Sunbreak Patch Notes and Patch Notes History | Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Patch Notes

This guide has a full list and history of previous and upcoming patches for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and the Sunbreak DLC, with complete patch notes for each one. Read on to be updated with all the details in each patch!

Monster Hunter Rise Latest Patch

MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 15.0.1 Partial Banner

Update 15.0 arrived together with Sunbreak's Free Title Update 5! This patch added new features and monsters including the returning Elder Dragon Amatsu!

Update 15.0: Sunbreak Title Update 5 Patch Notes

Source: Official Website

Monster Hunter Rise Previous Patches

Sunbreak Patch Notes

Sunbreak Patch Notes
MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 15.0.1 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 15.0.1 MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 15 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 15.0
MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 14.0 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 14.0 MH Rise Sunbreak Ver Partial Banner.pngPatch Ver.
Sunbreak - Update 13 partial BannerPatch Ver. 13.0 MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 12.0.1 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 12.0.1
MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 12.0 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 12.0 MH Rise Sunbreak - Update 11.0.2 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 11.0.2
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Update 11.0 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 11.0 Update 10.0.3 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 10.0.3
Update 10.0 Partial BannerPatch Ver. 10.0

Base MH Rise Patch Notes

All Previous MH Rise Patch Notes
Update 3.9.1Patch Ver. 3.9.1 MH Rise - Update 3.9Patch Ver. 3.9.0
MH Rise - Update 3.8Patch Ver. 3.8.0 MH Rise - Update 3.7Patch Ver. 3.7.0
MH Rise - Update 3.6Patch Ver. 3.6.1 MH Rise - Update 3.5Patch Ver. 3.5.0
MH Rise - Update 3.4Patch Ver. 3.4.1 MH Rise - Update 3.3.1Patch Ver. 3.3.0
MH Rise - Update 3.2Patch Ver. 3.2.0 MH Rise - Update 3.1Patch Ver. 3.1.0
MH Rise - Update 3.0Patch Ver. 3.0.0 MH Rise - Update 2.0Patch: Ver. 2.0.0
MH Rise - Patch Version 1.1.2Patch: Ver. 1.1.2 MH Rise - Patch Version 1.1.1Patch: Ver. 1.1.1

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