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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - How to Unlock Weapon Trees

This is a guide to unlocking Weapon Trees in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn how to unlock weapon trees and their upgrades to improve your weapon arsenal!

How to Unlock Weapon Trees
Monster Hunter Rise LogoHow to Unlock Weapon Trees Sunbreak LogoHow to Unlock All Master Rank Weapons

How to Unlock Weapon Trees

Obtain the Weapon's Key Material

There are several unknown weapons at the beginning of Monster Hunter games, with Rise locking them behind question marks. To unlock them, you have to obtain key materials which are the core to creating and upgrading weapons. Key materials are generally monster parts, but some weapons require gathering items like the Speartuna or Pawprint Stamp.

Weapons List: All Weapon Trees

Hunt Monsters to Unlock Weapon Trees

Most weapons are unlocked by getting materials from the desired monster after hunting them. For example, hunting a Magnamalo for its materials unlocks Magnamalo weapons, and hunting its High Rank version unlocks the HIgh Rank upgrades. Some weapon upgrades may require materials from other monsters, so progressing through the game is needed.

List of All Monsters

Use the Meowcenaries and Argosy

Key Items Weapons Unlocked
Meowcenaries Materials
Chaos Trees
Great Sword
Hunting Horn
Edel Tree
Death Stench Trees
Long Sword
Insect Glaive
Switch Axe
Mosgharl Trees
Heavy Bowgun
Jelly Trees
Heavy Bowgun
Dual Blades
Argosy Materials
Shell-Studded Trees
Great Sword
Sword & Shield
Switch Axe
Magia Trees
Hunting Horn
Insect Glaive
Spio Trees
Hunting Horn
Melahoa Tree
Vaik Tree
Charge Blade
Makluva Tree
Light Bowgun
Aelucanth Trees
Dual Blades
Charge Blade

Some weapons, such as the Death Stench and Aelucanth trees, have to be unlocked by getting the key items from the Meowcenaries or the Argosy. The Meowcenaries also have High Rank materials for their respective upgrades.

Progress Through the Game

Progressing through the game is necessary to unlock more of the weapon trees. You'll get to hunt new monsters and access new locales which will make more materials available for stronger weapon upgrades.

Reach the High Rank Endgame for the Final Rarity 7 Weapons

Reaching High Rank and Master Rank opens up materials for the final Rarity 7 weapons in Rise and Rarity 10 weapons in Sunbreak. These powerful weapons require defeating endgame monsters like Elder Dragons, but it's worth the effort. Note that not all weapon trees in High Rank have a Rarity 7 upgrade!

Story Walkthrough and Progression Guide

Complete Requests for Designs

Weapon Design Request
Big Brushes for Big Goals
A Token of Gratitude
An Egg-cellent Idea?
Boom-Boom, Bombadgy!
Gift for a Greenhorn
The Radiant Rhino
Combo Wizardy
Kagero's Trial
Folding Inspiration

Most Smithy and Guild trees can be unlocked by completing certain requests. These requests reward designs that allow you to forge these special weapons at the smithy!

Requests Guide and List of Requests

Some Quests Also Reward Weapons

Weapon Design Quest
USJ - Shrine Showdown!

A couple of quests either reward a weapon or unlock their designs. Defeating Magnamalo in the Village Urgent Quest rewards the Hand-Me-Down Sword I. The other quest is an event quest that drops the Azure Era Gem, unlocking the weapon designs for a special Long Sword and Bow.

I Have X Armor Set But It's Not Appearing in Weapon Tree!

Not All Armor Sets Have Weapon Counterparts

MH Rise - Slagtoth Armor Has No Weapon Counterpart

Armor has similar unlocking conditions to weapons, but a number of them like the Slagtoth or Damascus sets have no weapon counterparts. Some armor sets also have different names such as Mizuha for Chameleos or Kaiser for Teostra.

Armor and Weapon Links
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