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Meowcenaries Guide

This is a guide about the Meowcenaries in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know how how Meowcenaries work, armors and special rare items unique to node sparkles in Meowcenaries as well as the Meowcenary Rampage destination, read on!

Meowcenaries Location

Meowcenaries Deploy.png

The Meowcenaries are found in the Buddy Plaza together with their leader, Chief Kogarashi. He is responsible for organizing and sending buddies to investigate lands for materials and loot!

Buddy Plaza Guide

Meowcenaries Material Drops

Rare Items Unique to Meowcenaries

Some rare items can only be obtained from dispatching Meowcenaries to Locales. Various nodes can be found ranging from Small Monsters to Large monsters and different gathering nodes!

Some armor sets can only be crafted by specific materials found by the Meowcenaries. Gathering these early on would be beneficial if you want to craft armor or weapons with ease. The materials gathered differ from Low Rank and High Rank. To get these quite easily, always keep an eye out for sparkling nodes in each destination!

Meowcenaries Special Items and Armors

Low Rank
Mountshrooms.pngMountshrooms Locale Shrine Ruins
Unlocks Chaos Armor Set
Stargazer Flower.pngStargazer Flower Locale Frost Islands
Unlocks Edel Armor Set
Sinister Cloth.pngSinister Cloth Locale Sandy Plains
Unlocks Death Stench Armor Set
Bumblepumpkin.pngBumblepumpkin Locale Flooded Forest
Unlocks Mosgharl Armor Set
Cutejelly.pngCutejelly Locale Lava Caverns
Unlocks Jelly Armor Set
High Rank
Shadeshrooms.pngShadeshrooms Locale Shrine Ruins
Unlocks Chaos S Armor Set
Stargazer Bloom.pngStargazer Bloom Locale Frost Islands
Unlocks Edel S Armor Set
Sinister Darkcloth.pngSinister Darkcloth Locale Sandy Plains
Unlocks Death Stench S Armor Set
Omegapumpkin.pngOmegapumpkin Locale Flooded Forest
Unlocks Mosgharl S Armor Set
Gothjelly.pngGothjelly Locale Lava Caverns
Unlocks Jelly S Armor Set

How to Use the Meowcenaries

Steps in Sending Out Meowcenaries

1 Talk to Chief Kogarashi at the Buddy Plaza.
2 Select the Destination to investigate. Each location has different routes with unique monsters and materials so choose accordingly.
3 Choose the Buddies you want to send out and pay the required fee in Kamura Points.
4 Go back to Chief Kogarashi after 5 quests to receive the rewards from all nodes.

Talk to Chief Kogarashi

To access the Meowcenaries, talk to Chief Kogarashi in the Buddy Plaza. He is found to the left of the Buddy Scout Facility next to a torii gate. Once there, you have options to manage your Meowcenaries or Receive Items (if any, from successful investigations).

List of Characters and Voice Actors

Access Meowcenaries from the Gathering Hub

Hub prep area.png

The Housekeeper inside the Gathering Hub's Preparation Area also allows you to access your Meowcenaries without going to the Buddy Plaza. This allows you to make quick arrangements before going on a hub quest!

Gathering Hub Guide

Choose the Destination and Route

If you choose to manage your Meowcenaries, you will be shown a screen that lets you choose which destination to send your Meowcenaries to. Some materials or monsters only appear in certain locations so take this in mind!

Afterward, you will be prompted to choose a route for your Meowcenaries to follow. Each route has specific monsters or materials that may be received when your Meowcenaries come back. For example, if the route has an Arzuros, then there is a higher chance of getting Arzuros materials when they return. The monsters and materials that appear on each route are completely random.

Rampages Also Appear as a Meowcenary Destination

Rampages may also appear randomly as a destination for your Meowcenaries. The routes here are monster-only and have no gathering nodes of any kind. Use this node if you want to passively farm monster materials! These unlock when you reach High Rank!

How to Unlock High Rank

Destination Points Cost

Each destination also cost differently from each other! Here are the breakdowns for the Kamura Point cost for each locale:

Destination Low Rank High Rank
Shrine Ruins 50 pts 350 pts
Frost Islands 50 pts 350 pts
Sandy Plains 100 pts 400 pts
Flooded Forest 100 pts 400 pts
Lava Caverns 150 pts 450 pts
Rampages --- 550 pts

Choose which Buddies to Send Out

When you have chosen the route, you are then given the task to choose the buddies you are going to send! You can send a maximum of 4 Buddies which could be a combination of Palamutes or Palicos!

Best Buddies to Bring: Palico vs. Palamute

Expected Outcome

Also, you can see that there is an expected outcome meter above the squad summary - this indicates the number of rewards your Buddies will return after the investigation. Don't worry, Meowcenaries don't fail - the Expected Outcome only increases the number of materials acquired.

A Level 35+ Buddy will fill up one paw meter so if you have a full team of four Level 35+ Buddies, you will get a success rate of 4 / 5. The remaining one paw meter is for when you want to use a Lagniapple for maximum rewards.

Only Send Out Buddies You Are Not Going to Use in Quests

The Buddy Scout Facility in the Buddy Plaza allows you to hire Palicos and/or Palamutes to be used in Meowcenary investigations. If you do not have available Buddies, be careful on accidentally sending the Buddies you intend to use on quests!

Talk to Chief Kogarashi Again To Get the Rewards

Chief Kogarashi will then send the Meowcenaries to their mission and after a while, they will return! To get make sure that the Meowcenaries finish their route, we suggest returning after 5 Quest Cycles!

A Prompt Will Also Tell You that Meowcenaries Have Returned

Meowcenaries Have Returned Prompt.png

Don't worry about missing the Meowcenaries - the game will prompt you if the Meowcenaries have finished and returned. When you see the prompt, go to Master Kogarashi or any Housekeeper to claim the rewards!

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