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Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Runner

Want to find out how to unlock the Runner's Sandals Award in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)? Keep reading for more details on this Award, including the locations of the hard-to-find Kamura Villagers!

How to Unlock Runner's Sandals Award

Runner's Sandals Award
MH Rise - Runner
How to Unlock Speak to every villager

To get this Award you will need to speak with every NPC in Kamura Village. Most of them you'll end up speaking to for the story or to accept Requests, but a few others you may not ever interact with at all.

Some of these NPCs will also change locations over time so they can be easier to miss. Each NPC has a set location so if you can't find one, enter and exit your Room to reshuffle all the positions of the NPCs, maybe to a more obvious location!

※Names in bold are NPCs that aren't normally spoken to while names in red are NPCs that can be easy to miss.

Kamura Village: 27 NPCs

Humans: 18
Tsuriki Hobashira Taishi
Hinami Suzukari Senari
Wakana Seihaku Hanenaga
Mihaba Komitsu Shiika
Fugen Yomogi Hamon
Inukai Hinoa Kagero
Easy to Miss Villagers

A sailor carrying a pole on his shoulder who walks around from the port into the village.

A sailor who stands at the port.

Buddies: 8
Zenchi (Palico) Ikari (Palico)
Kajika (Palico) Homura (Palamute) Shiratama (Palico)
Kinako (Palico) Goka (Palamute) Senri (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Can usually be found sleeping on a roof near the Steelworks. During a sale he can be found near Kagero.
To the left of the Steelworks past Fugen. If he doesn't appear, reload your game, return to his location and wait and he should appear soon.

Gathering Hub: 12

Humans: 6
Hanamori Minoto Hojo
Ayame Utsushi Nakago
Buddies: 6
Badum (Palico) Tish (Palico) Maido (Palico)
Otemai (Palico) Kojiri (Palico) Housekeeper (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Badum and Tish
These two can be found playing the drum to the left of the Gathering Hub entrance. If you change the default BGM you won't be able to speak to them, so return it to default if this happens.

Buddy Plaza: 6

Humans: 2
Iori Rondyne

Kotori (Palico) Chino (Palico) Shirubei (Palico)
Kogarashi (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Kotori and Chino
Both Palico can be found on either side of Rondyne.

Your Room: 2

Buddies: 2
Fukashigi (Palico) Housemate (Palico)
Easy to Miss
Fukashigi can be found hiding behind the wall scroll behind your Housekeeper.

Training Area: 1

Buddies: 1
Sekirei (Palico)

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