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This is a guide to the Palicoes, a returning companion in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about the Palicoes in Rise, Their Abilities, and can you play with them?

What is A Palico?

Trusty Felyne Companions

Palico Rise
The Palicoes are a returning ally in Monster Hunter Rise. They provide assist in previous monster hunters in the form of healing, buffing, and even damage. They also aid the hunter by gathering items which makes them a great versatile ally.

Adjust Its Role To Partner it WIth the Palamute

palamute rise
With the introduction of the Palamute, the Palico may now be more geared towards support to contrast the aggressive behavior of the palamute. During Character creation, you can set your Palamute and Palico's behavior so adjust their behavior accordingly to match each other.

Character Creation Guide

Palico Abilities and Characteristics

Can Gather Items

As mentioned earlier, Palicoes can gather items. This makes them a more gathering oriented ally as opposed to the Palamute's high mobility.

Can Power Up With Felvine Bulb

The new item Felvine Bulb will enhance the Palico's capabilities. In particular, this is noted to increase their probabily of support, which may allow them to use helpful Palico Gadgets like the Flashfly Cage at a higher rate in the full game.

Fight Monsters With the Hunter

palico jumping
As a companion, the Palico will also aid the hunter against large monsters. It is still unknown as to what fighting abilities they have in Rise but following the previous installments, they are focused on providing buffs, using bombs, and even healing the hunter. This will likely remain true for Rise.

Can Possibly Recruit Grimalkynes

In World, the palicoes can convince Grimalkynes to join the hunter briefly in their fight against a large monster. It is still unknown if Grimalkynes will make a return in Rise so stay tuned!

It Is Also Possible that A Palamute Will Not Recruit Grimalkynes

Differentiating the Palico and the Palamute is important to give both companions their identity. If only a Palamute is brought to a hunt, they may not be able to recruit Grimalkynes even if they are found. Since the role of a Palamute is to provide damage and mobility, the palico may be the only one that can recruit grimalkynes to solidify their identity as versatile support.

Palico Handshake Gestures

You Can Play With the Palico

palico playing
With the addition of the Palamutes and the already widely known info that you can pet the Palamutes, the palicoes won't lose when it comes to interactions. You can use a cat toy to play with the Palico.

You Can Carry the Palico

Palico Carry
Another gesture that was revealed in the Palico interactions. You can carry the palico and give it a short nose to nose gesture.

Perform a Palico Handshake!

palico high five
A lengthy handshake combo is available for the hunter and the Palico! It's a series of highfive that ends with both the hunter and the palico pointing at each other.

Palico Handshake Gestures Video

Palico Customization

Palico Looks Can Be Edited

palico edit.jpg

Just like the hunter and the Palamute, the Palico's look can be edited in the character creation. The patterns, the colors, and many more can be edited for the Palico!

Equip Gears

The Palicoes can be equipped to modify their looks in battle. This isn't just for looks though, these armor and weapon provides stat bonuses to further your palico's capabilities in battle.

Layered Armor

palamute layer.jpg

The Palicos can also equip layered armor, these are the armor that can be worn over your current armor. Think of them as cosmetics so you can modify your palico's look and adjust it to your liking.

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