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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Tetranadon Guide

This is a hunting guide for Tetranadon, a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and the Sunbreak DLC. Read on to learn Tetranadon's weaknesses, forgeable weapons and armor, drops, and attack patterns for Master Rank!

Tetranadon Guide
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Tetranadon Weakness and Notes

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Tetranadon New Monster
Type Amphibian
Threat Level 2/10 Rampage Type MH Rise - Gate Crasher Rampage TypeGate Crasher
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
Amphibious monster resembling a frog. Its appetite is infinite, and if it sees anything moving, it will gobble it up, dirt and all. It's theorized that the dirt it consumes builds up in its stomach and aids in digestion. If it eats something that it cannot digest it will throw it back up. The cranial disc protecting its tender head is said to harden and become a more brilliant blue over time.

Hunt Tetranadon in Sunbreak Demo

You can see Tetranadon's master rank-specific moves in the Sunbreak demo. Tetranadon is featured as an Intermediate quest.

Sunbreak Demo Guide and Monsters

How to Unlock Tetranadon

Complete 2 M★1 Key Quests in Master Rank

MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Blockade

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
Tetranadon Blockade
Tetranadon Image Tetranadon
Unlock Conditions:
Complete two M★1 Key Quests after finishing the Quest "Uninvited Guest"

MR Tetranadon is the target of the MR 1 Urgent Quest Tetranadon Blockade in the Sunbreak expansion.

MR Grinding Guide:
How to Get from MR 6 to MR 100 Fast

Reach HR 4 in High Rank

MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon The Frost Islands Arena

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
The Frost Islands Arena
(Key Quest)
Tetranadon Image Tetranadon
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the Quest "The Blue Apex"

High Rank Tetranadon is unlocked by completing the Urgent Quest The Blue Apex and reaching HR 7.

Hunter Rank Farm Guide:
How to Get from HR 7 to HR 100 Fast

Clear 4 ★1 Key Hub Quests in Low Rank

MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Dead Ringer

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
Can't Stomach the Thought
(Key Quest)
Tetranadon Image Tetranadon
Unlock Conditions:
Finish the Quest "Feathered Frenzy"
Dead Ringer
Tetranadon Image Tetranadon
Unlock Conditions:
Complete 4 ★1 Key Hub Quests

Low Rank Tetranadon is the target of the ★1 Urgent Hub Quest Dead Ringer. Completing this quest unlocks HR 2. Tetranadon is also available in the ★3 Village Quest, Can't Stomach the Thought.

Tetranadon Weakness and Resistance

MH Rise - Slash Damage MH Rise - Blunt Damage MH Rise - Bullet Damage MH Rise - Fire Damage
42 44 35 10
MH Rise - Water Damage MH Rise - Thunder Damage MH Rise - Ice Damage MH Rise - Dragon Damage
0 19 6 3

Bold are the recommended Weapon Type and Elemental Damage.

Tetranadon Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 65 70 60
Neck 50 55 40
Torso 40 40 30
Foreleg 50 45 40
Back 25 35 25
Hind Leg 35 30 25
Tail 30 30 25
Overall 42 44 35

Tetranadon Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 20 0 30 15 10
Neck 10 0 20 5 5
Torso 10 0 20 5 0
Foreleg 15 0 25 10 5
Back 5 0 10 5 0
Hind Leg 5 0 15 0 0
Tail 5 0 15 0 0
Overall 10 0 19 6 3

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Tetranadon Hunting Tips

MH Rise - Tetranadon

After a large meal, its movements become sluggish, but don't be fooled; its swings become more weighty and destructive as well! Watch for when it moves slowly, strike true, and it'll belch up its dinner and return to normal.

Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep
Blast Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight
Thunderblight Iceblight

If an ailment has more stars it means that it has better effectiveness.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head Red Extract
Neck Red Extract
Torso Orange Extract
Foreleg White Extract
Back Orange Extract
Hind Leg Orange Extract
Tail Orange Extract

Red = Attack Increase, White = Movement Boost, Orange = Anti-knockback When Attacking

Kinsect Extract Guide

Tetranadon Locations and Quests

Tetranadon Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Shrine Ruins.pngShrine Ruins 6 / 9 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 13 6
Frost Islands.pngFrost Islands 7 / 10 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 11 / 12 10
Lava Caverns.pngLava Caverns 3 / 9 2 / 3 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 3
Infernal Springs.pngInfernal Springs - - -
Jungle.pngJungle 3 / 5 / 11 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 11 4

Tetranadon Quest Appearances

Master Rank
High Rank
Low Rank
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Anomaly Quest A★2 Anomaly Research: Tetranadon
Hub Quest M★1 The Jungle Guidebook
Urgent Hub Quest M★1 Tetranadon Blockade
Hub Quest M★2 A Fond Fur-Well
Hub Quest M★3 Freedom from a Frigid Future!
Support Survey M★3 Operation Jungle Rumble
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Hub Quest ★4 Honing your Hunting Horn
Hub Quest ★4 The Frost Islands Arena
(Key Quest)
Event Quest ★5 Wrestling with Pain
Hub Quest ★5 Shadows Over the Frost
Event Quest ★6 Out of Sight, Out of Mind's Eye
Event Quest ★7 USJ - Shrine Showdown!
Hub Quest ★7 A Frosty Stalemate
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Challenge Quest ★2 Challenge Quest 01
Hub Quest ★2 Bouncing Brawlers
Urgent Hub Quest ★2 Dead Ringer
Village Quest ★3 Can't Stomach the Thought
(Key Quest)
Village Quest ★4 Third Wheel
Village Quest ★5 The Hottest Around

How to Beat Tetranadon

Be Wary of Tetranadon's Front

MH Rise - Dodging a Tetranadon

Most of Tetranadon's attacks are performed in front of it. Be ready to dodge sideways to avoid damage.

Strike Tetranadon's Expanded Belly

MH Rise Sunbreak - Strike Tetranadon

Tetranadon's belly expands when it eats. During this phase, it becomes slower and more susceptible to attack combinations, but also gets more aggressive.

Take advantage of this temporary weakness. Deal as much damage as possible towards the belly. Tetranadon's belly will contract and eject its contents after receiving enough damage, knocking it down.

Rush Attack Can Be Dodged Sideways

MH Rise - Tetranadon Rush Attack Can Be Dodged Sideways

Tetranadon's Rush Attack is a straightforward move. Move sideways to avoid this attack. This attack will be harder to dodge if Tetranadon's size is expanded. Beware, as Tetranadon can do a double rush!

Dodge the Clap

MH Rise - Dodge the Clap of Tetranadon

The Tetranadon will attempt to stun the hunter by clapping its massive paws, attempting to trap them between its hands. If hit by this, the hunter will be left stunned. Avoid this move by evading backward or using a Wirebug.

Read the Shadows

The shadow of Tetranadon acts as a tell when it attempts a Tetrana-splash or any lunging move. Watch for its shadow as it is about to land. This will give you an idea of where you can dodge.

Use the Wirefall After Being Restrained

MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Wirefall After Being Restrained

Tetranadon has two pin attacks to restrain the hunter. You can Wirebug away once it lets go of you, either after it throws you on the ground or spits you into the air. This will let you evade the follow-up attack.

Learn how to use the Wirebugs more by reading our article linked below:

Wirebug Moves and Controls

Bring Nulberries

MH Rise - Tetranadon Eating a Nulberry

Tetranadon's water ball attacks inflict Waterblight on impact. Always have a few Nulberries with you during the hunt to negate this potentially deadly effect!

Tetranadon Master Rank Attack Patterns

Name Description
Self-Expand Tetranadon inflates itself even without receiving damage.
Double Tetrana-splash A variation of Tetrana-splash where it uses the move twice in a row but leaves itself open after the attack.


Self-Expand Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Self-Expand
Self-Expand: Although the lower-ranked Tetranadon needs to take some damage before it progresses into its expanded form, the MR Tetranadon will expand its belly right out of the gate with little provocation. It will remain in this state for the majority of the battle.

Double Tetrana-splash

Double Tetrana-splash Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Double Tetrana-splash
Double Tetrana-splash: The Tetranadon will leap into the air and smash down on the player twice in a row, leaving no room to recover after avoiding the first. However, after this attack has ended, the Tetranadon will fall helplessly onto its back, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Tetranadon General Attack Patterns

Tetranadon uses the following attacks in Low and High Rank quests.

Name Description
Water Balls Tetranadon fires off Water Balls to cause Waterblight. The attack changes depending on whether it's expanded or not.
Tetrana-splash Tetranadon leaps and will belly flop at its target.
Ground Pound Regular: A quick stomp that knocks the hunter off its feet.
Expanded: Beware of this stomp as it deals serious damage and knocks anything off their feet.
Rock Throw A sluggish attempt of Tetranadon at attacking with a solid projectile.
Pebble Wave A wave of air, pebbles, and water that deals damage and knocks anything off its feet.
Kappa Charge Regular: A snout-first paw swipe rush attack that has a chance of being done twice
Expanded: The Tetranadon recklessly charges, gut-first for maximum efficacy.
Stunning Clap Tetranadon slams its paws together, causing a shockwave that can stun nearby hunters.
Pin Attacks Tetranadon catches the hunter and slams on them with its belly.

Water Balls

Water Ball Variations
MH Rise - Tetranadon Water Ball Barrage
Water Ball Barrage: Tetranadon is capable of unleashing water balls from its giant gut. It will spit three water balls in its normal form and inflict those hit by them with Waterblight.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Water Ball Bomb
Water Ball Bomb: When expanded, Tetranadon will shoot one giant water ball instead. Take caution as this has a greater range as well.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Water Beam
Water Beam: Failing to force Tetranadon out of its expanded state will allow it to shoot all the water it has built up in a concentrated beam that covers a wide area. Like its other water attacks, this will also cause Waterblight.


Tetrana-splash Information
MH Rise - Tetranadon Tetrana-splash
Tetrana-splash: The Tetranadon, in both regular form and expanded form, will jump high up in the air and attempt to crush the hunter. It's an attack with a huge hitbox and high damage, so make sure to dodge it!

Ground Pound

Ground Pound Attack Information
MH Rise - Tetranadon Slam Attack
Ground Pound: Similar to a Sumo Wrestler, the Tetranadon will raise one of its feet and slam it to the ground.

When in expanded form, it will also cause tremors, so having the Tremor Resistance skill will help. You can easily get out of the range of this attack as the Tetranadon winds up before slamming its foot to the ground.

Rock Throw

Rock Throw Attack Information
MH Rise - Tetranadon Rock Throw
Rock Throw: When in expanded form, the Tetranadon can pick up rocks and throw them at the player. As soon as the rock is picked up, it's a good idea to watch its movements to easily dodge the attack.

Pebble Wave

Pebble Wave Attack Information
MH Rise - Tetranadon Pebble Wave
Pebble Wave: The Tetranadon uses its mighty paw to send a hail of pebbles with water toward the hunter. This particular splash can be easily dodged as it only goes in one direction. It's a fairly quick attack, so avoid getting hit by this as it can knock you off your feet.

Kappa Charge

Kappa Charge Attack Information
MH Rise - Tetranadon Gut Slam
Kappa Charge: The Tetranadon will charge at you gut-first with reckless abandon, attempting to knock you out of commission. This move can be blocked with a weapon that can guard. When expanded, the attack's wider range can be slightly harder to dodge.

Stunning Clap

Stunning Clap Attack Information
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Stunning Clap
Stunning Clap: Tetranadon slams its paws together and creates a small shockwave around it that can stun hunters. Beware not to stay too close as it has some reach even if you're not directly in front of it.

Pin Attacks

Pin Attack Variations
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Pin Attack
Pin Attack: While in its normal form, Tetranadon will quickly swipe at a hunter in front of it and then stuff them in its mouth. Afterward, it will spit them out and then follow up with a belly slam. It will become expanded after this attack.

Since this attack only hits those in front of Tetranadon, evading to the side is recommended. If you get caught in it, you can Wirefall away after you're spat out to avoid the incoming belly slam.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Tetranadon Expanded Pin Attack
Expanded Pin Attack: While expanded, Tetranadon will raise both its arms and then attempt to grab the hunter. When it successfully catches them, it will throw them on the ground and then follow up with a Tetrana-splash. Wirefall away to safety once you're thrown down.

Tetranadon Materials and Drops

Master Rank Tetranadon Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Tetranadon Thickhide 44% (Body)
Afflicted Dragon Blood 40% (Anomaly Investigations)
Afflicted Blood 40% (Anomaly Quests)
Afflicted Pure Blood 40% (Anomaly Investigations)
Heavy Tetra Carapace 32% (Body)
Flood Sac 19% (Body)
Tetranadon Greatbeak 5% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Tetranadon Thickhide 100% (Arm), 30% (Torso), 30% (Beak)
Heavy Tetra Carapace 100% (Carapace)
Tetranadon Finedisc 100% (Plate)
Tetranadon Greatbeak 70% (Beak)
Flood Sac 70% (Torso)
Afflicted Pure Blood 40% (Anomaly Investigations)
Afflicted Blood 40% (Anomaly Quests)
Afflicted Dragon Blood 40% (Anomaly Investigations)

High Rank Tetranadon Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Tetranadon Hide+ 44% (Body)
Tetra Carapace+ 32% (Body)
Torrent Sac 19% (Body)
Tetranadon Beak+ 5% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Tetra Carapace+ 100% (Carapace)
Tetranadon Disc+ 100% (Plate)
Torrent Sac 70% (Torso)
Tetranadon Beak+ 70% (Beak)
Tetranadon Hide+ 30% (Beak), 30% (Torso), 100% (Arm)

Low Rank Tetranadon Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Tetra Carapace 32%
Aqua Sac 24%
Tetranadon Hide 24%
Jumbo Bone 12%
Tetranadon Beak 8%
Material Drop Rate
Tetra Carapace 100% (Carapace)
Tetranadon Disc 100% (Plate)
Tetranadon Beak 70% (Beak)
Aqua Sac 70% (Torso)
Tetranadon Hide 30% (Beak), 30% (Torso), 100% (Arm)
Material Drop Rate
Tetra Carapace 32%
Aqua Sac 24%
Tetranadon Hide 24%
Jumbo Bone 12%
Tetranadon Beak 8%

Tetranadon Dropped Materials

Master Rank
High Rank
Low Rank
Material Drop Rate
Tetra Carapace+ 30%, 70%
Glittering Nacre 30%
Tetranadon Hide+ 20%, 30%
Shiny Nacre 20%
Material Drop Rate
Shiny Nacre 50%
Tetra Carapace 30%, 70%
Tetranadon Hide 20%, 30%

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