unlock conditions, as well as tips for hunting them.

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Anomaly Quests Banner Anomaly Quests MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Monsters Afflicted Monsters List

List of Afflicted Monsters

A9★ Risen Elder Dragons

A9★ Risen Elder Dragons
Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax IconRisen Crimson Glow Valstrax Risen Shagaru Magala IconRisen Shagaru Magala

A9★ Risen Elder Dragons were added in Sunbreak Title Update 5 and bring a new set of afflicted materials. They start appearing in Investigations starting Lv. 131.

A8★ Afflicted Monsters

A8★ Afflicted Monsters / Risen Elder Dragons
Chaotic Gore Magala IconChaotic Gore Magala Risen Chameleos IconRisen Chameleos
Risen Kushala Daora IconRisen Kushala Daora
Risen Teostra IconRisen Teostra

A8★ afflicted monsters were added in Sunbreak Title Update 4 and introduces Risen Elder Dragons in Anomaly Investigations starting Lv. 111.

A7★ Afflicted Monsters

A7★ Afflicted Monsters
Gold Rathian IconGold Rathian Flaming Espinas IconFlaming Espinas Furious Rajang IconFurious Rajang
Silver Rathalos IconSilver Rathalos Seething Bazelgeuse IconSeething Bazelgeuse Scorned Magnamalo IconScorned Magnamalo

A7★ afflicted monsters were added in Sunbreak Title Update 3 with more afflicted materials. They can be encountered in Investigations starting Lv. 91.

A6★ Afflicted Monsters

A6★ Afflicted Monsters
Espinas IconEspinas Rajang IconRajang
Gore Magala IconGore Magala Pyre Rakna-Kadaki IconPyre Rakna-Kadaki
Bazelgeuse IconBazelgeuse

A6★ afflicted monsters were added in Title Update 2 of Sunbreak alongside new afflicted materials. They start appearing in Investigations at Lv.71.

A5★ Afflicted Monsters

A5★ Afflicted Monsters
Lunagaron IconLunagaron Diablos IconDiablos Astalos IconAstalos
Magma Almudron IconMagma Almudron Seregios IconSeregios Mizutsune IconMizutsune
Tigrex IconTigrex Zinogre IconZinogre Rathalos IconRathalos

A5★ afflicted monsters were added in Title Update 1 of Sunbreak alongside new afflicted materials. Their investigations begin at Lv. 51.

A4★ Afflicted Monsters

A4★ Afflicted Monsters
Barioth IconBarioth Almudron IconAlmudron
Garangolm IconGarangolm Aurora Somnacanth IconAurora Somnacanth
Magnamalo IconMagnamalo Goss Harag IconGoss Harag
Nargacuga IconNargacuga Rakna-Kadaki IconRakna-Kadaki

A4★ monsters unlock at Lv.31 for investigations and can also be slain in Anomaly Quests at MR 50.

A3★ Afflicted Monsters

A3★ Afflicted Monsters
Blood Orange Bishaten IconBlood Orange Bishaten Anjanath IconAnjanath
Jyuratodus IconJyuratodus Pukei-Pukei IconPukei-Pukei
Shogun Ceanataur IconShogun Ceanataur Rathian IconRathian
Somnacanth IconSomnacanth Tobi-Kadachi IconTobi-Kadachi

A3★ monsters unlock at Lv.21 for investigations and can also be slain in Anomaly Quests at MR 30.

A2★ Afflicted Monsters

A2★ Afflicted Monsters
Bishaten IconBishaten Aknosom IconAknosom
Daimyo Hermitaur IconDaimyo Hermitaur Barroth IconBarroth
Khezu IconKhezu Basarios IconBasarios
Tetranadon IconTetranadon Royal Ludroth IconRoyal Ludroth

A2★ monsters unlock at Lv.11 for investigations and can also be slain in Anomaly Quests at MR 20.

A1★ Afflicted Monsters

A1★ Afflicted Monsters
Arzuros IconArzuros Great Baggi IconGreat Baggi
Lagombi IconLagombi Great Izuchi IconGreat Izuchi
Volvidon IconVolvidon Great Wroggi IconGreat Wroggi
Kulu-Ya-Ku IconKulu-Ya-Ku

Risen Elder Dragons

MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Chameleos

Elder Dragons can also be afflicted by the Qurio, but these monsters are able to overcome it and enter a Risen state. In the Risen state, they gain an orange coloration and gain new moves and stronger attacks.

Version 12 of Sunbreak introduces Risen Chameleos as the first of these powered-up monsters and Version 13 adds Risen Kushala Daora and Risen Teostra. Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax was added in Version 14, and Risen Shagaru Magala was added in Version 15. All Risen Elder Dragons can be encountered in A8★ or A9★ Anomaly Research Quests and Investigations.

Risen Elder Dragons

How to Unlock Afflicted Monsters

A★ Level Anomaly Investigations Anomaly Quests
A1★ Lv 1+ Reach MR 10
A2★ Lv 11+ Reach MR 20
A3★ Lv 21+ Reach MR 30
A4★ Lv 31+ Reach MR 50
A5★ Lv 51+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 81
A6★ Lv 71+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 111
A7★ Lv 91+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 181
A8★ Lv 111+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 211
A9★ Lv 131+ Reach Anomaly Research Lv 241

Afflicted monsters can only appear in Anomaly Investigations or Anomaly Quests. In general, investigations are the best way to encounter these monsters as soon as possible.

You can get more investigations by harvesting afflicted gathering points, breaking monster parts, and hunting large monsters during Anomaly Investigations.

Anomaly Investigations Guide

Hunting Afflicted Monsters

Powerful Monsters Which Cannot Be Captured

MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Magnamalo

Afflicted monsters are a new type of monster with extremely high HP and stronger attacks. While they are afflicted, their attacks can deal Bloodblight. This status condition allows you to steal health every time you attack, but it gradually drains and reduces your health, natural health recovery, and health recovery from items. In addition, while they can be caught in Traps, they cannot be captured.

Deal Damage to Knock Out Delirious State

MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Monsters Delirious State

Afflicted monsters have two states - the Delirious State and the Pacified State. While Delirious, afflicted monsters appear red and gather Qurio energy in Anomaly Cores. When Pacified and knocked out of their rage, these monsters leave a large opening, allowing hunters to wail on it before it becomes Delirious again.

MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Monsters Pacified State

Afflicted monsters can be put in the Pacified State by dealing enough damage to them in a given time. This can be easily done by targeting the Anomaly Cores, which damages about 1% of the monster's max health when destroyed. Failing to pacify the monster on time will cause it to unleash an Anomaly Burst, a powerful area-of-effect attack that can knock out nearby hunters.

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