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This is Game8's Tier List for Palamute gear. Find out which we think is best, and which we think is worst, and why we think that!

Palamute Gear Tier List

S Rank Icon Heal Blade Scroll, Diversion Scroll
A Rank Icon Throwarm Scroll, Heavy Strike Scroll, Guarding Parasol, Dual Bladed Chain
B Rank Icon Steel Fang, Stoutcore Fang, Large Shuriken
C Rank Icon Ghillie Scroll, Healing Scroll, Rocksteady Scroll

S Tier

Heal Blade Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Heal Blade.jpg
The Heal Blade Scroll has a chance to trigger a healing effect per attack.

The Heal Blade scroll takes one of the top spots because the Palamute attacks pretty often so having a move that heals everyone around, including you, triggered on attack, is a reliable way to get heals. The only problem is that this is activated on attack so you can't do this on will. However, if you combine this with a Palamute whose behavior is set to follow, you can get healed reliably often.

Diversion Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Diversion.jpg
The Diversion Scroll attracts the monsters towards the Palamute.

This scroll, on the other hand, works best if a Palamute's behavior is set to Pincer. It attracts the monster to them instead of you, which can give you some much needed breathing room to attack or heal up or whatnot.

A Tier

Throwarm Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Throwarm Scroll.jpg
The Throwarm scroll is the last Palamute gear you get but its a pretty decent ranged combat choice, especially when the scroll activates and deals double damage per kunai.

Heavy Strike Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Heavy Strike Scroll.jpg
The Heavy Strike scroll increases your Palamute's attack sometimes, which is useful for chipping away health of monsters. Ultimately, since it only affects the Palamute, it's use is limited.

Guarding Parasol

MHR Palamute Gear Guarding Parasol.jpg

The Guarding Parasol is one of the better weapons of the Palamute as it offers both offensive and defensive capability.

Dual Bladed Chain

MHR Palamute Gear Dual Bladed Chain.jpg

Dual Bladed Chain, while being the starting gear, is a dependable piece of gear as well, due to its ability to cause a lot of damage when the chains swing around, especially against big monsters.

B Tier

Steel Fang

MHR Palamute Gear Steel Fang.jpg

The Steel Fang is a weapon that when used to attack monsters, attracts them to the attacking Canyne. Not as reliable as the Diversion Scroll but useful nonetheless.

Stoutcore Fang

MHR Palamute Gear Stoutcore Fang.jpg
The Stoutcore Fang acts similar to the starting Steel Fang, but it is ranged and will cause more damage when you hit where the bitten spot. Unfortuantely, it's hard to see where the fangs attached in-game, so it's hard to make the most of this gear's perk.

Large Shuriken

MHR Palamute Gear Large Shuriken.jpg
The Large Shuriken is a decent ranged weapon but there's nothing special about it. Not useless, but there are better alternatives.

C Tier

Ghillie Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Ghillie Scroll.jpg
This scroll hides the Palamute's presence.

Ghillie Scroll focuses on the survivability of the Palamute, which doesn't seem to be that important. More importantly, if the Palamute isn't targetable, it will make it more likely for the monster to target you, so this takes the bottom of the list.

Healing Scroll

MHR Palamute Gear Healing Scroll.jpg
This is a scroll heals Canynes over time.

Like the Ghillie Scroll, the healing scroll focuses on the survivability of the Canyne, which our team has not yet seen the use for. It's better to choose other scrolls.

Rocksteady Scroll

This scroll lessens the staggering of the Palamute on hit.

Again, like the previous two, this only affects the Palamute, who without the scrolls, already have decent survivability and damage output. There are better scrolls to choose.

Do you agree with our tier list? Comment down below what you think, and answer our poll to tell us what your favorite Palamute Gear is!

How to Unlock Palamute Gear

Talk to Canyne Master Inukai

MHR How to Unlock Palamute Gear
You can talk to Canyne Master Inukai near the red bridge, right before Hinoa. You have to complete certain requests for him to unlock corresponding gear, just like any other request you recieve in-game. They usually require you bringing him materials, though one of them just asks you to level up a Palamute to Level 15.

To learn more about requests, check our page on requests down below!
Requests Guide and List of Requests | Monster Hunter Rise

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4 Anonymous15 days

interesting Note you can actually make the Heal Blade Scroll work for you by mounting then palamute when he activates it and then making him attack a random target. that i know off thats the only scroll you can manually use although i have been thinking of testing mounting the palamute when he uses the stealth scroll to see if that makes enemies not see me

3 Anonymous17 days

The ghillie scroll is very useful for keeping the monsters attention on the player for counter weapons like ls and cb

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