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This is a guide to the Switch Axe, a weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about new Switch Axe controls and combos, how to use Switch Axe discharge, Switch Axe phials as well as details on Switch Axe Switch Skills.

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Switch Axe Controls

Axe Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Overhead Slash
(Rapidly Press)Buttons A.png Wild Swing
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Rising Slash
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Forward Slash
Button zR.png Morph/Reload
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Invincible Gambit
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Switch Charger

Sword Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Overhead Slash
Buttons A.png Double Slash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Element Discharge
Button zR.png Morph

Useful Combos

Axe: Basic Combo
Axe: Forward Slash
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Axe: Overhead Slash
Buttons X.png
Axe: Side Slash
Buttons X.png
Axe: Rising Slash
Buttons X.png
Axe: Combo into Sword Mode
Axe: Wild Swing
Rapidly press Buttons A.png
Axe: Heavy Slam
Buttons X.png
Axe: Morph Rising Double Slash
Button zR.png
Sword: Triple Slash
Buttons A.png
Sword: Combo During an Opening
X Slash Combo
Buttons X.png x3
A Slash Combo
Buttons A.png x2
Element Discharge
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Element Discharge Finisher
Rapidly press Buttons X.png

Switch Axe Silkbind Attacks

Official Switch Axe Preview Video

List of Silkbind Attacks

Switch Charger

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Switch Charger Silkbind Attack.jpg

You are launched forward with the help of a Wirebug as you quickly regenerate your Switch Gauge. This move also negates Switch Gauge decrease for a short period of time so just go ham in Sword Mode for a bit!

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Invincible Gambit

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Invinvcible Gambit Silkbind Attack.jpg

Invincible Gambit is a forward dashing move consisting of three slashes that has knockback protection during its duration. Use this to tank hits without getting thrown off!

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Soaring Wyvern Blade NEW

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Soaring Wyvern Switch Skill

Sword Rush is a new Silkbind Attack that can be switched out with Invincible Gambit.

The attacks lead with a slash upwards with the Wirebug, culminating in a targeted Forward Slash to a foe.

On top of that, landing the Forward Slash successfully also fills up the Activation Gauge and creates a large explosion.

Switch Axe Switch Skills and Best Setup

Switch Skills are unlocked as you progress in the game. The very first one is obtained after finishing the ★3 Village Urgent Quest, Feathered Frenzy.

The best Switch Skills we recommend for each slot are marked in red.

Controls Original Skill Switch Skill
L Analog + X Forward Slash Forward Overhead Slash
zL + X Invincible Gambit
Wirebug Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1
Soaring Wyvern Blade
Wirebug Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1

Switch Skills Guide: How to Unlock Switch Skills

Forward Overhead Slash

MH Rise - SA Foward Overhead Slash

Switched With Controls
Forward Slash
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
A lunging attack performed by winding up the axe and smashing it down. Difficult to pull off but delivers good damage. A subsequent Sword Mode attack will turn into a Double Slash.

This changes your first Axe attack into an Overhead Slash which can hit monster parts high on the ground. The subsequent sword morph attack will also change to a Double Slash so there is no reason not to switch to this Skill when acquired.

Compressed Finishing Discharge

MH Rise - SA Compressed Finishing Discharge

Switched With Controls
Finishing Discharge
Buttons X.png after Finishing Discharge
Puts you in a knockdown-resistant state and delivers a swift strike accompanied by an elemental explosion. The Activation Gauge has no effect on this action.

If you like integrating elemental explosions in your Switch Axe combos, use this Switch Skill. This also has a rocksteady effect so you won't have to worry about getting knocked back.

Soaring Wyvern Blade

MH Rise - SA Soaring Wyvern Blade

Switched With Controls
Invincible Gambit
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
After jumping up, press X to perform a Forward Slash.
Launches you in the air while ending with a Forward Slash in midair. If Forward Slash connects, an explosion occurs.
Wirebug Recovery Speed: Medium
Wirebug Cost: 1

Using this one over Invincible Gambit is entirely by choice. Invincible Gambit has an innate Rocksteady effect that prevents knockback while dashing while Soaring Wyvern Blade deals immense damage! For general usage, we suggest going for Soaring Wyvern Blade.

Switch Axe Attacks and Moves

Wild Swing

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Wild Swing
The Unlimited Wild Swing makes a return to Monster Hunter Rise. It's an unlimited slash attack that you can use until your stamina runs out. It doesn't deal the best damage but it's DPS is good to use if sword form is unavailable and the monster gets downed.

Input (Rapidly Press)Buttons A.png

Heavy Slam

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Heavy Slam
The follow up move to Wild Swing also makes a triumphant return. It's a high damage move that powers up your Axe which makes it an ideal combo finisher for Wild Swing.

After two or more Wild Swings, Buttons X.png

Fade Slash

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Fade Slash
A follow up move to the Heavy Slam finisher. It's an evasive attack that allows you to make a distance from your target. Pretty helpful if your stamina got depleted by Wild Swing's stamina consumption.

After Heavy Slam, Buttons A.png


Allows the Switch Axe to change to its alternate form. Eg, Axe to sword and vice versa.

Input Button zR.png


While in Axe form, the hunter can execute a very lengthy reload to restore the Switch gauge allowing the Switch Axe to morph to it's sword form. This only happens when your Switch gauge is below the line so if you don't want you to do this whenever your Switch gauge runs out. Always recharge your Switch gauge in Axe mode!

Input Button zR.png

Element Discharge

While in Sword form, you can use Elemental Discharge to unleash a strong attack with a strong finisher. You will be unable to move during this period so only use it against monsters that aren't targeting you or are vulnerable.

Input In Sword Form,
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Zero Sum Elemental Discharge

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe ZSS Zero Sum Discharge
If you manage to max out the sword gauge while in Sword Form, the Elemental Discharge move will immediately latch you unto the monster. This is called a Zero Sum Elemental Discharge.

Input Requires Sword Form and Full Sword Gauge
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Zero Sum Discharge Is Harder to Execute

With the removal of the Clutch Claw and mantles, executing the Zero Sum Discharge is now harder. It is now a prerequisite to identify the monster's attack patterns to know if their attack can cancel your zero sum elemental discharge. While the Invincibility Gambit makes it easy to do, it's an overall nerf compared to Monster Hunter World.

Switch Axe Phial Types and Progression

Phials are special features of the Switch Axe that changes the way it deals and maximizes damage. Every Switch Axe along a specific tree will have unique phial types so you might want to keep an eye out for the ones you need!

Here we explained the different phial types and their effects:

Phial Effect
Elemental Phial Increase the elemental damage a weapon does. The Switch Axe must have a natural element of element/status effect for this to be effective.
Dragon Phial Gives an amount of Dragon Element.
Power Phial Boosts the raw damage of the Switch Axe.
Paralysis Phial Adds a paralysis effect.
Exhaust Phial Allows the Switch Axe to drain monsters' stamina with certain attacks. This will make the monster more prone to exhaustion and increase the chances of stunning them.

Switch Axe Tree: List of All Switch Axes

Recommended Switch Axe Combos

Standard Sword Mode Combo Loop for General Use

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe General Combo.gif

In Sword Form,
Buttons A.pngButtons X.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.png ...

This is a combo that you can easily do anytime. It's also versatile and can flow easily into other combos.

It's recommended to start with the Double Slash at the start rather than the end, as it is quite slow and leaves you open to attacks.

High Damage Combo For When the Monster is Down

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe High Firepower Combo.gif

In Sword Form Buttons A.pngButton zR.png Axe Form → Button zR.png Sword Form → Buttons A.png...

When you down the monster but you're not in the Amped State, this is a combo that utilizes two Double Slashes with two Morphs in between. You can also use the Element Discharge after a Double Slash.

Quick Element Discharge Combo

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Quick Element Discharge Combo.gif

In Sword Form Buttons A.pngButtons X.png + Buttons A.pngLeft Analog.png↓ + Buttons X.png → (Buttons ZL.png + Buttons A.png)

With this combo, you can hit a fast Element Discharge from a Double Slash. This is useful for monsters with hard skin.

A downside of this combo is that it quickly consumes your Switch Axe Gauge, but you can easily recover it with a Switch Charger.

Heavy Slam Combo

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Heavy Slam Combo.gif

In Sword Form Buttons A.png → (Button zR.png Axe Form) → Buttons A.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.png → (Button zR.png Sword Form)
In Axe Form Buttons A.pngButtons A.pngButtons X.pngButton zR.png Sword Form → Buttons A.png → (Button zR.png Axe Form)

This combo is useful when neither the Power Axe mode nor the Amped State is active. You easily can boost your damage with the Heavy Slam.

How to Use the Switch Axe

Check IconKeep attacking!

Check IconLearn how to use the Switch Axe gauge

Check IconLearn the Different Phial Types and Effects

Check IconUtilize Invincible Gambit

Check IconUse Elemental Discharges

Check IconAim for Zero Sum Discharge

Keep Attacking!

Switch Axe requires that you attack all the time to keep all the gauges at full. The basic combo is to accumulate various Switch Axe gauges by continuously attacking the monster. Once you stop attacking, the gauge will cease to accumulate and even lose its charges.

Learn How to Use the Switch Axe Gauge

Switch Gauge This gauge is needed to be maintained above the line to allow transformation to Sword Mode. If the accumulated charge goes below the line, you won't be able to transform to Sword Mode unless you charge by attacking or reloading.
Awakening Gauge When accumulated to maximum, Sword Mode attacks will start to discharge Phials.
Attack in Sword Mode to activate. The gauge will disappear over time.
Strengthened Axe State An icon that indicates that Axe mode will charge the Awakening Gauge faster. It is also easier to flinch monsters in this state.
Do this by executing a Wild Swing thrice (A + A + A) then pressing X to do an Overhead Slam.
This will disappear after around 1 minute or when you fill up the Awakening Gauge.

Learn the Different Phial Types

Like in Monster Hunter World, Switch Axes in MH Rise have different Phial Types that are unleashed when you reach the Awakening state of the Switch Axe. Each phial has its effects so know how and when to use them in hunts!

Master the Art of Switching

Axe Mode Sword Mode
Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Axe Mode.png Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Sword Mode.png

The Switch Axe can be switched between Sword Mode and Axe Mode with both modes coexisting perfectly with each other.

Axe Mode charges the gauge that allows you to switch to Sword Mode. Sword Mode charges the Awakening gauge to put phial attacks on both modes. Knowing this basic gameplay loop can get you started with using the Switch Axe.

In addition, you can put Rapid Morph in your builds to make switching attacks smooth like butter!

Switch Axe Builds and Best Equipment

Utilize Invincible Gambit or Soaring Wyvern Blade

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Utilize Invincible Gambit.png

Since you cannot guard with the Switch Axe, you are better off releasing an unrelenting flurry of blows against a monster. With the help of the new silkbind attack called Invincible Gambit, you are immune to flinches and knockbacks. Essentially making you a force of nature to be reckoned with.

If you are DPS heavy, we suggest getting Soaring Wyvern Blade! This attack imbues phials on your downward dash while also dashing across in the air. Not to mention, it looks very cool too!

Use Elemental Discharges

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Use Element Discharge.png

You enter an amped state once you land enough hits with the Sword Mode, which in turn also fills up your Switch Axe gauge. You can release a high damage blow in exchange for a large portion of energy.

Aim for Zero Sum Discharge

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Use Zero Sum Discharge.png

This is Switch Axe's most damaging move where you attack a monster and unload all your phial charges. As a Switch Axe user, you should always aim for this whenever an opportunity arises. This also provides Super Armor in MH Rise which won't throw you off whenever you use it so just go ahead and do it!

How Good is the Switch Axe?

Tier List Ranking

Rank B Rank Icon

The damage of the Switch Axe is one of the highest among all the weapons. However, it is particularly difficult to maintain the Amped State. Also, Switch Axe is a weapon not blessed with counterattack moves which is disappointing considering almost all other weapons have one.

The weapon is better with skill and experience, so the Switch Axe's power will highly depend on the hunter.

Weapon Tier List

Switch Axe Strengths

Check IconElement discharge

Check IconSword Mode superiority

Check IconLong reach

Element Discharge

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe Use Element discharge.png

An attack unique to the Switch Axe wherein you can make a high damage attack using a large portion of the energy stored in the Switch Gauge.

Sword Mode Superiority

Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Axe and Sword Mode Superiority.png

The Sword in Sword Mode uses the effects of a Switch Axe's phial which makes the attacks harder to deflect. Oftentimes, the Sword Mode is used to target tough body parts.

Long Reach

ong Reach.png

In Axe form, the Switch Axe has incredible reach. Even going so far as to hit enemies while they are up in the air.

Switch Axe Weaknesses

Check Icon Sword Mode Consumes Gauge and Can Throw You off if You're Not Mindful

Check IconCannot Guard

Check IconLow mobility

Sword Mode Consumes Gauge and Can Throw You off if You're Not Mindful

Pay close attention to your switch gauge whenever you use your Sword since attacking in Sword Mode consumes the Switch Gauge. Always try to play for an element discharge.

Cannot Guard

The Switch Axe cannot guard hits. Added to this is your slower movement speed when using this weapon. It's also a weapon not blessed with any new counterattack move.

Low Mobility

Attacking with this weapon is mostly taking huge swings at an enemy monster, which carries you forward and makes use of the momentum you have while you are doing attack combos. Having Evade Extender and Evade Window would be huge.

Changes from MHW: Iceborne

Check IconWild Swing now has a larger evade window

Check IconAxe Strengthened State now charges the Awakening Gauge faster

Check IconAmped state is also now in Axe Mode

Check IconZero Sum Discharge grants super armor to prevent falling off

Check IconZero Sum Discharge ignores monster armor

Check IconPower Phial Switch Axes take much longer to charge.

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