Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Sunbreak Machalite Ore Mining Location: How to Get and Uses

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This is a farming guide for Machalite Ore, an ore item in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak. Learn how to get Machalite Ore in Lava Caverns, all Machalite Ore mining locations, drop rates from monsters and quests, also Machalite Ore uses in equipment and decoration crafting.

Machalite Ore - Basic Information

Name Machalite Ore ImageMachalite Ore
Name (JP) マカライト鉱石
Description An ore that yields better metals than iron ore. Used to make machalite.
Rarity 4 Type Ore
Sell Price 160 Hold Limit 99

Best Farming Route for Machalite Ore

Farm Machalite Ore in Low Rank Lava Caverns

Best Farming Route Video

Machalite Ore appears frequently in Low Rank and the Lava Caverns is the best locale to farm for Machalite Ores.

You can also use your Palamute when you go on expeditions to farm certain items as you can use their Sniff 'em Out! ability to help you look for farming nodes!

Best Farming Route Guide

Lava Caverns
Upper Level Lower Level

Farming Machalite Ore in Other Locales

This ore is also available in other locales such as the Flooded Forest and the Sandy Plains.

Machalite Ore is available in both low and high rank but we suggest farming this in low rank because it is more common there. It can be mined from mining outcrops in low rank.

Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains

Machalite Ore - Mining Locations

Location Summary
Obtained by farming Low Rank and High Rank Mining Outcrops.

Gathering Spots: Low Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Flooded Forest Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Sandy Plains Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)
Lava Caverns Mining Outcrop (White, Blue)

Gathering Spots: High Rank

Map Gathering Spot
Flooded Forest Mining Outcrop (Blue)
Frost Islands Mining Outcrop (White)
Sandy Plains Mining Outcrop (Blue)
Lava Caverns Mining Outcrop (Blue)

Obtained as a Low Rank Monster Reward

Monster Drop Rate
Basarios IconBasarios Target Reward: 10% (x2)
Broken Part Reward: 35% (Back x2), 25% (Chest)
Carve Reward: 12% (Body), 7% (Tail x2)
Dropped Material Reward: 35%, 40%

Meowcenaries: High Rank

Map Node Type
Shrine Ruins Ore Node

As a Quest Reward

Type HR Quest Name Drop Qty (#)
Hub Quest ★2 Fried and Baptized
Hub Quest ★2 Hide, Hide, Hide!
Hub Quest ★2 Dawn of the Kestodon
Hub Quest ★2 The Path to Royalty
Hub Quest ★2 Blasted Basarios!
Hub Quest ★2 Reinventing the Wheel ½
Hub Quest ★2 Way of the Pukei
Hub Quest ★2 I Want Off This Ride ½
Village Quest ★3 Ladies of the Lake
Village Quest ★3 Breath of the Past
Village Quest ★3 A Sandy Cabal
Village Quest ★3 Obnoxious Lord, Noxious Monster
Village Quest ★3 Walking on Eggshells
Hub Quest ★3 White Knight vs. Hunter
Hub Quest ★3 Zigzagging Zapper
Hub Quest ★3 The Blizzard Blender ½
Village Quest ★3 Special License Quest 1
Village Quest ★4 Deliver the Liver
Village Quest ★4 A Poisonous Project
Urgent Village Quest ★4 Monkey Wrench in Your Plans
Village Quest ★4 Off Your Rocker ½
Village Quest ★4 A Song of Red and Fire
Village Quest ★4 Streaking Shadow
Village Quest ★4 The Queen's Procession
Village Quest ★4 Raging White-out
Village Quest ★4 Infernal Lacrimosa
Village Quest ★5 The Hottest Around ½
Village Quest ★5 BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz
Village Quest ★5 The Secret Ingredient
Village Quest ★6 Abominable Snow-beast ½

Item drop quantity marked as ''-'' have unknown / unconfirmed quantities.

As a Delivery Quest Target Reward

HR Quest Name Drop Rate (#)
★3 Breath of the Past ★★½
★3 The Cactus Diet ★★½
★4 So Hot, It Melts Iron ★½ (x2)
★4 Getting Back the Groceries

Delivery Quests each have a special set of Target Rewards to replace those earned by hunting Monsters.

Machalite Ore - Crafting Uses

Effect Summary
Used for forging and upgrading.

Used to Craft Weapons

Great Sword Image Aknosom Blade I (×3) Gunlance Image Aknosom Gunlance I (×2)
Lance Image Aknosom Lance I (×3) Insect Glaive Image Aknosom Pike I (×3)
Switch Axe Image Axenosom I (×3) Sword & Shield Image Cunning Riposte I (×2)
Dual Blades Image Desperado I (×2) Sword & Shield Image Dirty Baron I (×2)
Lance Image Distension I (×2) Hunting Horn Image Frog Flute I (×3)
Light Bowgun Image Khezu Syringe I (×2) Insect Glaive Image Leaping Glaive I (×3)
Gunlance Image Ludroth Harpoon I (×2) Lance Image Plegis Needle I (×3)
Heavy Bowgun Image Queen's Longfire I (×2) Heavy Bowgun Image Reversal Shot I (×2)
Dual Blades Image Schirmscorn I (×3) Charge Blade Image Shovedown Blade I (×2)
Gunlance Image Sleepy Shellgun I (×2) Switch Axe Image Sleepy Shellslice I (×2)
Sword & Shield Image Sleepy Shellsword I (×2) Heavy Bowgun Image Striker's Bowgun I (×10)
Bow Image Wroggi Revolver I (×2) Long Sword Image Castello Saif I (×5)

Used to Upgrade Weapons

Bow Image Arko Nulo II (×2) Long Sword Image Hidden Saber I (×5)
Great Sword Image Icicle Fang I (×3) Charge Blade Image Wind Thief Sickle II (×3)
Dual Blades Image Khezu Daggers I (×3) Sword & Shield Image Khezu Razor I (×2)
Insect Glaive Image Kulu Glaive I (×3) Hunting Horn Image Wind Thief Horn II (×2)
Switch Axe Image Arzuros Axe II (×3) Lance Image Babel Spear I (×5)
Hammer Image Bag o' Horrors I (×2) Light Bowgun Image Barro Barrel I (×2)
Hunting Horn Image Basarios Rock I (×5) Great Sword Image Buster Sword I (×3)
Heavy Bowgun Image Carom Shot I (×1) Hammer Image Cyclo-Hammer I (×3)
Switch Axe Image Daidalos Axe (×2) Bow Image Dawn Ray Bow I (×3)
Gunlance Image Delex Harpoon I (×2) Sword & Shield Image Fighter Sword (×3)
Sword & Shield Image Frost Edge II (×2) Charge Blade Image Giga Grips I (×4)
Long Sword Image Gigant Makra I (×8) Lance Image Growling Wyvern I (×5)
Hammer Image Gun Hammer I (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Highpriest Bowgun I (×3)
Long Sword Image Kamura Blade III (×3) Charge Blade Image Kamura C. Blade III (×3)
Hunting Horn Image Kamura Chorus III (×3) Great Sword Image Kamura Cleaver III (×3)
Insect Glaive Image Kamura Glaive III (×3) Dual Blades Image Kamura Glintblades III (×3)
Gunlance Image Kamura Gunlance III (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Kamura H. Bowgun III (×3)
Hammer Image Kamura Hammer III (×3) Switch Axe Image Kamura Iron Axe III (×3)
Bow Image Kamura Iron Bow III (×3) Light Bowgun Image Kamura L. Bowgun III (×3)
Lance Image Kamura Spear III (×3) Sword & Shield Image Kamura Sword III (×3)
Bow Image Khezu Bow I (×1) Hunting Horn Image Khezu Horn I (×3)
Light Bowgun Image Lotus Bowgun I (×3) Dual Blades Image Matched Slicers II (×3)
Hunting Horn Image Metal Bagpipe I (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Meteor Bazooka I (×2)
Charge Blade Image Regas Hyper (×3) Heavy Bowgun Image Rock Eater I (×4)
Light Bowgun Image Royal Launcher I (×1) Light Bowgun Image Shotgun (Viper) II (×2)
Heavy Bowgun Image Striker's Bowgun I (×8) Gunlance Image Striker's Gunlance I (×3)
Dual Blades Image Twin Chainsaws I (×3) Hammer Image Unbearable Hammer II (×3)
Hammer Image War Hammer I (×4) Hammer Image Wroggi Hammer I (×2)
Gunlance Image Barroth Loader I (×2) Charge Blade Image Poisonous Veil I (×1)
Gunlance Image Shattershot I (×3)

Used to Craft Armor and Buddy Equipment

Legs Image Alloy Greaves S (×2) Torso Image Alloy Mail S (×2)
Waist Image Alloy Coil S (×2) Arms Image Basarios Vambraces S (×3)
Head Image Alloy Helm S (×2) Arms Image Alloy Vambraces S (×2)
Torso Image Aknosom Mail (×1) Waist Image Alloy Coil (×2)
Legs Image Alloy Greaves (×2) Head Image Alloy Helm (×2)
Torso Image Alloy Mail (×2) Arms Image Alloy Vambraces (×2)
Arms Image Barroth Vambraces (×2) Torso Image Basarios Mail (×2)
Arms Image Basarios Vambraces (×3) Legs Image Ingot Greaves (×3)
Torso Image Ingot Mail (×3) Head Image Khezu Helm (×1)
Torso Image Khezu Mail (×2) Waist Image Makluva Coil (×2)
Head Image Makluva Hood (×2) Waist Image Rhenoplos Coil (×2)
Legs Image Rhenoplos Greaves (×2) Head Image Rhenoplos Helm (×2)
Legs Image Skalda / Spio Crura (×2) Torso Image Skalda Thorax / Spio Thorax (×2)
Arms Image Tetranadon Braces (×1) Torso Image Vaik Mail (×3)
Head Image Wroggi Helm (×2) Arms Image Wroggi Vambraces (×1)
C Basarios Axe (×2) F Basarios Axe (×2)

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