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Charge Blade Gameplay and New Moves

This is a guide and gameplay preview of the Charge Blade weapon in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Learn about the new changes and moves available for the Charge Blade, with details on its new Silkbind Attacks.

How Good is the Charge Blade?

High Damage and Versatility Once Mastered

Rank A Rank Icon

The Charge Blade offers high damage due to phials and high defense because of the shielded sword mode. That is why mastering this weapon is the only way to utilize its maximum capacity. Once you mastered using the Charge blade, you have an A Rank weapon in your hands.

Charge Blade Strengths

Charge Blade Strengths

Check IconThe elemental discharge move is very powerful.

Check IconCan be easily switched between Sword and Axe modes.

Check IconHas inherent guard between attacks

Check IconCan stun monsters by using Impact Phials

Elemental Discharges Are Very Powerful

Charge Blade's power is all on the elemental discharge. The phials can also vary between an Impact or Element Phial each with different uses. The Charge Blade is very flexible!

Easy Switch Between Sword and Axe

In Sword Mode, the hunter has good mobility and can guard with a shield. In Axe Mode, the hunter has poor mobility but greater damage. Charge Blade users can easily switch between the two!

Guard Points Between Attacks

Charge Blades have guard frames called Guard Point. When a monster hits your guard point, you can immediately execute an Elemental Discharge!

Can Stun Using Impact Phials

Using Charge Blades with Impact Phials is a good way to stun monsters - considering that you are hitting them on the head.

Charge Blade Weaknesses

Charge Blade Weaknesses

Check IconA very complicated weapon

Check IconVery long attack animations

Most Complicated Weapon in the Game

This weapon is the most complicated weapon in the game. There are a lot of technicalities to this weapon so it is not beginner-friendly. A deep understanding of the underlying mechanics is required!

Long Attack Animations

Charge Blades have very long attack animations that are sometimes difficult to time. For example, Elemental Bursts have a long wind-up animation before hitting the monster!

Charge Blade Controls

Sword Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Weak Slash
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Forward Slash
(during a combo)
Left Analog.png + Buttons A.png
Fade Slash
Button zR.png + Buttons X.png
Morph Slash
Button zR.png + Buttons A.png
Button zR.png Guard
(Hold)Buttons A.png Charged Double Slash
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Morphing Advance
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Counter Peak Performance

Axe Controls

Button Action
Buttons X.png Rising Slash
Buttons A.png Element Discharge
Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Amped Element Discharge
Button zR.png Morphed Slash

Sword Useful Combos

Basic Combo

Forward Slash to Return Stroke to end with Spinning Slash

Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons X.png

Elemental Roundslash (Power Mode requires more than 1 phial)

Charged Double Slash to Shield Thrust to Amped Element Discharge to end with Element Boost Spinning Slash

(Hold)Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png to Button zR.png

Sword Mode-boosting Combo (during elemental boost only)

Charged Double Slash While CHarging to Condensed Element Slash

(Hold)Buttons A.png to Button zR.png+Buttons A.png to (Hold)Buttons A.png

Axe Useful Combos

Combo into Amped Element Discharge

Dash Slam to Element Discharge II end to Amped Element Discharge

Button L.png+Buttons X.png to Buttons A.png to Buttons A.png

Combos from Axe Mode into Element Discharge

Rising Slash to Element Discharge II

Buttons X.png to Buttons A.png to Buttons X.png to Buttons A.png

Weak Slash

Input Buttons X.png
Basic Combos Slash up by pressing X again
Hold with A for a Charged attack
Hold with ZR to switch to Axe mode

Charged Double Slash

Input (Hold)Buttons A.png
Basic Combos Press X after to do a spin attack
Press ZR after to switch to Axe Mode

Forward Slash

Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Basic Combos Slash up by pressing X again
Hold with A for a Charged attack
Hold with ZR to switch to Axe mode

Morph Slash

Button zR.png+Buttons X.png
Basic Combos Press X after transformation to do a upward slash attack
Press A after transformation to do a Elemental Burst
Press X + A after transformation to do a enhanced elemental charge into an elemental burst and amped up slash

Axe Rising Slash

Input Buttons X.png
Basic Combos Press X to slash up
Press A after to do an Elemental Discharge
Press ZR to go into Sword Mode

Axe Elemental Discharge

Input Buttons A.png
Basic Combos Press X to do an upwards slash
Press A again for an Elemental Discharge
Press X +A After for an Elemental Burst

Axe Morphed Slash

Buttons X.png + Buttons A.png
Basic Combos Press X to Slash Up after transforming
Hold A after transformation for a Charged Double Slash
Press X + A to do a Shield Thrust

Charge Blade New Moves

Official Charge Blade Preview Video

Morphing Advance

Morphing Advance

Morphing Advance is a silkbind attack where the hunter will dash in the input direction while morphing into Axe Mode.

Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png

Counter Peak Performance

Counter Peak Performance

This silkbind attack holds your hunter to the ground with threads. When hit by an attack, the charge blade phials will be fully charged and can be chained to a Super Elemental Discharge!

Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png

Charge Blade Returning Moves

Element Discharge

Input Sword
Buttons X.png->Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png ->Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png
Input Axe
Buttons X.png+Buttons A.png

Morph Moves

Sword to Axe

Button zR.png + Buttons X.png

While in Sword State, make sure to charge your Phials to unleash devastating Elemental Discharges against enemies.

Axe to Sword

Input Button zR.png

Your Axe form is your battle mode but you are extremely vulnerable. Unleash all your damage then quickly morph back to shield form to gain mobility and guarding capabilities.

Guard Points

Timings Sword Mode
  • At the start of Morph (Button zR.png + Buttons X.png)

Axe Mode
  • End of Morph Slash (Button zR.png)

These are guard points that were confirmed in the Demo.

Guard points refer to a counter point where if a monster uses an attack at you during this period, you can connect a high damaging attack using X +A

How to Use the Charge Blade

Counterattack using Counter Peak Performance

Use Counter Peak Performance

The addition of the Counter Peak Performance gives the Charge Blade counterattack capabilities (besides the Guard Points). Use this silkbind attack when able because it can be chained into an Elemental Burst!

Charge Phials in Sword Mode, Discharge in Axe Mode

Discharge Using Axe

Phials make Charge Blades a force to be reckoned with. Always take time to collect phials during sword mode and discharging them using Axe mode. This is the basic gameplay loop for the Charge Blade!

Transfer the Charge from the Blade to the Shield for Bonuses

Transfer from Sword to Shield

When phials are fully charged, take time to transfer the charges from the sword to the shield. When your shield is charged, it gives you increased attack power and guarding!

Also when your shield is charged, you gain access to the Super Amped Elemental Discharge which dishes out tons of damage!

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