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Sunbreak Monster Stats Explained!

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This is a guide about monsters stats in Monster Hunter Rise! (MH Rise). Read on to know about Monster Stats, how to read monster notes, monster part stats, ailment effectiveness, and material drop rate explanations

How to See Monster Stats

Check via Hunter Notes!

The monster stats section can be viewed on the Hunter Notes. Here, you can check a monster's Ecology, Physiology, Ailments, and Materials. Below, we will be discussing each section and what they mean.

Monster Stats Explanations


The Ecology section displays the monster's most basic information.

Here, you can find all info regarding the monster's characteristics, its type, the amount of this monster type that you have slain/captured, its threat level, size, and Habitats.


The Physiology section is exclusive to large monster types. Here, you can find each part's traits. The higher the number, the more effective that damage type is.

Each monster part has a different type of modifier, most notably, hammers are often weak to blunt attacks on the head, and slash-type weapons are often effective against tails. Make sure to check your hunter notes before facing off against a mighty foe!

Icon Damage Types

Monster Hunter Rise - Sever Damage Type.png Sever Damage Type
Monster Hunter Rise - Blunt Damage Type.png Blunt Damage Type
Monster Hunter Rise - Projectile Damage Type.png Projectile Damage Type
Monster Hunter Rise - Fire Element.png Fire Element
Monster Hunter Rise - Water Element.png Water Element
Monster Hunter Rise - Thunder Element.png Thunder Element
Monster Hunter Rise - Ice Element.png Ice Element
Monster Hunter Rise - Dragon Element.png Dragon Element


Ailments are similar to Physiology in that it is unique to Large Monsters. Ailments have a star rating ranging from 1 star to 3 stars.

The higher the star, the more effective that ailment is against the foe. Make sure to always use 3-star ailments and elements if you plan to use them against monsters for maximum effectiveness!

Materials and Drop Rate

With Monster Hunter Rise, monster material drop rates are more easily accessible to players.

You can now see which items that specific monster can drop and what percentages. It also shows different methods and rates on obtaining the item (eg, by breaking parts, by carving, etc.)

Item List is Toggleable

Switch Rank
PS4 - Triangle Button.png
XBOX - Y Button.png
X (default)

The item drops vary depending on the rank of the quest. The higher the rank, the more valuable the loots.

To toggle the drop rate screen, make sure that you are on the Materials page and simply press the X (Switch), Triangle (PlayStation), Y (Xbox), or X (PC).

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