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Urgent Quests Banner.png

This is a guide to all Urgent Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Learn how to unlock all Urgent Quests and how to complete each of them.

What are Urgent Quests?

Quests Required to Unlock the Next Level of Quests

Urgent Quest Select.png

Urgent Quests appear as both Village Quests and Hub Quests, effectively acting as boss missions capping off each level. While Urgent Quests taken from the Village only unlock the next level and advance the story, those completed in the Gathering Hub will increase your Hunter Rank. This is currently the only method of increasing Hunter Rank (HR) until the April update implements Hunter Rank Points. There is only one Urgent Quest associated with each level, so there is no other effect once it has been completed once.

How to Increase Hunter Rank (HR)

Available as Regular Quests After Completion

After completion, Urgent Quests will be available again as standard Village Quests, categorized with the next HR up. For example, the Urgent Quest available after completing the ★1 Key Quests will be organized alongside the ★2 Village Quests after completion.

How to Unlock Urgent Quests

Unlocked by Completing Key Village Quests

Key Quest Icon.jpgEnlarge

A certain subset of Village Quests known as Key Quests must be completed to unlock Urgent Quests. Key Quests are marked with a red diamond icon on the menu.

It is not required to complete all Key Quests within a Hunter Rank, but a specific number must be completed to unlock the Urgent Quest for that Hunter Rank.

List of Urgent Quests

Urgent Quest.png

Urgent Village Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★2 Great Izuchi, Great Pain
★3 Feathered Frenzy
★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans
★5 Comeuppance
★6 Hermit of the Swamp

List of Village Quests

Urgent Hub Quests

HR Quest Name Monster
★2 Dead Ringer
★5 The Restless Swamp
★6 A Bewitching Chance
★7 Serpent Goddess of Thunder
★7 Can't Kill It with Fire

List of Hub Quests

More Urgent Quests will be added as soon as they are available. We appreciate your patience!

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