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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Make Monsters Sleep

This is a guide to inflicting Sleep on Large Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to know how to make Large Monsters sleep, how to inflict sleep ailment, and other methods to inflict sleep to enemies!

How to Make Large Monsters Sleep

Methods for Applying Sleep to Monsters

Use Sleep Weapons

MH Rise - Somnacanth Frilled Claw I Dual Blades

Equipping weapons with sleep status ailments is the most straightforward way to inflict sleep against large monsters. Just keep hitting them until the sleep ailment affects them! Sleep Ammo is also a good choice as all shots are guaranteed to cause buildup.

There's a hidden stat that slowly fills up every time you hit a monster with a sleep weapon. Once this stat goes past a threshold, the target monster will fall asleep.

Dual Blades, Bows, and Sword and Shields are particularly effective weapons for inflicting ailments against monsters!

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Wake-Up Hit Deals Double Damage

The first hit that wakes a sleeping monster will do twice the damage. Make sure to take advantage of this by letting waking them up with powerful single-hit moves from the Great Sword or Hammer!

Equip Your Buddies with Sleep Weapons

MH Rise - Buddy Sleep Weapons

Sleep weapon are not just available for hunters. Buddies can use sleep weapons, too!

It may be good to have some of your buddies equipped with weapons using the sleep status ailment so that you can increase the chances of putting them to sleep.

Have your buddies equip some sleep weapons and see the magic happen!

List of Buddy Equipment

Use a Sleeptoad

Place a Sleeptoad on the ground to make it release a mist that will put anything near it to sleep. This is great if you need to create an opening in a pinch as it usually works instantly. Beware of nearby hunters though, as this can make them drowsy too!

Sleeptoad Locations and How to Use

Make the Monster Reach Critical HP

MH Rise - Sleeping Great Baggi

Enemies that take enough damage will try to rest. This is usually signalled with the a blue icon on the monster on the map or when your Palico mentions that it is ripe for capture.

Most monsters that are on critical HP will look for a safe place to rest. While resting, their HP quickly recovers so it is necessary to track the monster as soon as you can to finish the hunt or capture it for better loot!

How to Capture Monsters and Benefits

Use a Monster's Sleep-based Mounted Punisher

MH Rise - Riding a Great Baggi

Some monsters such as the Great Baggi and Somnacanth can apply sleep in their finishing move when Mounted Punisher is executed.

Their breath attacks can inflict sleep, so consider bringing Bombs when they around to set up against sleeping monsters!

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Use Drugged Meat

MH Rise - Drugged Meat

Drugged Meat is an item that you can leave on the ground during hunts. Monsters that eat the meat will fall asleep but they will only do so when fatigued and unalarmed.

The effort and conditions required to use Drugged Meat make it difficult to use so it is not a popular strategy for hunting.

Drugged Meat Location: How to Get and Uses

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