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This is Game8's Multiplayer Board for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Use this forum in requesting help for beating difficult Monsters, and for farming Monsters to get Materials! Send your SOS Flares here!

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6 Anonymous11 monthsReport

Foat island need self climbing up or with Wolf mount only flying bug is seal while climb foat island/tower,the Utr.Ins.Porunga masive aoe attack will get player flyi out of foat island/tower then need to faster climb back tu upper stair to attack again^^Foat island/tower have a few/more stair setup jist suggest^^

5 Anonymous11 monthsReport

After poruga get beat the ball shatter into piece to use as (after sometime pass the ball regen back need steal again from dragon nest to bring home in order to challenge Poruga Again)or grant wish as exchange/upgrader/unlock special item/equiment/skill , piece by piece collect it after beat unlock trance able in mid battle weapon Critical buff with Red thunder effect,mega evade equiment have cooldown timer,hp regen,addition bonus skill in armor,

4 Anonymous11 monthsReport

dragon Ball Z Collab,collect and steal all 7 dragon ball as ratharos or any other dragon is think as egg,after stealing the ball can use as exchange rare item/equidment or face and challange the Final Sky tower/sky island Last boss ultra instint^^ evo Poruga(Super Ultra Strongest^^Have ultra long health with Self Healing regen ability&BigBangKamehameha&dimention rapid ball &ultra giant SpritBomb from goku etc..),after beat poruga,the ball break 1 time per use as unlock/upgrader final equiment

3 Anonymous11 monthsReport

many giant uparupa live in sky tower/skyisland,big pgmy also have,breath of fire collab

2 Anonymous11 monthsReport

UltimateAncient SkyTower or tounement Colosium SkyTower,challenge the Ultimate ultra strongest DivineProtectorMonster with Rare Gear & Final upgrade weapon+Armor+special art+skill both player and cat+dog

1 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

Bonus skill or reward when multiplayer,some rare item droprate high abit when multiplayer

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