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Sunbreak Quest Completion Rewards and Potential Bonuses

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This is a guide to Quest Completion Rewards in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about completion rewards, possible rewards to get, and how to increase quest rewards!

Quest Completion Reward Guide

This is an explanation guide for Quest Completion. Below, we'll list all the parts of the quests and what do they affect.

Item Rewards

  • Target Rewards - Loots obtained based on slain Large Monsters. You'll also obtain more rewards by slaying other Large Monsters in the vicinity.
  • Quest Rewards - Items you obtain from the quest itself as a completion reward. This is fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Broken Part Rewards -Broken part rewards are item rewards that you get for breaking monster parts. Consider having a partbreaker skill to get more loots!

Palico Rewards

  • Items Gathered
  • Items Plundered

Palico Rewards are pretty much explanatory. Your Palicoes will gather items on the map while you're exploring. These items are then handed to you at the end of the quest in the form of the Items gathered section.

For Items Plundered, your Palico will sometimes do it randomly but for reliable results, your Palico should have the Pilfer move which is an offensive move that also steals items from monsters.

Stat Rewards

  • Zenny - Money obtained after a quest. The total money you gain is equal to the quest's reward money. However, it can be reduced by the number of faints and the final reward money will be divided into all hunters that joined the hunt and stayed until the end.
  • Kamura Points - There is a small base of Kamura Points you obtain after a quest. This can be increased by collecting Account items or by delivering heavy account items like Wyvern eggs.
  • Palico and Palamute EXP - Your Palicoes and Palamutes also gain EXP from quests. The more they participate in battles, the more EXP they obtain. Alternatively, use the Buddy Dojo to level up inactive Palicoes!
  • Misc Rewards - These rewards are unique to the player's activity. This can be cinematic rewards for watching a cutscene to beating certain monsters or obtaining titles!

Multiplayer Rewards

Likes and Like Points

While not exactly a quest reward, Like points are points that you can give or can be given to you by other players. It's a commendation system and the number of likes you've received will appear on your Guild Card. Both hunters liking each other will have those hunters appear on their Mutual Like List.

Hunter Connect and Like Function

Mutual Likes

Hunters you have Mutual Likes with can be searched on the Mutual Like List. You need to talk to the Courier to access your Mutual Like List. Once there, you can search their lobbies and even join their hunts. Make sure to send likes to other hunters you had fun hunting with!

Multiplayer and Co-op Guide

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