Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Release Date and Release Time

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Release Date and Time

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak DLC will be released on June 30, 2022, for both the Nintendo Switch and PC. Read on for more information about the release date and release time for this brand-new expansion for the game!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date

PS, XBOX, and Windows Releases on April 28, 2023

MH Rise Sunbreak - Console Sunbreak Release Date

The release date for the PlayStation, XBOX, and Windows versions of the Sunbreak expansion will release on April 28, 2023!

It will come updated to Version 13 out of the box, so you can already take on all monsters up to Title Update 3!

Sunbreak Release Date for
PS, XBOX, and Game Pass

Nintendo Switch and Steam Released on June 30, 2022

MH Rise Sunbreak - Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has been released as of June 30, 2022, on both the Nintendo Switch and PC as paid DLC. This information was released during the Digital Event on March 15, 2022.

Everything You Need To Know
About Sunbreak DLC

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Time

Switch and PC Release Times are Different

The release times of Sunbreak for Nintendo Switch and for Steam on PC are different, with a local midnight release for Switch, and a simultaneous worldwide release at 12:00 AM (US Eastern Time) for Steam.

Platform Release Time
Nintendo Switch Midnight in your time zone
PC (Steam) Midnight on US East Coast

Midnight Local Release for Nintendo Switch

MH Rise Sunbreak - Switch Release

Release Time June 30, 12:00 AM (local time)

Staggered Release Time for Nintendo Switch

The Switch version was midnight in your local time zone, with the time zone depending on your eShop region. This means that people in time zones further east were able to access the game earlier.

Regions in Order of Release Time

Players with eShop accounts from regions near the top of the following list are able to play the game earlier than those near the bottom.

Region Time Zone Hours Behind
New Zealand UTC+13 -
Australian East Coast UTC+10 3
Japan UTC+9 4
Australian West Coast UTC+8 5
Philippines UTC+8 5
South Africa UTC+2 11
United Kingdom UTC+1 13
Brazil UTC-3 16
US East Coast UTC-4 17
US West Coast UTC-7 20

Global Simultaneous Release for PC

MH Rise Sunbreak - PC Release

Release Time June 30, 12:00 AM (US Eastern Time)

Midnight in US Eastern Time

According to the Sunbreak listing on Steam, Sunbreak is now available for all PC players as of the same time, at midnight in US eastern time (GMT-4).

This means that unlike the Switch release, the release time of the Steam version of the game are affected by time zone or game region, so instead of the game coming out at midnight local time for everyone, the time of day is different depending on the part of the world you are in.

Release Time Per Time Zone

Region Time Zone Release TIme
US West Coast UTC-7 9:00 PM (June 29)
US East Coast UTC-4 12:00 AM
Brazil UTC-3 1:00 AM
United Kingdom UTC+1 5:00 AM
South Africa UTC+2 6:00 AM
Philippines UTC+8 12:00 PM
Australian West Coast UTC+8 12:00 PM
Japan UTC+9 1:00 PM
Australian East Coast UTC+10 2:00 PM
New Zealand UTC+13 5:00 PM

What to Do When Sunbreak Won't Start

Press the Check Button

Sunbreak Check for Software.png

On the Nintendo Switch HOME screen, press Monster Hunter Rise and then press Check to see if the software is available. If you press Start Software, it will start the Monster Hunter Rise base game instead of the Sunbreak DLC, so be sure to choose Check when the game is available in your region.

How to Download Sunbreak and Filesize

Access to Expansion May Vary

May Depend on Servers and Your Internet

Regardless of the release time, it is possible that getting access to Sunbreak may change depending on various factors.

It is possible that Nintendo and Steam's servers experience issues during the day which may slow down or delay game updates.

It can also depend on your Internet speed, as Monster Hunter Rise will have a sizeable update to add Sunbreak content in the game.

Happened Before in Iceborne Expansion

Delays have previously happened with the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World in consoles, wherein the game was first made available for players living in eastern time zones.

Pre-Orders Now Available

MH Rise - Malzeno Evolution

Pre-orders for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available up until the game's release, and can be purchased in Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch and in Steam for PC.

Preorder Bonuses and How to Pre-Order
MH Rise Sunbreak

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