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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Unlock Weapon Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Weapon Trees in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to unlock weapon trees and improve your weapon arsenal!

How to Unlock Weapon Trees

Obtain the Weapon's Core Material

There are several unknown weapons at the beginning of monster hunter games. To unlock them, you have to obtain the item's core material. By saying core material, it means that you have to get the item that's related to that weapon category. For example, you have to obtain a Magnamalo material to unlock Magnamalo weapons.

Haven't started choosing a weapon yet? Refer to our weapon tierlist and let us help you decide for a weapon before unlocking and crafting those weapons!

Weapon Tier List

The Same Method Works for Armors

Monster Hunter Rise - Damascus Armor Set.png

Armour trees are also unlocked the same way as weapons. If you want to get Barroth armour, you'll have to slay barroths. There are also other core materials that are obtained in different ways like the Death Stench set that requires you to use the Meowcenaries feature or the Aelucanth set that requires you to use the Argosy.

Progress the Game

Progressing the game is also necessary to unlock some weapon trees. You also get to fight new monsters which will unlock new core materials for weapons. 2 monsters with one stone!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Unlock Weapon and Armor Designs

The Weapon Designs are blueprints for blacksmiths to create a weapon or armor of that design. Simply obtaining the design unlocks that weapon or armor as a craftable in the smithy!

How to Use Weapon and Armor Designs

I Have X Armor Set But It's Not Appearing in Weapon Tree!

Not All Item Have Armour/Weapon Counterparts

Not all materials will be able to craft weapons and armour. Some examples are the Bullfango head which is a headpiece only armour and has no weapon counterpart. Other examples are Jelly armour set, the ore based armour like the Ingot Set, and the Jaggi Mask Head.

Armor and Weapon Links
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