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Meowcenaries Guide

This is a guide about the Meowcenaries in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). If you want to know how Meowcenaries work as well as where to access Meowcenaries, read on!

*Information about the Meowcenaries is as recent as the demo. When more updated news comes up, we will update this article immediately!

Meowcenaries Location

Meowcenaries Deploy.png

The Meowcenaries are found in the Buddy Plaza together with their leader, Chief Kogarashi. He is responsible for organizing and sending buddies to investigate lands for materials and loot!

Buddy Plaza Guide

How to Use the Meowcenaries

Steps in Sending Out Meowcenaries

1 Talk to Chief Kogarashi at the Buddy Plaza.
2 Select the Location to investigate. Each location has different routes with unique monsters and materials so choose accordingly.
3 Choose the Buddies you want to send out and pay the required fee in Points.
4 Go back to Chief Kogarashi after to check on the status of your Meowcenaries as well as receive items from successful investigations (if any).

Talk to Chief Kogarashi

Chief Kogarashi MeowcenaryEnlarge

To access the Meowcenaries, talk to Chief Kogarashi in the Buddy Plaza. He is found to the left of the Buddy Scout Facility next to a torii gate. Once there, you have options to manage your Meowcenaries or Receive Items (if any, from successful investigations).

Access Meowcenaries from the Gathering Hub

The Housekeeper inside the Gathering Hub's Preparation Area also allows you to access your Meowcenaries without going to the Buddy Plaza. This allows you to make quick arrangements before going on a hub quest!

Gathering Hub Guide

Choose the Location and Route

Meowcenary Location and RouteEnlarge

If you choose to manage your Meowcenaries, you will be shown a screen that lets you choose which location to send your Meowcenaries to. There are materials or monsters that only appear in certain locations to take this in mind!

Afterward, you will be prompted to choose a route for your Meowcenaries to follow. Each route has specific monsters or materials that may be received when your Meowcenaries come back. For example, if the route has an Arzuros, then there is a higher chance of getting Arzuros materials when they return. If we were to reference the past games, the monsters and materials for each route are completely random.

Choose which Buddies to Send Out

Meowcenary Palico or PalamuteEnlarge

When you have chosen the route, you are then given the task to choose the buddies you are going to send! You can send a maximum of 4 Buddies which could be a combination of Palamutes or Palicos!

Only Send Out Buddies You Are Not Going to Use in Quests

Choose Your Meowcenary SquadEnlarge

The Buddy Scout Facility in the Buddy Plaza allows you to hire Palicos and/or Palamutes to be used in Meowcenary investigations. If you do not have available Buddies, be careful not to send the Buddies you intend to use on quests!

Also, you can see that there is an expected outcome meter above the squad summary - this indicates the strength of your team and the mission's odds for success. We recommend not ignoring your other non-quest buddies because they need to be stronger too!

Talk to Chief Kogarashi Again for Investigation Status

Check Meowcenary StatusEnlarge

Chief Kogarashi will then send the Meowcenaries to their mission and after a while, they will return! Talk to Chief Kogarashi again to check on the status of your deployed Meowcenaries or take the loot of those that have come back! We suggest checking in on him after every quest to see if your Buddies have finished their mission!

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