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How to Find Rampage Message Relic Records

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MH Rise - Rampage Message Relic Records

This is a guide to finding all the Rampage Messages in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) and rewards for collecting all the Rampage Relic Records!

Base Game Relic Records
Shrine Ruins Frost Islands Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest Lava Caverns Rampage
Sunbreak Relic Records
Jungle Citadel

Rampage Messages Relic Record Locations

Location Map

Rampage Message Locations
Shrine Ruins Frost Islands
Sandy Plains Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns

※The red numbers correlate to their order in the Notebook.

Rampage Relic Records Detailed Walkthrough

Rampage Message Relic Records (Click to jump!)
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

1: In a Building Above Shrine Ruins Area 4

Location Directions

The first Rampage Relic is found in Shrine Ruins Area 4, in a building at the top of a cliff.

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2: Above a Tree in Shrine Ruins Area 3

Location Directions

The second Rampage Message can be found in Shrine Ruins Area 3 in a tree near a Felyne house. The Felyne house can be found right after climbing up some ivy vines so the tree should immediately come into sight.

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3: Behind a Tree in Between Frost Islands Areas 6 and 9

Location Directions

The third Rampage Relic Record can be found in between Frost Islands Areas 6 and 9 on the west side of a cliff. Wiredash across the gap and you'll find this Rampage Message on the other side of a tree.

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4: At the Top of a Mountain in Frost Islands Area 6

Location Map

The fourth Rampage Message can be found at the top of the highest mountain in Frost Islands Area 6. On your way up you'll run into some Jewel Lillies so take advantage of the Great Wirebug to get to this one.

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5: Just Below the Great Wirebug in Flooded Forest Area 2

The fifth Rampage Relic can be found in Flooded Forest Area 2, just below the Great Wirebug location in the ruins. If you have the Sunbreak DLC, you can quickly reach this area with the 1st Buddy Recon Point.

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6: In the Southeast Part Flooded Forest Area 7

Location Directions

The sixth Rampage Message can be found through an opening in a cliff in Flooded Forest Area 7. Once you arrive at the cliff simply Wiredash up into the opening.

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7: At the Western Edge of Sandy Plains Area 7

The seventh Rampage Relic Record can be found to the far West in the lower level of Sandy Plains Area 7. From the upper-level head down and turn around to see a small opening where the Rampage Message is.

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8: Behind a Tree Above the Sandy Plains Main Camp

The eighth Rampage Message can be found above Sandy Plains Main Camp behind a tree.

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9: Above a Cliff South of Lava Caverns Area 3

The ninth Rampage Relic can be found south of Lava Caverns Area 3 above a cliff. Head south along the cliff until you see a ledge you can jump to on your right side where the Rampage Message is.

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10: Through a Tunnel in the North Side of Lava Caverns Area 11

Path 1 Path 2

The final Rampage Message can be found through a tunnel to the north of Lava Caverns Area 11. Once you go through the first opening, look to your right for another tunnel you can wiredash to. Follow this tunnel and you will find the last Rampage Message.

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List of Rewards

Antique Bookmark Award

No rewards are given for completing just the Rampage Relic Records. However, these messages must also be found with all the other base game relic records to unlock the Antique Bookmark achievement on your guild card.

List of Awards and How to Unlock

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