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Switch Skill Swap is a new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (MHR:SB) that allows hunters to switch between two different Switch Skill loadouts on the fly! Read on to learn more about how to perform it!

How to Switch Skill Swap

Swap Moves During Hunts

MH Rise Sunbreak - Switch Skill Swap

Controls (Blademaster) Switch
Buttons ZLButtons X + Buttons A
zLX + A
Middle ClickLeft Click + Right Click
Middle ClickLeft Click + Right Click
Controls (Gunner)
Button RButtons X + Buttons A
RX + A
Shift ButtonM4 Click + M5 Click
ShiftM4 + M5

Switch Skill Swap can be performed by holding down the button that is normally used to select Silkbind Attacks (zL for melee or R for ranged) and then pressing X + A together. This does not use a Wirebug or consume Stamina so you are free to switch around movesets as needed, and there is no limit on how many times you can Switch Skill Swap.

Switch Skill Swap Scrolls

MH Rise Sunbreak - Switch Swap Scroll Equipped
Skills Swap Scrolls are the Switch Skill and Silkbind Attack loadouts you'll be using while hunting. Each hunter can prepare two movesets, represented by the Red and Blue Swap Scrolls. The currently equipped Swap Scroll can be seen while choosing between your Silkbind Attacks or Switch Skill Swap. Use Switch Skill Swap to quickly switch between them!

Five Switch Skill Slots in Each Scroll

The Demo and preview contents have shown that there will be two new additional Switch Skill slots for a total of 5 slots per weapon. Each of these 5 Switch Skill slots can be set individually within the Red Swap Scroll and Blue Swap Scroll.

How to Swap Evade

MH Rise Sunbreak - Swap Evade

In addition to swapping Switch Skills, hunters can also evade immediately after using a Switch Skill Swap! This allows them to reposition before continuing the hunt with their other moveset! Swap Evade consumes Stamina like a normal dodge, but has a large invulnerability window to give hunters room to Switch Skill Swap even in the heat of battle.

Controls SwitchButtons B.pngB after Switch Skill Swap
PCSpace ButtonSpace after Switch Skill Swap

How to Change Switch Skill Loadouts

Change From Any Item Box or Tent

You can change which Switch Skills are registered to the Red Scroll and Blue Scroll at any time by visiting any Item Box or going to your Tent.

Step Description
1 Go to any Item Box or your Tent
2 Select Manage Switch Skills > Change Switch Skill
3 Select Red Swap Scroll or Blue Swap Scroll and change the skills freely to determine which skills will be available in each Scroll.

How to Register Switch Skill Loadouts

Register From Any Item Box or Tent

If you've got a setup on your Red Scroll or Blue Scroll which you want to save for later, you can register it to a slot in the Switch Skill Loadouts screen.

Step Description
1 Go to any Item Box or your Tent
2 Select Manage Switch Skills > Switch Skill Loadouts
3 Register your current Switch Skill loadout in Red Swap Scroll or Blue Swap Scroll to an available loadout space. This will allow you to revert to this loadout at any time.

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