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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Lazurite Jewel Banner

This is a farming guide for Lazurite Jewel, an item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check here for all Lazurite Jewel locations and drop sources, as well as Lazurite Jewel uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Lazurite Jewel - Basic Information

Name Lazurite Jewel ImageLazurite Jewel
Description An indispensable item used in decorations. This one doesn't come along often.
Rarity 6 Type Other Materials
Sell Price 880 Hold Limit 99

Lazurite Jewel - How to Farm

Obtained from Quests from HR8 and Up

Lazurite Jewels can be obtained as a Quest Reward from quests that become available at HR8. Take note that its appearance is incredibly random, so the amount you can get can range from 0 to 3 from one quest.

Apex Hunts Have a High Drop Rate

MH Rise - The Fearsome Apex Rathalos

Compared to standard Quests, non-Rampage Apex Monster Hunts appear to have a much higher rate for obtaining Lazurite Jewels. They can be obtained as either Quest Rewards or Additional Rewards, and as many as 8 Lazurite Jewels in one Quest have been confirmed.

In general, non-Rampage Apex Hunts tend to drop an average of 3 Lazurite Jewels, compared to around 1 Lazurite Jewel obtained in standard Quests.

Quest Name Monster/Unlock
The Avaricious Apex Arzuros
Unlock Conditions:
Reach HR 8 after hunting Apex Arzuros in a Rampage Quest
The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune
Unlock Conditions:
Complete Apex Mizutsune Rampage Quest and Reach HR 45
The Graceful Apex Rathian
Unlock Conditions:
Complete Apex Rathian Rampage Quest and Reach HR 41
The Voltaic Apex Zinogre
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Zinogre Rampage Quest, Reach HR 100 and Finish the Urgent Quest "The Crimson Glow"
The Devastating Apex Diablos
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Diablos Rampage Quest, Reach HR 100 and Finish the Urgent Quest "The Crimson Glow"
The Fearsome Apex Rathalos
Unlock Conditions:
Complete an Apex Rathalos Rampage Quest and Reach HR 90

Use Good Luck for Increased Drop Chance

MH Rise - Fate Jewel 3Fate Jewel 3

If your build has room, or if you've got a servicable Talisman, completing Apex Hunts with Good Luck equiped can yield even more Lazurite jewels if you're lucky!

Do Event Quests for Extra Loot!

MH Rise - How to Farm More Lazurite Jewels

If you are looking to farm Lazurite Jewels, we also suggest doing some High Rank Event Quests while you're at it! Event Quests reward you with additional content like stickers, gestures, and layered armor - definitely something worth considering.

Event Quests List: Schedule and Roadmap

Lazurite Jewel Quests

Location Summary
Received as a Quest Reward.

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Qty (#)
Village Quest ★6 Advanced: The Veterans' Gala -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 2 -
Hub Quest ★7 The Avaricious Apex Arzuros -
Hub Quest ★7 A Blaze Among Beasts -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 Ancient Illusion -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Steely Storm -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Emperor of Flame -
Hub Quest ★7 The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune -
Hub Quest ★7 The Graceful Apex Rathian -
Event Quest ★7 Haste Makes Waste -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Crimson Glow -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: The Fallen Comet -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Scaredy-Cat -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Of Storm and Fire -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Monsters in Ink -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Dual Calamities -
Hub Quest ★7 The Voltaic Apex Zinogre -
Hub Quest ★7 The Devastating Apex Diablos -
Hub Quest ★7 The Evil Star from Beyond -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 5 -
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 4 -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Proof of Power -
Urgent Hub Quest ★7 The Allmother -
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Those Crowned Apex -
Event Quest ★7 Almudron: Fashion Victim -
Event Quest ★7 Fooled in the Flooded Forest -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of a Hero -
Event Quest ★7 An Icy Blade So Bright -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of Rivalry -
Event Quest ★7 Tempest in the Desert -
Event Quest ★7 SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam -
Event Quest ★7 White Desert Blossom -
Event Quest ★7 Scorching Showdown -
Event Quest ★7 Boomy Dango -
Event Quest ★7 Trouble in Paradise -
Event Quest ★7 Diablos Deception -
Event Quest ★7 Gales of Ibushi Blow Again -
Event Quest ★7 Clouds of Narwa Rumble Again -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Arzuros Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Rathian Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Super Shady Look-alike -
Event Quest ★7 Rajang's Holiday Special -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of an Apex -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Mizutsune Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Rathalos Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Blazin' Soul of a Warrior -
Event Quest ★7 Advanced: Born of Paradise -
Event Quest ★7 USJ - Shrine Showdown! -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Diablos Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Advanced: Crimson Calamity -
Event Quest ★7 Princesses' Banquet -
Event Quest ★7 Apex Zinogre Emergency -
Event Quest ★7 Heart of Might -
Hub Quest M★1 It Could be Worse...
Hub Quest M★1 The Red Rolling Terror ★½
Hub Quest M★1 Barroth to a Great Start
Hub Quest M★1 [REDACTED] ½
Hub Quest M★1 BRRRR Plus ZZZzzz Equals? ★★★
Hub Quest M★1 A Sinking Feeling ½
Hub Quest M★1 Need a Hunter, ASAP! ½
Hub Quest M★1 You Had Me at Poofy
Hub Quest M★1 Catnap Ruined ★½
Urgent Hub Quest M★1 Uninvited Guest
Urgent Hub Quest M★1 Tetranadon Blockade ★½
Hub Quest M★1 Buggin' Out ½
Hub Quest M★1 Reap What You Saw
Hub Quest M★1 The Good, the Bad, and Lagombi ★½
Hub Quest M★1 The Jungle Guidebook ★★★
Hub Quest M★1 Supply Line Shell Game ½
Event Quest M★1 Rookie Hunters Welcome! (x1-2)
Event Quest M★1 Harvest Boon -
Hub Quest M★2 Rumble in the Jungle
Hub Quest M★2 Pent-Up Frustrations
Hub Quest M★2 Messed Up Situation
Hub Quest M★2 Shrine Ruined
Hub Quest M★2 Now That's What I Call Great! ★★★
Hub Quest M★2 The Queen's Garden
Hub Quest M★2 The Alabaster Devourer
Hub Quest M★2 Somnacanth Sleep Aid
Hub Quest M★2 Poison Drops in the Sand
Hub Quest M★2 Bird Wyvern Jamboree
Urgent Hub Quest M★2 Provoking an Anjanath's Wrath
Hub Quest M★2 Plant Probe Pests
Hub Quest M★2 The Assault of the Scarlet Tengu ★½
Urgent Hub Quest M★2 Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins ★½
Hub Quest M★2 Sour Grapes ★½
Hub Quest M★2 A Fond Fur-Well ★½
Hub Quest M★2 In Pursuit of the Khezuit
Hub Quest M★2 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Pt. 2
Hub Quest M★2 A Shocking, Sloppy Synthesis
Hub Quest M★2 Skulking Among the Sand ★½
Hub Quest M★2 Pinecone Pelting Panic ★½
Hub Quest M★2 A Dangerous Dare ★½
Follower Quest M★2 An Audience With the Queen
Follower Quest M★2 Fruit Vs. Firearms ★½
Support Survey M★2 Operation Rathian
Support Survey M★2 Operation Bishaten ★½
Support Survey M★2 Operation Tobi-Kadachi
Support Survey M★2 Operation Khezu
Support Survey M★2 Operation Blood Orange Bishaten ★½
Support Survey M★2 Operation Anjanath
Follower Quest M★2 Flicker in the Night
Event Quest M★2 A Grand Gesture -
Event Quest M★2 A Fire to Jyuratodouse (x1-2)
Hub Quest M★3 Shadow in the Jungle
Hub Quest M★3 A Sandy Spider Nest ½
Hub Quest M★3 Purging Hatred
Hub Quest M★3 Rock, Paper, Pincers ★½
Hub Quest M★3 Trial of the Almudron
Hub Quest M★3 My Ceanataur Gently Weeps
Hub Quest M★3 White Knight on Ice
Hub Quest M★3 Oh, My Garsh Harag ★½
Hub Quest M★3 Nocturnal Nuisances
Hub Quest M★3 Garangolm Gone Mad ★½
Urgent Hub Quest M★3 A Rocky Rampage ★½
Urgent Hub Quest M★3 Keep it Busy
Hub Quest M★3 Pollution Problems
Hub Quest M★3 The Hot and Cold Treatment ★½
Hub Quest M★3 A Keen-Eyed Observation
Hub Quest M★3 Shady Activity
Hub Quest M★3 Stitching a Wintry Wardrobe
Hub Quest M★3 The Mother of All Medicines!? ★½
Hub Quest M★3 Desert Lost and Found
Hub Quest M★3 Studying Starvation Effects
Hub Quest M★3 Tempering the Fierce
Support Survey M★3 Operation Barioth
Support Survey M★3 Operation Almudron
Support Survey M★3 Operation Garangolm ★½
Support Survey M★3 Operation Nargacuga
Support Survey M★3 Operation Aurora Somnacanth
Support Survey M★3 Operation Magnamalo
Support Survey M★3 Operation Double Basarios
Support Survey M★3 Operation Shogun Ceanataur
Support Survey M★3 Operation Swampy Suspects
Support Survey M★3 Operation Hot Pursuit
Follower Quest M★3 White Knight Vs. New Knight
Follower Quest M★3 A Muddy Revival
Follower Quest M★3 A Tough Lesson ★½
Follower Quest M★3 Into the Jungle Deep
Follower Quest M★3 Passion Melts Ice
Follower Quest M★3 Enshrined Resentment
Follower Quest M★3 Basarios Buzzkill
Event Quest M★3 Another Grand Gesture (x1-3)
Hub Quest M★4 Dark Wings, Dark Work
Hub Quest M★4 Absolute Power
Hub Quest M★4 Sacrilegious Thunder Wolf
Hub Quest M★4 A Thousand Scales of Dread
Hub Quest M★4 Hot Mud in Your Eye
Hub Quest M★4 White Knight, Armored Warrior
Hub Quest M★4 A Mizutsune's Appeal
Hub Quest M★4 Dust Devil Despot
Hub Quest M★4 King of the Crumbling Castle
Hub Quest M★4 Pincers Versus Pyro ★½
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 Ice Wolf, Red Moon
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 In Search of the Doctor
Urgent Hub Quest M★4 A Slumbering Jungle Espinas
Hub Quest M★4 Howling Moon
Hub Quest M★4 Twin Sparks in the Dark
Hub Quest M★4 Monju Mashup!
Hub Quest M★4 Jade Membrane, Sapphire Claws ★½
Hub Quest M★4 Give a Girl Some Fluff!
Hub Quest M★4 A Request From Your Superior
Hub Quest M★4 Troublemaking Trio Pt. 2
Hub Quest M★4 Impassioned Cavern Crawl ★½
Hub Quest M★4 Wicked Wyvern Trilogy
Hub Quest M★4 Buddy Rescue Operation ★½
Hub Quest M★4 Unavoidable Cold
Hub Quest M★4 An Electrifying Grace
Support Survey M★4 Operation Mizutsune
Support Survey M★4 Operation Rathalos
Support Survey M★4 Operation Seregios
Support Survey M★4 Operation Zinogre
Support Survey M★4 Operation Astalos
Support Survey M★4 Operation Espinas
Support Survey M★4 Operation Gore Magala
Support Survey M★4 Operation Lunagaron
Support Survey M★4 Operation Tigrex
Support Survey M★4 Flooded Forest Probe
Support Survey M★4 Operation Purple Fire
Support Survey M★4 Operation Sandy Situation ★½
Follower Quest M★4 Cherry Blossoms in Battle
Follower Quest M★4 Not Your Average Picnic
Follower Quest M★4 Dust off Those Hunting Boots
Follower Quest M★4 An Ace Idea!
Follower Quest M★4 Rumbling Tummy, Rumbling Thunder
Follower Quest M★4 Moonlit Espinascapade
Follower Quest M★4 Unknown Invader
Follower Quest M★4 Breaking the Ice
Follower Quest M★4 Destructive Instructor
Follower Quest M★4 Flooded Forest Feast
Event Quest M★4 Flash of Inspiration -
Event Quest M★4 Noisy Neighbors (x1-6)
Event Quest M★4 Forbidden Waltz (x2)
Event Quest M★4 Purr-ivate Eye (x2)
Event Quest M★4 Beaten to the Punch (x2)
Event Quest M★4 Hell's Jingle Bells (x2)
Event Quest M★4 Running Out of Ideas (x1-2)
Event Quest M★4 Freezing Fangs -
Event Quest M★4 Wild Growth -
Event Quest M★6 Advanced: Carnival Carnage (x2)

Item drop quantity marked as ''-'' have unknown / unconfirmed quantities.

Purchased from Bahari's Anomaly Research Lab

Item Investigation Coin
Lazurite Jewel Lazurite Jewel
15 Investigation Coins

Talk to Bahari at the Elgado Outpost to get this item in exchange for 15 Investigation Coins.

If you need more Investigation Coins, complete Bahari's Research Requests!

Anomaly Research Lab Guide

Lazurite Jewel - How to Use

Craft High-Level Decorations

MH Rise - Crafting Decorations with Lazurite Jewel

Upon reaching HR8, you get a bunch of new decorations that you can craft at the Smithy. They require a lot of Lazurite Jewels, so make sure you have enough!

Effect Summary
Used to craft decorations.

Used to Craft Decorations

MH Rise - Blast Jewel 2Blast Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Fate Jewel 3Fate Jewel 3 (×8)
MH Rise - Handicraft Jewel 3Handicraft Jewel 3 (×8) MH Rise - Mastery Jewel 2Mastery Jewel 2 (×8)
MH Rise - Spread Jewel 3Spread Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Anti-Aerial Jewel 2Anti-Aerial Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Anti-Aquatic Jewel 2Anti-Aquatic Jewel 2 (×2) MH Rise - Anti-Wyvern Jewel 2Anti-Wyvern Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Arc Jewel 2Arc Jewel 2 (×2) MH Rise - Blaze Jewel+ 2Blaze Jewel+ 2 (×6)
MH Rise - Bolt Jewel+ 2Bolt Jewel+ 2 (×6) MH Rise - Brutal Jewel 2Brutal Jewel 2 (×2)
MH Rise - Challenger Jewel 2Challenger Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Charger Jewel+ 4Charger Jewel+ 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Crisis Jewel 2Crisis Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Critical Jewel 2Critical Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - Defense Edge Jewel 1Defense Edge Jewel 1 (×1) MH Rise - Defense Jewel+ 2Defense Jewel+ 2 (×6)
MH Rise - Dragon Jewel+ 2Dragon Jewel+ 2 (×6) MH Rise - Evasion Jewel+ 4Evasion Jewel+ 4 (×8)
MH Rise - Fanged Exploit Jewel 2Fanged Exploit Jewel 2 (×2) MH Rise - Fireblight Jewel 1Fireblight Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Flawless Jewel 2Flawless Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Forceshot Jewel 3Forceshot Jewel 3 (×5)
MH Rise - Frost Jewel+ 2Frost Jewel+ 2 (×6) MH Rise - Furor Jewel 2Furor Jewel 2 (×4)
MH Rise - Gambit Jewel+ 4Gambit Jewel+ 4 (×8) MH Rise - Gobbler Jewel+ 4Gobbler Jewel+ 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Bomber Jewel 4Hard Bomber Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Botany Jewel 4Hard Botany Jewel 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Dragon Res Jewel 4Hard Dragon Res Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Enduring Jewel 4Hard Enduring Jewel 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Fire Res Jewel 4Hard Fire Res Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Friendship Jewel 3Hard Friendship Jewel 3 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Geology Jewel 4Hard Geology Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Hungerless Jewel 4Hard Hungerless Jewel 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Ice Res Jewel 4Hard Ice Res Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Recovery Jewel 4Hard Recovery Jewel 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hard Satiated Jewel 4Hard Satiated Jewel 4 (×8) MH Rise - Hard Steadfast Jewel 4Hard Steadfast Jewel 4 (×8)
MH Rise - Hard Thunder Res Jewel 4Hard Thunder Res Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Wall Run Jewel 4Hard Wall Run Jewel 4 (×8)
MH Rise - Hard Water Res Jewel 4Hard Water Res Jewel 4 (×6) MH Rise - Hard Wind Res Jewel 4Hard Wind Res Jewel 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Hellfire Jewel 3Hellfire Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Iceblight Jewel 1Iceblight Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Ironwall Jewel+ 3Ironwall Jewel+ 3 (×8) MH Rise - Jumping Jewel+ 4Jumping Jewel+ 4 (×8)
MH Rise - Leap Jewel 3Leap Jewel 3 (×5) MH Rise - Medicine Jewel+ 4Medicine Jewel+ 4 (×6)
MH Rise - Paralyzer Jewel 2Paralyzer Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Pierce Jewel 3Pierce Jewel 3 (×5)
MH Rise - Protection Jewel+ 4Protection Jewel+ 4 (×6) MH Rise - Rally Jewel 1Rally Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Razor Jewel 2Razor Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Salvo Jewel 3Salvo Jewel 3 (×5)
MH Rise - Sharp Jewel 2Sharp Jewel 2 (×4) MH Rise - Shield Jewel+ 4Shield Jewel+ 4 (×8)
MH Rise - Sleep Jewel 2Sleep Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Small Monster Jewel 1Small Monster Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Sniper Jewel+ 4Sniper Jewel+ 4 (×8) MH Rise - Spiribird Jewel 1Spiribird Jewel 1 (×1)
MH Rise - Stream Jewel+ 2Stream Jewel+ 2 (×6) MH Rise - Tenderizer Jewel 2Tenderizer Jewel 2 (×5)
MH Rise - Thrift Jewel 2Thrift Jewel 2 (×5) MH Rise - Throttle Jewel 2Throttle Jewel 2 (×4)
MH Rise - Thunderblight Jewel 1Thunderblight Jewel 1 (×1) MH Rise - Waterblight Jewel 1Waterblight Jewel 1 (×1)

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

Decoration List: How to Unlock Decorations

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List of Items and Materials

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