Goss Harag Guide: Weakness, Armor, Drops, and Weapons | Monster Hunter Rise | MHR (MH Rise)

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Goss Harag Guide

This is a hunting guide for Goss Harag, a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn Goss Harag's weaknesses, forgeable weapons, forgeable armor, drops, and more!

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Goss Harag Hunter Notes

Goss Harag
Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Goss Harag New Monster
Type Fanged Beast
Threat Level 7/10 Rampage Type
Major Weakness Other Weakness
Blight / Elemental Damage Abnormal Status
A monster native to ice-cold climates. Covered in fur so thick it keeps out the harsh frost, it roams the snowy plains in search of prey. It can inhale the cold air to freeze its own bodily fluids and then spit them out to create icey blades on its arms. When riled up, the Goss Harag turns red and becomes exceedingly dangerous.

Goss Harag Weaknesss and Resistance

MH Rise - Slash Damage MH Rise - Blunt Damage MH Rise - Bullet Damage MH Rise - Fire Damage
42 42 31 25
MH Rise - Water Damage MH Rise - Thunder Damage MH Rise - Ice Damage MH Rise - Dragon Damage
0 11 0 0

Bold are the recommended Weapon Type and Elemental Damage.

Goss Harag Weapon Damage Breakdown

Part Sever Symbol (MH Rise).png Blunt Symbol (MH Rise).png Ammo Symbol (MH Rise).png
Head 56 56 50
Torso 24 24 20
Foreleg 51 51 35
Ice Clump 66 66 45
Back 30 30 20
Hind Leg 24 24 15
Overall 42 42 31

Goss Harag Elemental Weakness Breakdown

Part Fire Symbol (MH Rise).png Water Symbol (MH Rise).png Thunder Element (MH Rise).png Ice Element (MH Rise).png Dragon Element (MH Rise).png
Head 20 0 15 0 0
Torso 15 0 5 0 0
Foreleg 30 0 15 0 0
Ice Clump 30 0 10 0 0
Back 25 0 15 0 0
Hind Leg 30 0 5 0 0
Overall 25 0 11 0 0

Higher numbers indicate higher potential damage to the monster.

Goss Harag Hunting Tips

MH Rise - Goss Harag Knockdown

In hitting the accumulated frost on its forelegs, a hunter risks being afflicted with iceblight, but is rewarded by the creature being toppled when the frost is shattered. Areas that appear red when the creature is angry are the most susceptible, so focus your efforts there!

Status Effect Vulnerabilities

Poison Stun Paralysis Sleep
Blast Exhaust Fireblight Waterblight
★★ -- ★★
Thunderblight Iceblight

The more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Item Vulnerabilities

Pitfall Trap Shock Trap Flash Bomb
Sonic Bomb Meat Effects Dung Bomb

◯ = Vulnerable; ✕ = Fully Resistant; ▲ = Situational

Kinsect Extracts

Monster Part Extract
Head White Extract
Torso Orange Extract
Foreleg Red Extract
Ice Clump Red Extract
Back Orange Extract
Hind Leg Orange Extract

Red = Attack Increase, White = Movement Boost, Orange = Anti-knockback When Attacking

Kinsect Extract Guide

How to Beat Goss Harag

Check IconBreak Goss Harag's Ice Weapons

Check IconPosition Behind Goss Harag

Check IconBring Nulberries

Check IconWatch Your Wirebug Charges

Break Goss Harag's Ice Weapons

MH Rise - Breaking Goss Harag
Focus your attacks on Goss Harag's ice weapons. Both of its ice weapons break after receiving enough damage, potentially stunning or knocking down Goss Harag in the process.

Position Behind Goss Harag

MH Rise - Position Behind Goss Harag
Almost all of Goss Harag's attacks are done from the front. Positioning behind Goss Harag allows you to deal damage with relative safety.

Bring Nulberries

MH Rise - Use Nulberry against Iceblight
Some of Goss Harag's attacks inflict Iceblight on impact. Negate this potentially deadly status ailment by bringing Nullberries to the hunt.

Alternatively, you can check your base camp's Supply Box once you start the hunt for any free Nullberries.

Watch Your Wirebug Charges

MH Rise - Wirebug to safety from Goss Harag
Most of Goss Harag's attacks are powerful enough to send hunter's flying or keep them on the ground long enough for potential KOs from follow up attacks.

Wirebugs act as an emergency escape in case any hunters are knocked down by its powerful attacks.

Goss Harag Attack Patterns

Name Description
Charge Attack Charges towards the target in an attempt to rake it with one of its powerful claws.
Headbutt Uses its head to knock players down.
Fissure Jumps away from target and slams the ground, which creates a fissure that travels towards the target.
Claw Attacks Uses its claws to hurt and knock down players.
Rake, Double Sweep, Double Claw Swipe, Ground and Pound
Ice Breath Releases a beam of ice that inflicts heavy damage and Iceblight.
Ice Weapons Conjures ice weapons that deal more damage than its normal claws.
Ice Weapon Attacks:
Single Slam, Lateral Swipe, Double Slam, Sword Plunge, Low Sweep, Windmill, Flurry, Ice Shards, Full Release

Charge Attack

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag charges towards the target in an attempt to rake it with one of its powerful claws. If you manage to get out of its way and follow it, it will rest for quite a bit — Allowing you to land couple of attacks in.


MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag can even use its head as a weapon! This particular attack can knock players down and is usually followed-up by a Double Claw Swipe.


MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag jumps away from the target. This is immediately followed by a powerful two-handed slam that creates a fissure that travels back towards its target. Always keep your eyes on Goss Harag to avoid this deadly attack!

Claw Attacks

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag's claws deal high damage and can easily knock its target down, leaving them exposed to deadly follow-up attacks. Fortunately, these attacks are relatively slow and easily dodged or blocked.

See all of the patterns of this particular attack below.


MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag uses its massive claws to rake the ground in front of it, dealing damage and knocking down anyone caught in the attack.

Double Sweep

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag sweeps the ground around it with its massive claws. Goss Harag performs two sweeps at a staggered pace, with each sweep covering 180 degrees.

Double Claw Swipe

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag raises both arms before swiping them towards the target. This is a relatively fast attack so always stay on your toes whenever you're directly in front of Goss Harag.

Ground and Pound

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Goss Harag pounds the ground with his fist twice in a row, so don't be fooled and over-commit once the first one is over. Hunter's hit by either attack will be knocked down hard and will need to use the wirebug to escape or suffer a possible follow up attack.

Take note that Goss Harag can leap towards the target for this particular attack depending on the distance between the two of them.

Ice Breath

MH Rise - Goss Harag
When enraged, Goss Harag can unleash two ice beams that inflict heavy damage and Iceblight from its mouth. The first beam is a vertical swipe starting from the bottom towards Goss Harag's target. The second beam is a lateral sweep in front of Goss Harag and has less range than the first.

It is surprisingly easy to dodge both beams. The key here is to keep moving until Goss Harag locks the first beam's position and wirebugging over the second beam afterward.

Lastly, It is important to note that Goss Harag usually conjures its Ice Weapons immediately after this attack.

Ice Weapons

Goss Harag can conjure ice weapons after performing its Ice Breath attack. These weapons degrade overtime and can take the following forms:

  • Single Sword (Low Rank Exclusive)
  • Double Sword
  • Sword & Ice Block

It is important to note that every attack with these weapons inflict high damage and Iceblight. However, the good news is that we can damage these weapons with our own to speed up the degradation process. Dealing enough damage may even cause them to break entirely!

See all of Goss Harag's Ice Weapon attacks here:

Weapon combinations marked with indicate that the attack can be performed with that specific combination. Those marked with X indicate otherwise.

Single Slam

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag slams its weapon towards the target, potentially knocking them down.
This particular attack is often linked to Lateral Swipes so always stay on your toes!
Take note that Goss Harag can sprint towards the target before landing this attack depending on the distance between them.

Lateral Swipe

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag slams one of its weapons horizontally towards the target. This relatively quick attack can be repeated twice with both weapons and is often linked to Single Slams.
Similar to Single Slam, Goss Harag can close the distance between it and the target by either sprinting or hopping.

Double Slam

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: X Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: X
Goss Harag slams both of its blades one at a time. Goss Harag takes a while to recover from the second slam, allowing you to dish out heavy attacks of your own.

Sword Plunge

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag plunges its blade towards the target. It takes a while for Goss Harag to lift its plunged blade so take advantage of the downtime by dealing heavy attacks.

Low Sweep

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag sweeps the ground with its massive blade. Stay on the opposite side of the blade at all times to prevent this attack from connecting.


MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag winds up for two seconds. This is followed by a spinning attack with its weapons.
You can dodge this attack by either positioning behind it before the spin or just simply distancing yourself from Goss Harag.


MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag feigns a Sword Plunge, tricking hunters into commiting with their own attacks before unleashing a flurry of follow-up swipes.
Always keep an eye out for Goss Harag's body language after the plunge and make sure the blade is actually plunged into the ground!

Ice Shards

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: ◯ Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag flings ice shards from its weapons, dealing damage from afar at the cost of its weapons' integrity.
This attack is fairly easy to evade as long as you time your dodge just before the shard is ejected from the weapon.

Full Release

MH Rise - Goss Harag
Single Sword: X Double Sword: ◯ Sword & Block: ◯
Goss Harag completely destroys its weapons, flinging an icy salvo of shards towards the target.
Be patient and stay on your toes whenever you're targetted with this attack. The final two shards take longer to eject than the previous ones and can easily throw your dodge timing off — Always keep this in mind.

Goss Harag Locations

Goss Harag Known Habitat

Map Starting Area Visited Areas Rest Area
Frost Islands.pngFrost Islands 5 / 7 / 9 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 11 6

Goss Harag Quest Appearances

Low Rank
High Rank
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Event Quest ★3 Heart of a Warrior
Hub Quest ★3 Beastly Chaos
Hub Quest ★3 The Blizzard Blender
(Key Quest)
Village Quest ★6 Abominable Snow-beast
Quest Type Lvl Quest Name
Event Quest ★7 An Icy Blade So Bright
Hub Quest ★7 A Frosty Stalemate
Hub Quest ★7 It's Gonna Get You!
(Key Quest)
Hub Quest ★7 Master Utsushi's Challenge Part 2
Hub Quest ★7 Advanced: Monsters in Ink

Goss Harag Materials and Drops

High Rank Goss Harag Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Goss Harag Fur+ 29% (Body)
Goss Harag Horn+ 21% (Body)
Goss Harag Hide+ 18% (Body)
Goss Harag Brace+ 15% (Body)
Freezer Sac 9% (Body)
Beast Gem 6% (Body)
Goss Harag Bile 2% (Body)
Material Drop Rate
Goss Harag Fur+ 80% (Back)
Goss Harag Claw+ 80% (Foreleg x2)
Goss Harag Horn+ 80% (Head)
Goss Harag Brace+ 20% (Foreleg)
Beast Gem 10% (Head)
Goss Harag Hide+ 10% (Head), 12% (Back)
Goss Harag Bile 8% (Back)

Low Rank Goss Harag Materials

Broken Parts
Material Drop Rate
Goss Harag Fur 80% (Back)
Goss Harag Claw 80% (Foreleg x2)
Goss Harag Horn 80% (Head)
Goss Harag Hide 20% (Head), 20% (Back)
Goss Harag Brace 20% (Foreleg)

Goss Harag Dropped Materials

High Rank
Low Rank
Material Drop Rate
Goss Harag Fur+ 40%, 60%
Large Beast Tear 35%. 30%
Block of Ice+ 33%, 25 (x2)
Goss Harag Hide+ 25%
Beast Tear 15%, 10%
Goss Harag Claw+ 14%, 10%
Beast Gem 2%
Goss Harag Bile 1%
Material Drop Rate
Beast Tear 50%
Goss Harag Fur 40%, 60%
Block of Ice 35%, 25% (x2)
Goss Harag Hide 25%
Goss Harag Claw 10%, 15%

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