Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

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MH Rise Sunbreak - Things to Do First

This is a beginner's guide on how to get started in Sunbreak, how to proceed through the early game, and what things to do first in the Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. Learn what equipment to craft first, what order to do each Quest, and what to do if you get stuck.

Monster Hunter Rise Beginner's Guides
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Best Equipment for the Early Game

Best Weapon: Kamura Tree Rarity 8

Sunbreak Kamura Tree

The first Rarity 8 weapons of the Kamura Tree are simply stronger than those which were achievable in High Rank. They boast a long Blue Sharpness gauge, and ④① Decoration slots across all weapon types. Crafting a Kamura Warrior weapon is a great first step when starting in on Master Rank quests.

Can be easily crafted in one step

Materials How to Get
Eltalite Ore ×8 Mining Ore in each locale
Tough Claw ×5 Hunt Small Monsters like Hermitaur and Velociprey
Awegite ×1 Mining Ore in Shrine Ruins

Each of the materials needed are easy to obtain from mining ore and farming small monsters. In addition, there's no need to craft any of the preceding weapons in the tree to make the Rarity 8 weapons, allowing players to simply craft them in one go.

Best Armor: The Hunter X Series

Armor Skills Forging Materials
Hunter's Helm X Item Prolonger Lv1
Attack Boost Lv2
Prized Pelt ×1
Eltalite Ore ×2
Hunter's Mail X Attack Boost Lv1
Handicraft Lv1
Item Prolonger Lv1
Velociprey Thickhide ×2
Carbalite Ore ×2
Hunter's Vambraces X Quick Sheathe Lv1
Handicraft Lv1
Ammo Up Lv1
Jagras Shard ×2
Eltalite Ore ×1
Hunter's Coil X Stun Resistance Lv2
Handicraft Lv1
Item Prolonger Lv1
Velociprey Shard ×2
Jagras Shard ×1
Hunter's Greaves X Stun Resistance Lv1
Attack Boost Lv2
Quick Sheathe Lv1
Prized Pelt ×1
Twisted Stiffbone ×2

If you choose to craft new Armor at the start of Sunbreak, the Hunter X Set is your best bet. They provide Defense as high as the strongest High Rank armor at full upgrade levels, and include Skills such as Attack Boost and Stun Resistance which are useful in a variety of situations, so for a temporary early game set, it works just fine. The materials also consist of ore and small monster parts which are easy to obtain.

Velociprey Armor is an Alternative

If you have several decorations from High Rank, the Velociprey Armor offers more customization over the Hunter X set while retaining Attack Boost and Stun Resistance. It's also fairly easy to forge, only requiring materials found in the Jungle.

Velociprey Armor Set Skills and Forging Materials

No need to make if your High Rank Armor is upgraded

If you've already made High Rank armor and fully upgraded it with Armor Spheres, you won't have any problem in the early stages of Master Rank. As the Defense values of the Hunter X Set aren't hugely better than endgame High Rank armor, and you likely already have a build suited for your playstyle, you're best off sticking with what you've got until for the early stages.

How to Get Started in Sunbreak

Clear Serpent Goddess of Thunder

MH Rise Sunbreak - Clear Serpent Goddess of Thunder

To start Sunbreak, you'll first need to beat the 7★ Urgent Quest Serpent Goddess of Thunder. You won't be able to proceed even if you have purchased and downloaded the Sunbreak DLC until you defeat Thunder Seprent Narwa for the first time.

Serpent Goddess of Thunder

Defeat Daimyo Hermitaur and Unlock Master Rank

Sunbreak Talk to Rondine

After clearing the Urgent Quest and downloading the Sunbreak DLC, you'll find Rondine standing at the bridge at the entrance of Kamura Village. After talking to her, another Urgent Quest will be automatically unlocked. Talk to Minoto at the Hub and take on the quest to fight Daimyo Hermitaur.

Upon completing the Urgent Quest, talk to Fiorayne to unlock Master Rank and sail to Elgado.

Steps to Unlock Master Rank

Talk to Rondine on the bridge in front of Kamura Village
Talk to Minoto at the Hub and take on the Urgent Quest
Defeat Daimyo Hermitaur
Talk to Fiorayne and sail to Elgado
Talk to Galleus in Elgado to unlock Master Rank

Master Rank Features

Practice the Switch Skill Swap Technique

Sunbreak Talking to Arena Master Arlow

After unlocking Master Rank, talking to Arena Master Arlow will unlock a training quest for the new Switch Skill Swap technique. When fighting powerful monsters in Master Rank, you'll want to have already mastered this new skill, so go ahead and get familiar with it now before you get thrown into the real action.

New Switch Skills have also been added in Sunbreak, so using the Switch Skill Swap is a good way to get familiar with new skills while still having your familiar set in reserve.

How to Switch Skill Swap

Talk to Villagers to Unlock New Features

Sunbreak Talk to Villagers

Each time you complete an Urgent Quest, the Villagers around Elgado Outpost will have new things to say to you. When you talk to them, you'll unlock new features and Requests, which will be gated behind these conversations. It's tempting to jump into new Quests right away but always be sure to talk to everyone in town to make sure you don't miss out on unlocking important features and getting progress for available Requests.

Important Unlocked Features in Elgado

NPC Unlocked Feature
Courier Online Play
(After talking with Chichae)
Minayle the Blacksmith Rampage Decorations
Oboro the Merchant New Shop Items
Poison Ammo 2
Paralysis Ammo 2
Sleep Ammo 2
Exhaust Ammo 2
Recover Ammo 2
Nagi the Buddy Agent New Buddy Skills
Backroom Deals
・Buddy Scout
Collen the Sailor Unlocks new settings for the Dummy in the Training Area
Fran the Stalwart Great Wirebugs x6
Arena Master Arlow Unlock a new Arena Quest
(After completing Switch Skill Swap training quest)
Dame Luchika Royal Garb Vest (Cohoot)
Gatlyn the Researcher ・Palamute Pouch
・Sniff 'em out

Progress with the Red Indicator in the Top Right

Sunbreak Check the Outpost Progress

If you're ever unsure what to do next, the indicator in the top right corner of the screen will tell you who to talk to or what to do to progress with the story.

When you open the Detailed Map, the area which you need to go to will be marked in red as well, so fast travel there to find the person you need easily.

Sunbreak Tips and Tricks

Find the Cohoot Nest

1 Sunbreak Cohoot 2 #4Fast Travel to the Command Post. Look up and to the left to see a platform above. Wirebug up to the platform.
2 Sunbreak Cohoot 2 #2Climb up on top of the wall behind to find a Cohoot Nest.

You'll find the Cohoot Nest in Elgado Outpost on top of the back wall of the Command Post. You can find Eurekacorns here which you can use to improve your Buddies' Skill Memory and let them learn more Skills than they were previously able to.

Don't forget that even while you're in Elgado, you can still go back to the Buddy Plaza to get the Cohoot Nest rewards there too!

Use a Gathering Palico and Swap its Support Moves

MH Rise Sunbreak - Change Palico Moves

The Gathering Palico Support Type is the best type to bring into Master Rank as it will continue yielding Master Rank-level resources for you throughout the game, allowing you to craft better Equipment and stay on par with the new and more powerful Monsters in each new rank.

New to Sunbreak, you can change out certain Palico Moves as well, so even if you use a Gathering Palico, you can switch out one of its moves to better match your playstyle.

Best Palico Support Type and Equipped Moves

Unlock the New Secret Support Moves

MH Rise Sunbreak Kittenator.gif

Completing each of five Requests will unlock a new Secret Support Move for your Palicos. These Skills are much more powerful than the Support Moves up to this point, so prioritize unlocking them as soon as possible!

In particular, the Lottery Box Support Move can summon the powerful Kittenator, which will deal 300 damage to a monster and knock it down.

Palico Secret Support Moves

What to Do When You Get Stuck

Upgrade your Base Game Equipment

If you're having trouble defeating Daimyo Hermitaur and progressing into the Master Rank, your current weapons and armor might be underpowered. Be sure that you have High Rank weapons and armor equipped, and upgrade your armor with Armor Spheres. So long as you're fully equipped, you should be able to defeat Daimyo Hermitaur and make it into Master Rank.

High Rank Builds and Best Armor

Use the Black Belt S to Save Time

If you haven't gotten it yet, the Black Belt S set is available for free from Senri the Mailman. This set has High Rank-level defenses and reliable skills like Attack Boost and Earplugs to help you blast through Low and High Rank and work your way to Master Rank without having to spend time farming early and midgame weapons and armor.

Builds and Best Equipment for Each Weapon

The Defender Weapon Tree is Also Viable

Sunbreak Defender Weapon Tree

If you're not able to upgrade to the Kamura Tree just yet, the Defender Weapon Tree is available even before getting into Master Rank. It doesn't have any slots or Affinity, but it has relatively high Attack power with additional defense, so it can prove a fair substitute.

Defender Weapons

Check any Balance Changes to your Main Weapon

After the 10.0 update released with Sunbreak, each weapon type has been adjusted with new buffs and nerfs. If you're struggling with your weapon, it may be that a nerf to one of your main strategies is hurting your damage output.

The Long Sword has received heavy nerfs to some of its most important Silkbind Attacks, so if you've found that your powerful combos don't dish out the same damage they used to, you might want to try different Silkbind Attacks and see how they stack up.

All 10.0 Weapon Changes

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