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This is a comprehensive guide on Challenge Quest 01 found in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on for a guide on how to beat Tetranadon in the Arena, how to get S Rank, armor and weapon loadouts, and more!

Challenge Quest 01 Basic Information

Slay a Tetranadon
Tetranadon Icon.png
Locale Arena
Time Limit 50 min.
Available Weapons
Monster Hunter Rise - Dual Blades Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Hammer Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Insect Glaive Icon  Monster Hunter Rise - Heavy Bowgun Icon 

Rank Clear Times

S Rank 3 min 30 sec
A Rank 7 min
B Rank 50 min

Challenge Quest 01 Rewards

Target Rewards
Quest Rewards
(Low Rank)
Item Name Drop Rate (#)
Tetranadon Beak 8%
Tetra Carapace 32%
Jumbo Bone 12%
Aqua Sac 24%
Tetranadon Hide 24%
Rewards Drop Rate
Steel Egg -
Well-done Steak -
Lifepowder -

Weapon and Armor Sets

Dual Blades Loadout

Monster Hunter Rise (Challenge Quest 01) - Loadout 1.png

Weapon Armor Items
Twin Chainsaws I Kadachi Helm
Tobi-Kadachi Mail
Tobi-Kadachi Braces
Tobi-Kadachi Coil
Kadachi Greaves
Potion x10
Ration x10
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Demon Flurry Rush Demon Mode Piercing Bind

Lance Loadout

Monster Hunter Rise (Challenge Quest 01) - Loadout 2.png

Weapon Armor Items
Red Tail I Aknosom Helm
Aknosom Mail
Aknosom Braces
Aknosom Coil
Aknosom Greaves
Potion x10
Ration x10
EZ Shock Trap x1
Sleep Kunai x3
Large Barrel Bomb x3
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Anchor Rage Shield Charge Guard

Hammer Loadout

Monster Hunter Rise (Challenge Quest 01) - Loadout 3.png

Weapon Armor Items
War Hammer I Rathian Helm
Rathian Mail
Rathian Braces
Rathian Coil
Rathian Greaves
Potion x10
Ration x10
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Water Strike Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon Charge Switch: Strength

Insect Glaive

Monster Hunter Rise (Challenge Quest 01) - Loadout 4.png

Weapon Armor Items
Kadachi Glaive I Remobra Headgear
Remobra Suit
Remobra Gloves
Remobra Belt
Remobra Feet
Potion x10
Ration x10
EZ Pitfall Trap
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Leaping Slash Tetraseal Slash Recall Kinsect

Heavy Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise (Challenge Quest 01) - Loadout 5.png

Weapon Armor Items
Arzuros Gun I Rhenoplos Helm
Rhenoplos Mail
Rhenoplos Braces
Rhenoplos Coil
Rhenoplos Greaves
Potion x10
Ration x10
Normal Ammo 1
Throwing Kunai
BBQ Spit
Switch Skills
Tackle Counter Shot Mech-Wyvernsnipe
Heavy Bowgun Ammo
Normal Ammo 2 x99 Spread Ammo 1 x60 Spread Ammo 2 x60
Cluster Bomb 1 x3 Poison Ammo 1 x12 Sticky Ammo 1 x12
Sleep Ammo 1 x12 Exhaust Ammo 1 x12 Recover Ammo 1 x12
Flaming Ammo x60 Wyvern Ammo x2

S Rank Guide: Dual Blades

Dual Blades Tips

Utilize Binding Pierce

Binding Pierce is vital for S Rank clears with Dual Blades. Make sure you land the kunai on the head for maximum damage!

Target the Head

Tetranadon's head has the best hit zone value for our Dual Blades and must always be prioritized for quick and easy S Rank clears. The arms and the bloated belly can also be targetted for solid damage if the head is unreachable.

Fill and Maintain Your Demon Gauge

Dual Blades, regardless of the hunt, must always have their Demon Gauge filled to improve non-demon mode attacks and increase overall damage.

S Rank Guide: Lance

Lance Tips

Start the Fight With Sleep Kunai and Large Barrel Bombs

Utilize your Sleep Kunai and Large Barrel Bombs to deal solid damage at the start of the fight. You can even use the bombs to your advantage by striking it with the lance and immediately activating Anchor Rage just before it explodes.

Refer to the table below a breakdown of our recommended start to this fight:

How to Maximize Sleep Kunai & Large Barrel Bombs
1 Throw all of your sleep kunais at Tetranadon to force it to sleep. It doesn't matter where the kunais land, as long as they connect. Also make sure you are close enough to perform the next step
2 Plant a Large Barrel Bomb in front of Tetranadon as it falls down and quickly blow it up with a Running Lance Thrust + Anchor Rage combo.
IMPORTANT: You need to be quick and pull this off before Tetranadon goes to sleep.
3 Plant the remaining two Large Barrel Bombs beside Tetranadon's head while it is asleep.
4 Ignite the Large Barrel Bombs with a Throwing Kunai. The damage should be high enough to instantly break Tetranadon's head, giving you a nice start into the fight.

Focus on the Head

As with any other weapon in this Challenge Quest, Tetranadon's head is a priority target and must always be aimed at for maximum damage. Forearms and a bloated Belly are good alternatives in cases where the head is unreachable.

Utilize Anchor Rage

Anchor Rage grants you a damage buffs throughout the fight and must be used as much as possible to achieve S Rank clears. This particular switch skill lets you block all of Tetranadon's moves with ease except its double palm lunge.

S Rank Guide: Hammer

Hammer Tips

Use Strength Charge

Strength Charge must be used to achieve S Rank clears with a Hammer. This particular mode allows us to dish out high damage efficiently.

Aim for the Head

Do what the Hammer does best and strike at Tetranadon's head whenever possible. Not only does this ensure maximum damage, but accumulating enough damage results in knockouts as well!

Use Your Silkbind Attacks

Impact Crater and Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon are key skills against Tetranadon and must be used with proper timing and positioning for maximized effect.

Impact Craters' descending attacks must land on the head as much as possible. The attack animation is fairly long so we recommend that you perform this move whenever Tetranadon is knocked out or when you're absolutely sure that the descending attacks will connect.

Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon is great for closing the distance between you and Tetranadon whenever he charges or hops away. This move is especially effective at striking the head whenever Tetranadon is bloated as well. Make sure you charge to at least level two first for solid damage.

S Rank Guide: Insect Glaive

Hammer Tips

Start the Fight With Your Pitfall Trap

Position in a few steps along Tetranadon's path and set your Pitfall Trap to start the fight. This allows you to land free strikes to the head and gather kinsect extracts with ease.

Maintain Your Triple Up Buff

Insect Glaives, regardless of the hunt, must always maintain their Triple Up Buff. This grants you better attack combinations and immunity to roars.

Paralyze Tetranadon

Challenge Quest 01's Insect Glaive Loadout comes with Rigiprayne, a powder-type Kinsect that produces Paralysis Clouds. This synergizes perfectly with our Tetraseal Slash and allows us to Paralyze Tetranadon throughout the fight. Make sure you combust the clouds near Tetranadon for Paralysis buildup!

Aim for the Head and Forelegs

As with any weapon in this Challenge Quest, the head lets us deal the most damage against Tetranadon as must always be prioritized throughout the fight — with forelegs being the best alternative.

Use Tetraseal Slash

Tetraseal Slash is a heavy-hitting combination that allows us to mark monster parts for powder-type kinsects as well. This combination is the key to achievent S Rank clears against Tetranadon.

S Rank Guide: Heavy Bowgun

Hammer Tips

Aim for the Head

Always aim for Tetranadon's head for maximum damage. This is extremely important for Heavy Bowgun S Rank clear as hitting other parts too much will lead to failure.

Start the Fight With Sleep and Wyvern Ammo

Position close to Tetranadon at the start of the fight and put it to sleep with Sleep Ammo. The timing of Wyvern Ammo shots afterward is very important to achieve an optimal start.

  • Both Wyvern Ammo shots must be fully charged and aimed towards the head for maximum damage.
  • The first shot must be performed before Tetranadon completely falls asleep.
  • The second shot will be amplified by wake-up damage, allowing us to completely break Tetranadon's head at the start of the fight.

Use Counter Shots on the Head

Counter Shots are extremely important for S Rank clears against Tetranadon. Make sure you use these shots as much as possible and on the head for maximum damage.

Use Poison and Flaming Ammo

Use Poison and Flaming Ammo to finish Tetranadon off after your explosive opening.

Tetranadon gets poisoned after four Poison Ammo shots. Flaming Ammo must always be fully charged and aimed at the head for maximum damage.

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