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This is a list of all the Rare Endemic Life found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and the Sunbreak DLC. If you want to know more about Rare Endemic Life and where to find them, read on!

Sunbreak Rare Endemic Life Locations

Name Description
Rare Creature
A seldom seen bird wyvern that dwells in the Citadel highlands.
Rare Creature
A rare dolphin that lives in the waters near the Jungle.

Base Game Rare Endemic Life Locations

Name Description
Rare Creature
A rare bird found near the crater of the Lava Caverns.
Rare Creature
A gigantic sea snail from the Frost Islands.
Rare Creature
A rare snake that inhabits the Flooded Forest.
Rare Creature
A rare wingdrake of the Sandy Plains.
Snow-faced Fox.pngSnow-faced Fox
Rare Creature
A fox that inhabits the Shrine Ruins.

What Is Rare Endemic Life?

Only Appear at a Specific Time and Place

MH Rise - Snow-faced Fox
Rare Endemic Life, also officially known as Rare Creatures, are endemic life that only appear in a specific place, at a specific time. There's one Rare Endemic Life for each locale, and they're all situated in locations that people generally do not look at.
List of Maps and Locations

Need To Be Photographed

MH Rise - Hellbill
They won't appear in the Hunter's Notes unless you take a photograph of them, so make sure you get your camera out and get up close and personal with them!
How to Take Pictures with the Camera: Photo Mode

Can Be Greeted

If you use the Greeting option in your Action Bar in front of them, Rare Endemic Life usually respond in their own way. Try it out!
How to Use Gestures

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MH Rise - Endemic Life Partial Banner

List of Endemic Life

Sunbreak Endemic Life
MH Rise Sunbreak - Ruby WirebugMorphed Wirebugs MH Rise Sunbreak - Marionette Spider IconMarionette Spider MH Rise Sunbreak - Starburst BugStarburst Bug MH Rise Sunbreak - Thornytoad IconThornytoad
MH Rise Sunbreak - Spearsquid IconSpearsquid MH Rise Sunbreak - Slicercrab IconSlicercrab MH Rise Sunbreak - Gargolda IconGargolda MH Rise Sunbreak - Regalfin IconRegalfin
Endemic Life
MH Rise - Antidobra IconAntidobra MH Rise - Aurorturtle IconAurorturtle MH Rise - Blastoad IconBlastoad MH Rise - Boulder Lizard IconBoulder Lizard
MH Rise - Brewhare IconBrewhare MH Rise - MH Rise - Butterflame IconButterflame MH Rise - Clothfly IconClothfly MH Rise - Cutterfly IconCutterfly
MH Rise - Echobat IconEchobat MH Rise - Escuregot IconEscuregot MH Rise - Firebeetle IconFirebeetle MH Rise - Flashfly IconFlashfly
MH Rise - Giganha IconGiganha MH Rise - Golden Spiribug IconGolden Spiribug MH Rise - MH Rise - Great Wirebug IconGreat Wirebug MH Rise - Gustcrab IconGustcrab
MH Rise - Lampsquids IconLampsquids MH Rise - Lanternbug IconLanternbug MH Rise - Mudbeetle IconMudbeetle MH Rise - Paratoad IconParatoad
MH Rise - Peepersects IconPeepersects MH Rise - Pincercrab IconPincercrab MH Rise - Poisontoad IconPoisontoad MH Rise - Puppet Spider IconPuppet Spider
MH Rise - Rock Lizard IconRock Lizard MH Rise - Scale Lizard IconScale Lizard MH Rise - Sleeptoad IconSleeptoad MH Rise - Snowbeetle IconSnowbeetle
MH Rise - Spiribirds IconSpiribirds MH Rise - Stinkmink IconStinkmink MH Rise - Thunderbeetle IconThunder beetle MH Rise - Trapbugs IconTrapbugs
MH Rise - Tricktoad IconTricktoad MH Rise - Vigorwasp IconVigorwasp MH Rise - Wailnard IconWailnard MH Rise - Wirebug IconWirebug

Rare Endemic Life

Rare Endemic Life
MH Rise - Hellbill IconHellbill MH Rise - Monksnail IconMonksnail MH Rise - Quetzalcobra IconQuetzalcobra
MH Rise - Regitrice IconRegitrice MH Rise - Snow-faced Fox IconSnow-faced Fox

Lucky Life

Lucky Life
Felicicrow IconFelicicrow Fortune Owl IconFortune Owl


2 Anonymous@Game8over 2 years

Hey boo! For the Gold Ecologist's Award, you'll need to take a picture of every single Endemic Life. Bronze Award is getting a picture of all Hunting Helpers and Silver Award is of every Rare Endemic Life. So there are still other types like the Spiribirds, Lampsquids, the Lizards (Scale, Rock, Boulder), and many more. We have more info on this page: Best of luck!

1 booover 2 years

Is there any specific requirements for getting the " Gold Ecologist's Award" achievement? I already got the cooper and silver one by interacting and taking photos of endemic life, but I didn't get the gold achievement.


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