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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Runner

Want to find out how to unlock the Runner's Sandals Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including the locations of the hard-to-find Kamura Villagers!

How to Unlock Runner's Sandals Award

Runner's Sandals Award
MH Rise - Runner
How to Unlock Speak to every villager in Kamura.

To get this Award, you need to speak with all 47 NPCs in Kamura Village. Most of them you'll speak to for the story or Requests, but a few others you may never interact with at all. For some NPCs, select the Chitchat option to count as progress for this reward.

Some of these NPCs will also change locations over time, so they can be easier to miss. Each NPC has a set location, so if you can't find one, enter and exit your Room to reshuffle all the positions of the NPCs, maybe to a more obvious location!

Easy to Miss NPC Locations

Easy to Miss NPC Locations
Tsuriki the Sailor Tsuriki carries a pole on his shoulder and walks around from the port into the village.
Ikari the Sailor Ikari should be hauling stuff from port either to the back of the Steelworks behind Fugen or to the Buddy Plaza. You'll sometimes find them taking a break at the Canteen.
Hobashira the Sailor Hobashira can be found standing at the port.
Kajika the Fishmonger Kajika can normally be found by the large fish. Sometimes, you'll find them bathing by your room's entrance, but they won't talk to you. You'll need to enter and exit your room to reset their position so you can speak with them.
Zenchi the Doctor Can usually be found sleeping on a roof near the Steelworks. During a sale he can be found near Kagero.
Rice Merchants Senari and Suzukari This couple usually works together by their storefront near the village entrance, but they sometimes take breaks. Both will sometimes speak with other villagers like Hinami and Komitsu, but Senari will sometimes be inside by the fire.
Badum the Drummer and Tish the Drummer These two can be found playing the drum to the left of the Gathering Hub entrance. If you change the default BGM you won't be able to speak to them, so return it to default if this happens.
Kotori the Trader and Chino the Trader Both Palicos can be found at the Buddy Plaza dock near Rondine.
Fukashigi the Informant Fukashigi can be found hiding behind the wall scroll in your room behind your Housekeeper.

All NPC Locations by Area

Click to Jump to a Location!
Steelworks Buddy Plaza
Training Area Your Room
Village Entrance Gathering Hub Entrance
Hub Prep Area Gathering Hub


Steelworks (13)

Hinoa the Quest Maiden

Kagero the Merchant

Fugen the Elder

Homura the Loyal

Senri the Mailman

Buddy Smithy Kisaki

Hamon the Blacksmith

Mihaba the Apprentice

Senior Hunter Hanenaga

Rice Ball Artist Seihaku *

Kajika the Fishmonger

Wakana the Greengrocer

Komitsu the Sweettooth *
* = Sometimes appears beside Hinoa

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Buddy Plaza

Buddy Plaza (6)

Buddy Expert Shirubei

Buddy Handler Iori

Felyne Chief Kogarashi

Rondine the Trader

Kotori the Trader

Chino the Trader

▲ Return to Table ▲

Training Area

Training Area (1)

Sekirei the Trainer

▲ Return to Table ▲

Your Room

Your Room (2)


Fukashigi the Informant
* = Also appears in the Hub Prep Area

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Village Entrance

Village Entrance (6)

Umbrella Merchant Hinami

Zenchi the Doctor*

Goka the Trusty

Canyne Master Inukai

Rice Merchant Senari*

Rice Merchant Suzukari*
* = Sometimes appears in a different location

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Gathering Hub Entrance

Gathering Hub Entrance (8)

Yomogi the Chef

Ikari the Sailor *

Tsuriki the Sailor*

Shiratama the Tea Dealer

Kinako the Tea Dealer

Shiika the Poet

Novice Hunter Taishi

Hobashira the Sailor
* = Loops around the village starting at the docks.

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Hub Prep Area

Hub Prep Area (2)

Nakago the Blacksmith

Buddy Smithy Kojiri

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Gathering Hub

Gathering Hub (9)

Guild Master Hojo

Minoto the Hub Maiden

Master Utsushi

High Rank Hunter Ayame

Otemai the Chef

Hanamori the Guide

Badum the Drummer *

Tish the Drummer *

Maido the Merchant
* = Can only be spoken to with the default BGM.

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