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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Quest Banner

This is a guide for Cheering Ra Ra Rajang, a Quest appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn about Cheering Ra Ra Rajang's availability, unlock conditions, target Monsters, and rewards for completing the Quest here.

Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Basic Information

Lv M★5 Locale Arena
Type Event Quest
Time Limit 50 mins. Reward Money 24120
Objective Hunt a Rajang
Other Conditions Reward hits 0, or time expires

Monsters Appearing in Cheering Ra Ra Rajang

Monster Weakness

Monster Fire Symbol (MHW).png Water Symbol (MHW).png Thunder Element (MHW).png Ice Element (MHW).png Dragon Element (MHW).png
Rajang.pngRajang 0 5 0 18 0

Higher numbers indicates higher damage potential for that element.

Random Extra Monster

MH Rise Sunbreak Cheering Ra Ra Rajang 2nd Monster.PNG

While it is not mentioned in the quest briefing, be prepared for another large monster alongside Rajang in the Arena at quest start. Use this opportunity to Wyvern ride and deal loads of damage and knockdown to Rajang!

The monster that will show up is random so resetting the quest may cause a different one to appear. Confirmed sightings are Barioth, Astalos, Magma Almudron, and Shogun Ceanataur. There may be more so keep a look out!

Take note that you only have to hunt Rajang to complete the quest, so it matters not if you defeat the second monster.

Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Rewards

Abundant Bonus Eggs

MH Rise Sunbreak Cheering Ra Ra Rajang Egg Rewards

Completing this event quest will net you several items that you can trade to earn zennies. This is good if you are looking to save up to craft more equipment!

Target Rewards

(Master Rank)
Item Name Drop Rate (#)
Large Beast Gem 8%
Solid Bone 12%
Rajang Wildpelt 17%
Rajang Hardclaw 22%
Rajang Hardfang 29%
Gold Rajang Pelt+ 12% x2

Quest Rewards

Rewards Drop Rate
Golden Egg (x1-15)
Adamant Jewel (x1-2)
Heavy Armor Sphere (x1-2)
King Armor Sphere (x1-3)
Silver Egg (x1-35)

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