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List of Quests

This is a list of all Quests for Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). Check out all the different types of quests as well as all those available in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise)!

*There are currently no known quests yet for MHRise. The information here is based on past games, the demo, and the official Monster Hunter social media accounts. We will update this article as soon as new information comes to light!

Latest Information About Quests

Join Requests Are Like SOS Flares!

Send out Join RequestEnlarge

Join Request is a mechanic similar to MHW's SOS Flare. This allows hunters to let other players participate in their current quest!

Join Requests Guide | How to Join and Send out SOS

The Rampage is a Type of Quest

Rampage on Quest Board.png

In a video released in Monster Hunter's social media channels, it is confirmed that the Rampage is a type of quest that can be taken from Quest Boards in the Gathering Hub.

It is separated from High and Low Rank quests so this might be a special quest!

What is the Rampage?

Key Quests are Back!

Key Quests are Returning

It seems the Key Quest system is returning in Monster Hunter Rise. Key Quests are specific types of quests that players have to finish to progress their quest level! For those familiar, key quests for a specific level ends with an Urgent Quest!

Village Quests

Solo-Only Quests

Village Quests Solo.png

In Monster Hunter Rise, Village Quests are types of quest that are solo-only and is story-driven. Progressing through the story is usually done by finishing multiple Key Quests and a final Urgent Quest that unlocks higher level quests!

Village Quest Guide

Gathering Hub Quests

Multiplayer Quests

Gathering Hub.png

The Gathering Hub is the only place you can play in multiplayer with other players, online or offline. These quests are generally more difficult than their Village Quest counterpart so be ready with your friends!

Can Also Be Done Solo

Like the past games, Gathering Hub quests can also be done solo! Veteran Hunters who want a challenge do this all the time so when you are confident enough, maybe you can try your hands on doing this!

Gathering Hub Guide

Arena Quests

Standardized Equipment

Master Utsushi.png

An Arena Quest is a special type of quest that puts you in an arena with a choice of standardized armor and weapon. Up to two people can do Arena Quests with certain rewards only dropping here!

Arena Quest Guide

Side Quests

Done During Quests or Expeditions

Side Quests in MHRise.png

There is a possibility of subquest-like quests appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). These could be the same as the Bounties in MHW which must be done daily or weekly! We will update this guide as soon as new information comes to light!

What are Side Quests?

Return from Quest vs. Abandon Quest

Return from Quests

Return from Quest

Returning from Quest, on the other hand, allows you to return to base with all the current items or materials you have already gathered!

In past games, you have to fulfill a certain Subquest to enable this but has long been removed in MHW. We do not know yet if it will return in Rise!

Abandon Quests

Abandoning Quests will not let you keep items and materials you have acquired but it does reset all your used items during a quest. We suggest only do this when you feel like the quest has no hope already!

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