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This is a guide to affinity, a damage modifying stat in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn what affinity is, how affinity works, and how to raise affinity.

What is Affinity? What Does Affinity Do?

Monster Hunter's Term for Critical Hit Chance

In Monster Hunter Rise, affinity is the chance you have to deal 25% more or less physical damage.

So for example, if your affinity is 30%, that means your weapon has a 30% chance to deal 25% more damage. If your affinity is -30%, then that means your weapon has a 30% chance to deal 25% less damage.

Zero Affinity MH Rise - Zero Affinity
Zero Affinity = Zero chance to deal 25% more damage
Positive Affinity MH Rise - Positive Affinity
Positive Affinity = Chance to deal 25% MORE damage
Negative Affinity MH Rise - Negative Affinity
Negative Affinity = Chance to deal 25% LESS damage

Visual Effects of Affinity-related Damage

Positive Affinity Negative Affinty

When you have positive affinity, you will occasionally see a shiny red light behind your damage number. That means you're doing critical damage!

On the other hand, when you have negative affinity, you will sometimes see a shiny purple light behind the damage number. This means you're dealing less damage than normal.

Elemental Damage is Not Affected

Elemental Ammo (Normal) Elemental Ammo (Critical)

103 Damage

118 Damage (+15%)

Affinity-related damage only increases raw damage, and not elemental damage. Normally, the calculation goes like this:

Total Damage =
(Raw Damage x Critical Hit Damage Multiplier)
Elemental Damage Bonus

Note that in the example above, the total damage increase is less than 25%, meaning elemental damage is not boosted by critical hits. Due to this reason, elemental builds rely on the skill called Critical Element which will make your elemental attacks do critical hits as well!

Critical Boost Further Increases Damage

Normal Shot Critical Boost Lv 3

81 Damage

113 Damage (+40%)

Having the Critical Boost skill increases the damage of your critical hits from 25% up to 40%, depending on the level. It's a must-have skill for affinity-focused builds, so make sure to slot it in when you can!

How to Raise Affinity

Equip Affinity-Raising Skills

MH Rise Sunbreak - Critical Eye Affinity Raising Skill

Affinity-raising skills like Critical Eye are highly recommended if you wish to increase your affinity stat. You can get these from armor, talismans, and decorations, so it's important to plan your build!

Skill Effect
Affinity Sliding Sliding increases your affinity for a short time.
Agitator Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters become enraged.
Critical Draw Increases affinity for a short time after performing a draw attack. (Does not include Silkbind attacks.)
Critical Eye Increases affinity.
Foray Increases attack power and affinity when attacking a large monster affected by poison, paralysis, or an elemental blight.
Latent Power Temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when certain conditions are met.
Maximum Might Increases affinity if stamina is kept full for a period of time.
Strife Increases elemental attack and affinity in proportion to the length of your red health gauge.
Weakness Exploit Increases the affinity of attacks that exploit a monster weak spot.

List of Skills

Use Rampage Skills

MH Rise - Smithy

With the Ramp-Up feature at the Smithy, you'll be able to equip Rampage Skills to your weapons. Affinity Boost is a Ramp-Up Skill that increases affinity.

Once you reach Master Rank, you'll be able to use equip Kushala Daora Soul through its Rampage Decoration on several weapons to gain its affinity bonus. You can even augment weapons with additional affinity!

For Dual Blades, equipping the Raging Jewel rampage decoration will help increase affinity during Demon Mode at the cost of doubled sharpness loss.

List of Rampage Skills (Ramp-Up Skills)

Engage in Weapon Qurious Crafting

MH Rise Sunbreak - Affinity Boost Qurious Crafting

Your weapon's affinity can be raised through the Affinity Boost augment in Qurious Crafting available for Master Rank weapons.

Stack the affinity you get from the Qurious Crafting augment with other affinity-boosting skills to have a higher chance in dealing critical hits!

List of Weapon Qurious Crafting Augments

Equip High Affinity Weapons

MH Rise - Where is Affinity

There are weapons with particularly high affinity, with a few going up to 40% base affinity such as the Rakna-Kadaki and Nargacuga weapons. You can spot how much affinity a weapon has even before crafting it, so keep an eye out for high affinity weapons! The affinity stat usually sits under the weapon's element and sharpness.

Have an Affinity Up Melody Effect

MH Rise Sunbreak - Affinity Up Melody Effect

When using a Hunting Horn within your party, look out for equipment that has Affinity Up under Melody Effects.

Performing Affinity Up will temporarily grant increased affinity to all hunters and buddies near the performer. Position accordingly and stack this with other affinity boosting skills to deal more critical hits.

Hunting Horn Songs and Effects

Overcome the Frenzy

MH Rise Sunbreak - Affinity Overcome the Frenzy

Frenzy is a negative Abnormal Status Effect usually contracted the monsters Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala, present in the Sunbreak DLC.

Overcoming the Frenzy status gives 15% affinity for around a minute. You can give yourself the Frenzy on any hunt by equipping the Bloodlust skill, which also boosts the affinity bonus and can extend the duration of the affinity increase.

Status Effects and Elemental Blight

Look for Affinity-Raising Endemic Life

MH Rise - How to Use Cutterfly

The Cutterfly and Red Lampsquid are Endemic Life that grants hunters temporary increased affinity upon interaction.

Look out for these, study their effects, and remember their locations if you want you and your party to deal more critical hits out on the field!

Sunbreak Endemic Life

How To Deal With Negative Affinity

Cancel Out Your Negative Affinity by Raising It

If you want to use a weapon that has negative affinity, you can always increase your affinity until it reaches zero. Some weapons are worth the effort because of their high raw damage, so don't dismiss them just because they have negative affinity!

Equip the Brutal Strike Rampage Skill

There's another way to make use of negative affinity. Brutal Strike is a Rampage Skill that gives the weapon a chance to increase your damage instead of lowering it in the event of a negative affinity hit. It's even available in Master Rank as a Rampage Decoration. Keep this Rampage Skill in mind!

Best Rampage Skills (Ramp-Up Skills)

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