Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Game Length: How Long to Beat Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Game Length | How Long to Beat Monster Hunter Rise

This is a game length guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for the Nintendo Switch and PC. Check here to find out how long it takes to beat the base game's Village and Hub Quests along with the Sunbreak expansion's content, and how long to attain 100% game completion!

How Long to Beat Sunbreak

Sunbreak, Monster Hunter Rise's expansion, features tougher quests as you make your way to the story and delve into Master Rank.

Unlike the base game, Sunbreak does not have Village Quests, as progression takes place in Master Rank Hub Quests which can be done either solo or with a group.

Sunbreak Story

MH Rise Sunbreak - Hub Quests

Start of Sunbreak to Final Boss
Experienced Hunters 25-35 hours
Newer Hunters 35-45 hours

The majority of Sunbreak's story progression is done through completing Key Quests and clearing Urgent Quests to unlock the next set of quests. Completing every Key Quest is optional as you do not need to clear everything to advance further in the story, but Urgent Quests are a must.

Sunbreak has introduced the concept of changing Silkbind Attacks and Switch Skills mid hunt through Switch Skill Swap. If used effectively, this can speed up your hunts, and can cut the time it takes to slay monsters!

Sunbreak Walkthrough

Sunbreak Postgame

Final Boss to MR 10

MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Monsters

Sunbreak Final Boss to First Anomaly Quest
Experienced Hunters 1-3 hours
Newer Hunters 2-5 hours

Sunbreak's postgame starts once you defeat the final boss of the expansion. Once you have finished the story, you'll start gaining MR points and unlock loads of content at higher MR levels.

The first of these are Anomaly Quests and Investigations, which bring Afflicted Monsters into the spotlight, and can be taken once you reach MR 10. Getting to this point also allows you to craft Master Rank Layered Armor.

Additionally, content from Sunbreak's Title Updates will become available once you reach MR 10. Going from MR 6 to MR 10 is fairly fast, requiring only the Roar of the Black Eclipse event quest or a few runs of the final boss quest.

Sunbreak Endgame Guide

MR 10 to MR 160

MH Rise Sunbreak - MR 10 to 160

Anomaly Quest Unlock to MR 160 Monster Unlock
Experienced Hunters 30-40 hours
Newer Hunters 45-55 hours

As of Title Update 4, Sunbreak's latest unlockable can be encountered once you reach MR 160. This is a considerable jump in MR levels, but you will be able to hunt more Master Rank versions of the base game's late monsters and encounter new ones.

Taking on quests added with the Title Updates and doing Anomaly Investigations are a great way to speed up this climb as they give a lot of MR per quest clear!

How to Get to MR 160 Fast

Anomaly Research Level Cap

Monster Hunter Rise - Afflicted Gore Magala

Reaching Anomaly Research Level Cap
Experienced Hunters 60-100 hours
Newer Hunters 100-150 hours

Anomaly Investigations are Sunbreak's true endgame as these are the only way to get the afflicted materials necessary for powerful decorations and augments. As of Title Update 4, the Anomaly Investigation and Research Level Cap is 220, which takes a fair bit of grinding to reach.

Anomaly Research Level
How to Get Max Level Fast

Total Time to Finish Sunbreak

MH Rise Sunbreak - Total Time

Start of Sunbreak to Endgame Content
Experienced Hunters 200-250 hours
Newer Hunters 250-300 hours

All in all, it will take a long, long time to finish the entirety of Sunbreak. The expansion will have you face Master Rank versions of all previously-available monsters, as well as hunt new ones.

Worry not, as there are a plethora of new items, features, and mechanics to keep you occupied as you progress through Sunbreak!

How Long to Beat Base Game

Village Quests: MH Rise Story

MH Rise - Hinoa Village Quest Maiden

Training Quest to ★5 Urgent Quest
Experienced Hunters 10-15 hours
Newer Hunters 20-30 hours

The time it takes to complete Village Quests will largely depend on a player's skill and familiarity with the Monster Hunter series as it served as the introduction to the game. The story will also begin being built up here.

If you are new to the game, it is possible that you may spend more time retrying quests or farming materials to check out other weapons and try out different builds.

Base Game Story Walkthrough

Hub Quests: MH Rise End to Postgame

MH Rise - Minoto Hub Quest Maiden

Lv★1 Hub Quests to Base Game Final Boss
Experienced Hunters 55-65 hours
Newer Hunters 75-85 hours

Most of Monster Hunter RIse's challenging gameplay will take place in the Gathering Hub in the form of Hub Quests. The base game's other half of the story, told from Village Quests, also continues and ends here.

The time it takes to complete this can be cut considerably shorter if you take on Special License Quests, which lets you skip progressing through Low Rank Hub Quests.

Base Game Story Walkthrough

Total Time to Finish Base Game

MH Rise - Total Time

Village Quest to HR 100
Experienced Hunters 80-90 hours
Newer Hunters 100-120 hours

It takes nearly a hundred hours to complete the entirety of Monster Hunter Rise, starting from the Village Quests and up to the encounter with Crimson Glow Valstrax, the last monster to be added in the base game.

How Long to Achieve 100%

Base Game 100% Clear Estimated Time

MH Rise - 100 Percent Completion

Experienced Hunters 170-180 hours
Newer Hunters 240-260 hours

Completing all Village and Gathering Hub Quests, all Side and Subquests, and all Hunter's Notes categories are the true goal for dedicated hunters, but it is not a simple task to do.

It will take a lot of time to complete every quest available in the base game, along with acquiring all Awards!

Sunbreak 100% Clear Estimated Time

MH Rise Sunbreak - 100 Percent Completion

Experienced Hunters 350-400 hours
Newer Hunters 400-450 hours

Fully completing Sunbreak is not an easy feat to achieve! Clearing all quests can be relatively easy depending on your skills, but one tall order you may encounter is getting all the Awards and Badges available in the expansion.

Note that this estimate may still change, as there are still Title Updates coming to Sunbreak and we don't have a concrete grasp of how much content will still be added in the game.

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