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This is a guide to the best buddy combinations to bring in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn the best palicoes to bring, should you bring a palamute or a palico, and the best behavior for your buddies in hunts!

Should I Bring a Palico or a Palamute?

Palico vs. Palamute
Check Icon.pngBring a Palamute for mobility.
Check Icon.pngBring a Palamute for multiplayer.
Check Icon.pngBring a Palico for gathering.
Check Icon.pngBring a Palico for combat ability.

Bring Palamutes in Multiplayer

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With the majority of MH Rise's content being focused on simple Large Monsters, you'll often encounter veteran hunters that already know the ins and outs of these monsters. As such, they'll be using Palamutes to get to fights as soon as possible for faster hunts. More time being with the monster means more damage output so make sure to bring Palamutes when playing online!

How to Play Online

Bring Palicoes for Gathering

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Unlike Palamutes, Palicoes will gather items when exploring maps. If you want to turbo up your gathering speed, bring two palicoes then lap around the map several times to gain a massive amount of items. Bringing Palicoes works better with the Raisin d'etre Dango to speed up gathering points respawn point.

Bring Palicoes for Harder Hunt

Monster Hunter Rise - Rajang Beam.png

Palicoes gets access to several new moves. Traps and Bombs in particular, deals big damage against Large Monsters so if you want additional damage for tough large monsters, Palicoes are definitely the way to go. In particular, we highly suggest the Trapper or the Bombardier for experienced players to maximize their trapping moves and bomb moves.

Palico Guide and Best Support Type

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