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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Palico Guide Banner

The iconic Palicoes once again come to the Hunter's aid in both old and new ways in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak! Palicoes now come in different support types, and have their unique equipped moves and skills.

Palico Guides
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Palico Guide BannerGeneral Palico Guide Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves BannerBest Support Type and Equipped Moves
MH Rise - List of Palico Equipment BannerList of Palico Equipment MH Rise - Palico Builds and Best Equipment BannerBest Palico Builds

Palico Support Types

MH Rise - Palico Support Types

Type Effect
MH Rise - Healer support type Palico iconHealer Provides healing assistance to hunters
MH Rise - Assist support type Palico iconAssist Prepares traps to ensnare monsters
MH Rise - Fight support type Palico iconFight Supports the hunter by fighting alongside them
MH Rise - Bombardier support type Palico iconBombardier Uses bombs to attack monsters
MH Rise - Gathering support type Palico iconGathering Gathers rare items when exploring the map and when fighting monsters

The Palico can use one of five Support Types. You can choose to scout for Palicoes which have the Support Type of your choice, so be sure to pick the one which best suits your playstyle.

Best Palico Support Type

Palico Equipped Moves

MH Rise - Equipped Moves

As they level up, Palicoes get new Equipped Moves that can provide different advantages to you in battle. They get five Equipped Moves in total: Lv. 1, Lv. 5, Lv. 10, Lv. 15, and finally, Lv. 20.

Even if there are five Equipped Moves per Support Type, not every Palico you recruit will have all the Equipped Moves that are unique to their Support Type; they are completely random per Palico. The exceptions are their Lv. 1 and Lv. 20 Equipped Moves, which will always be determined by their Support Type.

List of Palico Equipped Moves

Swap Support Moves

In Sunbreak, you'll be able to swap among all the Support Moves for a given level after completing certain requests. The Lv. 1 and Lv. 20 moves still remain fixed to the Palico's support type, but now you have more flexibility with what your Palicoes can do!

You can access this by speaking to the Buddy Expert or accessing the Buddy Dojo menu. Note that you can't swap the moves of another person's Palico.

Secret Support Moves

MH Rise Sunbreak Kittenator

Palicoes can also gain access to an extra equipped move, the Secret Support Move, in Sunbreak. These are powerful abilities that will certainly help you throughout your Master Rank hunts.

List of Secret Support Moves

Palico Equipped Skills

Aside from the Support Types and Equipped Moves, there are also Buddy Skills for Palicoes that are also available to Palamutes. You can equip or unequip your Palico's Buddy Skills from the Buddy Board, depending on what monster you're hunting!

For example, you might want the Negate Sleep skill when going up against Great Baggi, but it definitely won't be as useful against Magnamalo.

In the Sunbreak expansion, your Buddies will also be able to equip more skills and learn new skills!

Palico and Palamute Buddy Skills Guide

Palico Equipment

Weapons and Armor

MH Rise - Rakna-Kadaki Palico Armor Set

The Palicoes can be equipped to modify their looks in battle. This isn't just for looks (unless of course you get the layered armor instead), as these armor and weapon provides stat bonuses to further your Palico's capabilities in battle.

MH Rise - List of Palico Equipment BannerList of Palico Equipment MH Rise - Palico Builds and Best Equipment BannerBest Palico Builds

Layered Armor

MH Rise - Forest Cat Layered Armor Set (Palico)

The Palicoes can also equip layered armor, which are basically cosmetics that have no effect on your Palico's stats. Fashion Hunter it up!

List of Layered Armor

Meowcenaries and Argosy

Palicoes at the Meowcenaries

MH Rise - Meowcenaries Deploy
Not all Palicoes have to join you in battle. They can also go off on their own and gather items for you at the Meowcenaries alongside Palamutes! The higher their level is, the more unique items they can get for you whenever you deploy them.

Meowcenaries Guide

Palicoes at the Argosy

MH Rise - Gobul Submarines at the Argosy
Another option for Palicoes out of combat is working at the Argosy with Palamutes, gathering one specific item for you. The higher their level is, the more and better options they get for Buddy Bargaining, which is important for getting you more items!

Argosy and Trading Guide

How to Recruit New Palicoes

Use the Buddy Scout at Buddy Plaza

MH Rise - Recruiting Higher Level Palicos

The Buddy Scout allows players to recruit new Palicoes and Palamutes according to a host of specifications. It's possible to specify a Palico of the Support Type and even appearance of your taste, and they can be freely renamed when they are recruited. This is a great tool for finding a Palico with your ideal set of Equipped Moves and Skills!

Available Palicoes Change Every Quest

Each time you depart on a Quest, the recruited Palicoes at the Buddy Scout will be refreshed. Even if you choose to return from or abandon the Quest without completing it, the Palicoes will refresh for a new set with different Equipped Moves and Skills, so rerolling for your ideal Palico is not overly difficult.

Buddy Plaza Guide

How to Level Up Palicoes

Leave Buddies at the Buddy Dojo

MH Rise - Buddy Dojo

Even if we want to, it's not possible to take every single Palico and Palamute with you on every hunt, especially if you have recruited a ton. For the Buddies you have to leave behind, they can passively level up by training at the Buddy Dojo.

While you're away on Quests, multiple Buddies can train here and level up, for a cost of 100 Points per training round or a single Lagniapple for a full 10 rounds.

Buddy Dojo Guide | How to Train Buddies

What is a Palico?

Fights Alongside the Hunter

MH Rise - Palico and Palamute Helping Hunter from Paralysis

As a companion, the Palico will aid the hunter in battle against monsters using their own weapons, armor, and unique equipped moves. Although they are capable of traditional attacks, their main specialty lies in supporting the hunter by providing healing items, setting traps and bombs, and gathering rare items.

Use the Felvine Bulb

MH Rise - Felvine Bulb

The new item Felvine Bulb will enhance the Palico's capabilities. This item is always accessible to the player via the Action Bar, and does not expire, but has a significant cooldown period after use.

Under the effects of the Felvine Bulb, the Palico will gain the following boosts to its abilities:

  • Health restoration
  • Increased equipped move frequency
  • Evasive maneuvers against attacks
  • Stronger attacks

Behavior: Target Prioritization

Large Only Palicoes exclusively target large monsters.
Large First Palicoes prioritize attacking large monsters.
Balanced Palicoes attack all monsters indiscriminately.
Small First Palicoes prioritize attacking small monsters.
Small Only Palicoes exclusively target small monsters.

You can choose what your Palico targets during hunts, whether it be large monsters or small monsters.

To set this up, go to the Buddy Board and choose the Behavior tab. You can choose between Palicoes and Palamutes (for this guide, choose Palico!), then you can choose which Palico you want to change the behavior of. From there you can choose from the options we listed above.

Play with Your Palico

MH Rise - High Five Palico

When you make your Buddies Wait via the Action Bar, they will stay in place. You can approach them and choose to High Five, Play, or Pet them. In Sunbreak, you can even play ball with them! Might be the cutest addition to any Monster Hunter game!

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Can, and if so, how, do you change your palicoes equipped support moves?

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If I dismiss a palico is there a sad animation?


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