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Switch Axe Gameplay and New Moves.png

This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Switch Axe weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Switch Axe, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

Switch Axe Controls

Axe Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Overhead Slash
(Rapidly Press)Buttons A.png Wild Swing
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Rising Slash
Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png
Forward Slash
Button zR.png Morph/Reload
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Invincible Gambit
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Switch Charger

Sword Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Overhead Slash
Buttons A.png Double Slash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Element Discharge
Button zR.png Morph

Useful Combos

Axe: Basic Combo

Forward Slash to Overhead Slash to Side Slash to end with Rising Slash

Left Analog.png + Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png

Sword: Combo During an Opening

X Slash Combo to A Slash Combo To Element Discharge to end with Element Discharge Finisher

Buttons X.pngx3 toButtons A.pngx2 to Buttons X.png+Buttons A.pngto(rapid press)Buttons X.png

Switch Axe New Moves

Official Switch Axe Preview Video

Switch Charger.jpg

You are launched forward with the help of a Wirebug as you quickly regenerate your Switch Gauge. This move also negates Switch Gauge decrease for a short period of time.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Invincible Gambit

Invinvcible Gambit.jpg

While doing an Invincible Gambit, you are immune to flinching or being knocked back.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Switch Axe Returning Moves

Wild Swing

The Unlimited Wild Swing makes a return to Monster Hunter Rise. It's an unlimited slash attack that you can use until your stamina runs out. It doesn't deal the best damage but it's DPS is good to use if sword form is unavailable and the monster gets downed.

Input (Rapidly Press)Buttons A.png

Heavy Slam

heavy slam
The follow up move to Wild Swing also makes a triumphant return. It's a high damage move that amplifies your Switch Axe's damage which makes it an ideal combo finisher for Wild Swing.

After two or more Wild Swings, Buttons X.png

Fade Slash

fadeslash swax
A follow up move to the Heavy Slam finisher. It's an evasive attack that allows you to make a distance from your target. Pretty helpful if your stamina got depleted by Wild Swing's stamina consumption.

After Heavy Slam, Buttons A.png


Allows the Switch Axe to change to its alternate form. Eg, Axe to sword and vice versa.

Input Button zR.png


While in Axe form, the hunter can reload to restore the sword gauge allowing the Switch Axe to morph to it's sword form faster.

Input Button zR.png

Element Discharge

While in Sword form, you can use Elemental Discharge to unleash a strong attack with a strong finisher. You will be unable to move during this period so only use it against monsters that aren't targeting you or are vulnerable.

Requires Sword Form.Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png

Zero Sum Discharge

elemental discharge
If you manage to max out the sword gauge while in Sword Form, the Elemental Discharge move will immediately latch you unto the monster. This is called a Zero Sum Discharge.

Requires Sword Form and Full Sword GaugeButtons X.png + Buttons A.png

Zero Sum Discharge Is Harder to Execute

ZSS Zero Sum Discharge
With the removal of the Clutch Claw and mantles, executing the Zero Sum Discharge is now harder. It is now a prerequisite to identify the monster's attack patterns to know if their attack can cancel your zero sum discharge. While the Invincibility Gambit makes it easy to do, it's an overall nerf compared to Monster Hunter World.

Switch Axe Strengths and Weaknesses


Check IconElement discharge

Check IconSword Mode superiority

Check IconLong reach

Element discharge

Element discharge.png

An attack unique to the Switch Axe wherein you can make a high damage attack using a large portion of energy stored in the Switch Gauge.

Sword Mode Superiority

Sword Mode superiority.png

The Sword in Sword Mode uses the effects of a Switch Axe's phial which makes the attacks harder to deflect. Oftentimes, the Sword Mode is used to target tough body parts.

Long Reach

ong Reach.png

In Axe form, the Switch Axe has incredible reach. Even going so far as to hit enemies while they are up in the air.


Check IconSword Mode consumes gauge

Check IconCannot Guard

Check IconLow mobility

Sword Mode consumes gauge

Pay close attention to your switch gauge whenever you use your Sword since attacking in Sword Mode consumes the Switch Gauge. Always try to play for an element discharge.

Cannot Guard

The Switch Axe cannot guard hits. Added to this is your slower movement speed when using this weapon.

Low mobility

Attacking with this weapon is mostly taking huge swings at an enemy monster, which carries you forward and makes use of the momentum you have while you are doing attack combos. Having Evade Extender and Evade Window would be huge.

How to Use the Switch Axe

Master the Art of Switching

Axe Mode Sword Mode
Axe Mode.png Sword Mode.png

The Switch Axe can be switched between Sword Mode and Axe Mode. The Axe mode boasts an extended reach while the Sword Mode gives you slower movement speed and consumes the slash gauge when attacking. Know when to use the two modes interchangeably by mastering combos.

Utilize Invinvcible Gambit

Utilize Invinvcible Gambit.png

Since you cannot guard with the Switch Axe, you are better off releasing an unrelenting flurry of blows against a monster. With the help of the new silkbind attack called Invincible Gambit, you are immune to flinches and knock backs. Essentially making you a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Element Discharge

Element Discharge.png

You enter an amped state once you land enough hits with the Sword Mode, which in turn also fills up your Switch gaguge. You can release a high damage blow in exchange for a large portion of energy.

Zero Sum Discharge

Zero Sum Discharge.png

in Monster Hunter World Iceborne, Zero Sum Discharge made you mount a monster and release a devastating blow. Unlike MHWI, however, there is a possibility that the Clutch Claw is absent. making Zero Sum Discharge a harder move to spam.

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