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Demo Guide and Features

This is a guide to all the available contents for the Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) Demo. Learn about all the included Quests, everything you can do, and the rewards you will receive for playing the Demo.

How to Download the Demo

Demo Basic Information

Demo 2

Start Time March 12th, 1 AM GMT
End Time Unknown
Limitations Only 30 plays available

Get your weapons ready, hunters! Demo 2 is here with the flagship monster, Magnamalo! Demo 2 will also refresh your 30 plays from before, so don't worry about having to jump hoops just to play more.

Demo 1

Start Time January 8th, 8:00 AM GMT
End Time February 1st, 8:00 AM GMT
Limitations Only 30 plays available

Demo 1 was available for a longer period than previous Demos, but it comes with a catch—only 30 total plays of the main two Quests, the Great Izuchi and Mizutsune Quests, are available.

Once players have hit 30 plays, they'll be locked out of all five Quests, so they'll need to make every play count.

Demo 2 Quests

All Five Demo 2 Quests.png

There are a total of five quests that can be played in Demo 2: two tutorial missions and three full hunts. Remember, you can only play a total of 30 times of the three full hunts before it locks you out of all five, but it's possible to bypass the demo limit if this becomes an issue.

Monsters That Can Be Hunted (as of Demo v2)
Magnamalo.jpegMagnamalo Mizutsune Partial IMGMizutsune
Rathian.jpegRathian Great Izuchi.jpegGreat Izuchi
Arzuros.jpegArzuros ---

Defeat Magnamalo (Demo 2 Only)

magnamalo 2.png

If you found Mizutsune difficult, then get ready for Magnamalo, Monster Hunter Rise's flagship monster! Magnamalo is made available to fight in Demo 2.

How to Beat Magnamalo

Slay a Mizutsune

Slay a Mizutsune

Test your skills in slaying a Mizutsune! This monster is more dangerous than the Great Izuchi so take this one on when you are confident enough!

How to Beat Mizutsune

Slay a Great Izuchi

Slay a Great Izuchi

Your first hunt in Monster Hunter Rise pits you against a Great Izuchi. Try out various weapons and their new unique Wirebug techniques in battle!

How to Beat Great Izuchi

Wyvern Riding Training Quest

Wyvern Riding Training Quest

This quest focuses on the newly introduced Wyvern Hunting mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise. Master taming monsters this early on so you know what to do when the full game drops!

Wyvern Riding | How to Mount and Ride Monsters

Basic Training Quest

Basic Training Quest

This quest will teach you the ropes on how to ride your new canyne friend, the Palamute, and use Wirebugs!

Beginners Guide

Demo Features

The following features apply to both Demo 1 and Demo 2.

Single Player and Multiplayer

Single Player

Single Player

Take on the challenge solo by playing it on Single Player mode!

Local or Online Multiplayer


You can play with up to three more players in local or online co-op!

How to Play Online

Take note that a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for Online Multiplayer.

14 Weapons to Choose From!

14 Weapon Types in the Demo

All fourteen (14) weapons from the past games are available to be used in this demo. Try out the different new moves and Wirebug actions introduced in Monster Hunter Rise!

Weapon Types and All Weapon Guides

Demo Rewards

Demo Rewards

Playing either Demo 1 or Demo 2 will reward you with the following items when the full game drops:

Mega Potions x20
Pitfall Trap x5
Energy Drink x10
Mega Demondrug x5
Mega Armorskin x5

*The Demo bonus can be claimed in the main game of Monster Hunter Rise.
*If you delete the save data of the Monster Hunter Rise Demo, you will not be able to claim the demo bonus.

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