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Sunbreak Badges of Heroes and How to Unlock

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This is a guide to every Badge of Heroes in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Read on to learn how to unlock these badges for the base game and the Sunbreak expansion!

All Rise & Sunbreak Badge of Heroes

New Badge of Heroes

As of the Bonus Update released on June 8, a new Badge of Heroes is added into the game.

Badge How to Unlock
Savior of the KingdomSavior of the Kingdom Repel Primordial Malzeno.

How to Unlock All Badges of Heroes

Each badge has unlock requirements. Refer to the table on how to unlock them!

Badge How to Unlock
MH Rise Sunbreak: Village Helm BadgeVillage Helm Slay Thunder Serpent Narwa.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Kingdom Helm BadgeKingdom Helm Slay Gaismagorm.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Storm Incarnate BadgeStorm Incarnate Slay Amatsu.
Savior of the KingdomSavior of the Kingdom Repel Primordial Malzeno.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Outpost BadgeOutpost Complete every base Sunbreak Master Rank Hub Quest in Elgado Outpost.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Arena Champion BadgeArena Champion Complete every Arena Quest with a rank of A or above.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Risen Slayer BadgeRisen Slayer Slay a Risen Elder Dragon.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Risen Reaper.pngRisen Reaper Hunt all Risen Elder Dragons at least once.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Proof of a Hero BadgeProof of a Hero Have every Guild Card Award.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Award I BadgeAward I Reach Anomaly Research Lv. 100.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Award II BadgeAward II Reach Anomaly Research Lv. 200.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Award III BadgeAward III Reach Anomaly Research Lv. 300.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Special Investigation I BadgeSpecial Investigation I Complete 1 Special Investigation.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Special Investigation II Badge of HeroSpecial Investigation II Complete 10 Special Investigations with different target monsters.
MH Rise Sunbreak - Special Investigation IIISpecial Investigation III Complete 30 Special Investigations with different target monsters.
MH Rise Sunbreak: Hunter Star BadgeHunter Star Reach Master Rank 999.

What are the Badges of Heroes?

Badges Shown Beside the Hunter Name

MH Rise Sunbreak: Badges of Heroes Menu

A Badge of Heroes is a displayable emblem awarded to players after fulfilling certain conditions. They appear beside hunter names in a lobby and its player list.

How to Show a Badge of Heroes?

MH Rise Sunbreak: Badges of Heroes Menu

You can display a Badge of Heroes by selecting one under Game Settings and setting your Toggle Badge of Heroes to Show. Only one can be displayed at a time.

When enabled, you and other players in a lobby will be able to see your chosen badge beside your hunter's name.

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