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Argosy and Trading Guide

This is an article about the Argosy, an important trading mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on if you want to know how the Argosy works, the unlock location of the Argosy, how to upgrade the Argosy submarines, a list of Trade Goods, Special Goods, and Rare Finds as well as the armors unlockable via the Argosy!

Argosy Location

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Rondine Trading.png

The Argosy is moored at the Buddy Plaza with its representative, Rondine. She comes from a foreign land where you can exchange Kamura Points for helpful items. The Argosy will also unlock when you first go to the Buddy Plaza!

Buddy Plaza Guide

Order Items via the Argosy

The Argosy Trade Request window is a method of ordering a large bulk of items in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise). You could think of it like the Botanical Research from Monster Hunter World.

How to Use Trade Requests

1 Talk to Rondine and choose Order Items.
2 Choose Trade Requests
3 Choose a Buddy to send on a Trade mission.
4 Choose the Item to trade for.
5 Choose a Bargain Type to use!
6 Talk to Rondine again to check on your Trade Mission status!

Recommended Trade Request Items

Item Usage
Honey Combine with Potion to make a more potent Mega Potion.
Flashbug Required in making a Flash Bomb.
Bitterbug Used in crafting Immunizer and Catalyst.
Mandragora Required in making Max Potion and Immunizer.
Godbug A component for Lifepowder, Dust of Life, Herbal Powder, Demon Powder, and Hardshell Powder.
Might Seed A component for Demon Drug, Demon Powder, and Demon Ammo.
Thunderbug Used for crafting Shock Trap, Thunder Ammo, and Piercing Thunder Ammo
Ivy Essential in making a Net.
Spider Web Essential in making a Net

※ We recommend obtaining the items mendtioned here via Argosy Trade Request, for a better supply.

Bargain For More Items

After sending your Buddy on its way, you may choose the type of Bargain it will use! These have different effects on the quantity and the speed of that specific trade mission. Of course, this does not come for cheap as you will need to shell out Kamura Points to use them!

Bargaining Skills List

Skill Buddy Level Points Description
Casual Bargain Lv 5 + 100 Number of Items obtained increases slightly.
Duration: 6 Quests
Speedy Bargain Lv 15 + 150 Number of Items obtained increases in a short time.
Duration: 3 Quests
Shiny Bargain Lv 25 + 300 More likely to find rare items.
Duration: 3 Quests
EZ-PZ Bargain Lv 30 + 250 Number of Items obtained increases moderately.
Duration: 6 Quests
Breakneck Bargain Lv 35 + 300 Number of Items obtained increases greatly in a short time.
Duration: 3 Quests
Blinding Bargain
(Update 2.0)
Lv 40 + 500 Much more likely to find rare items.
Duration: 3 Quests

※ Shiny Bargain and on are unlocked after you enter High Rank
※ Blinding Bargain is unlocked when you update to Version 2.0

Can Receive Bonus Items for Armors and Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise - Toxic Kumori From Trading.png

As you put in Trade Requests with the Argosy, you can also receive other bonus items, no strings attached. These can be in the form of various crafting materials for some armors and weapons as well, so if you're looking for something specific, don't forget to go claim them!

Bonus Items List

Unlocked at Village ★3 or Hub ★2
Dreamshell.pngDreamshell Market Bugs / Mushroom
Unlocks Shell-Studded Set
Low Rank | High Rank
Blossom Cricket.pngBlossom Cricket Market Bugs / Mushroom
Unlocks Magia Weapons
Hunting Horn | Insect Glaive
Toxic Kumori.pngToxic Kumori Market Herbs / Fish
Unlocks Skalda / Spio Set
Low Rank | High Rank
Unlocked at Village ★4 or Hub ★3
Dosbiscus.pngDosbiscus Market Seeds / Fruits
Unlocks Melahoa Set
Low Rank | High Rank
Armored Bream.pngArmored Bream Market Herbs / Fish
Unlocks Vaik Set
Low Rank | High Rank
Unlocked at Village ★5 or Hub ★3
Springnight Carp.pngSpringnight Carp Market Seeds / Fruits
Unlocks Makluva Set
Low Rank | High Rank
Butterfly Beetle.pngButterfly Beetle Market Bugs / Mushrooms
Unlocks Aelucanth / Rhopessa Set
Low Rank | High Rank

Exchange Points For Items via the Argosy

Monster Hunter Rise - Exchange Points For Items in the Argosy.png

Every time you are in Kamura Village, Rondine The Trader will bring a select number of items that you can spend your Kamura Points for. These items are divided between Trade Goods, Special Goods, and Rare Finds. You can buy multiple numbers of these items as long as you have Kamura Points to spend. Be careful though, these items are very expensive so only use them when you have enough Kamura Points to spend!

Trade Goods

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Guide Trade Goods.png

Trade Goods are items that you can purchase from Rondine using Points. The lineup does not change and will unlock as you progress the game!

Trade Goods Item List
Item Points
Raw Meat.pngRaw Meat 60 pts.
Gunpowder.pngGunpowder 150 pts.
Farcaster.pngFarcaster 200 pts.
Net.pngNet 200 pts.
Herbal Medicine.pngHerbal Medicine 300 pts.
Energy Drink.pngEnergy Drink 300 pts.
Poison Smoke Bomb.pngPoison Smoke Bomb 300 pts.
Poisoned Meat.pngPoisoned Meat 300 pts.
Tinged Meat.pngTinged Meat 300 pts.
Drugged Meat.pngDrugged Meat 300 pts.
Deodorant.pngDeodorant 300 pts.
Catalyst.pngCatalyst 500 pts.
Immunizer.pngImmunizer 500 pts.
Lifepowder.pngLifepowder 600 pts.

Special Goods

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Guide Special Goods.png

Special Goods are limited to Hanging Scrolls that you can purchase for your Room. The Wall Scrolls are of each of the monsters and require you to slay or capture ten (10) of that specific monster for its scroll to become purchasable.

List of Special Goods
Hanging Scroll Price How to Unlock
Izuchi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Great Izuchi
Baggi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Great Baggi
Kulu Scroll 1200 pts 10 Kulu-Ya-Ku
Arzuros Scroll 1000 pts 10 Arzuros
Lagombi Scroll 1000 pts 10 Lagombi
Volvidon Scroll 1500 pts 10 Volvidon
Aknosom Scroll 1200 pts 10 Aknosom
Ludroth Scroll 1200 pts 10 Royal Ludroth
Barroth Scroll 1200 pts 10 Barroth
Khezu Scroll 1200 pts 10 Khezu
Tetranadon Scroll 1200 pts 10 Tetranadon
Bishaten Scroll 1500 pts 10 Bishaten
Basarios Scroll 1500 pts 10 Basarios
Pukei Scroll 1500 pts 10 Pukei-Pukei
Jyura Scroll 1500 pts 10 Jyratodus
Somna Scroll 1500 pts 10 Somnacanth
Rathian Scroll 1500 pts 10 Rathian
Barioth Scroll 1500 pts 10 Barioth
Kadachi Scroll 1500 pts 10 Tobi-Kadachi
Magnamalo Scroll 2000 pts 10 Magnamalo
Anjanath Scroll 1800 pts 10 Anjanath
Nargacuga Scroll 1800 pts 10 Nargacuga
Mizutsune Scroll 1800 pts 10 Mizutsune
Goss Scroll 2000 pts 10 Goss Harag
Rathalos Scroll 1800 pts 10 Rathalos
Almudron Scroll 2000 pts 10 Almudron
Zinogre Scroll 1800 pts 10 Zinogre
Tigrex Scroll 2000 pts 10 Tigrex
Diablos Scroll 2000 pts 10 Diablos
Rakna-Kadaki Scroll 2000 pts 10 Rakna-Kadaki
Daora Scroll 2500 pts 10 Kushala Daora
Chameleos Scroll 2500 pts 10 Chameleos
Teostra Scroll 2500 pts 10 Teostra
Rajang Scroll 2500 pts 10 Rajang
Bazel Scroll 2500 pts 10 Bazelgeuse
Ibushi Scroll 3000 pts 10 Wind Serpent Ibushi
Narwa Scroll 3000 pts 10 Thunder Serpent Narwa
Valstrax Scroll 3000 pts 10 Crimson Glow Valstrax
Apex Arzuros Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Arzuros
Apex Rathian Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Rathian
Apex Mizutsune Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Mizutsune
Apex Diablos Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Diablos
Apex Rathalos Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Rathalos
Apex Zinogre Scroll 3000 pts 10 Apex Zinogre
Fast Friends 1000 pts Reach ★3 Village Quest or
★2 Hub Quest
Slayer of Malice 2500 pts Clear ★5 Urgent Village Quest: Comeuppance
Moonlit Night 3000 pts Clear ★7 Urgent Hub Quest: The All Mother
The Showdown 1500 pts Default

Rare Finds

Monster Hunter Rise - Argosy Guide Rare Finds.png

Rare Finds are items that you can purchase using Kamura Points, much like Trade Goods. The difference is that Rare Finds changes periodically after every quest! Also, you can only buy a limited quantity of an item per transaction!

We suggest checking out the Rare Finds after every quest!

Rare Finds Item List
Item Points
Bhernastone.pngBhernastone 50 pts.
Loc Lac Ore.pngLoc Lac Ore 50 pts.
Flash Bomb.pngFlash Bomb 100 pts.
Sonic Bomb.pngSonic Bomb 100 pts.
Sushifish.pngSushifish 300 pts.
Whetfish.pngWhetfish 400 pts.
Shock Trap.pngShock Trap 400 pts.
Pale Extract.pngPale Extract 500 pts.
Dundormarin.pngDundormarin 500 pts.
Kelbi Horn.pngKelbi Horn 500 pts.
Val Habar Quartz.pngVal Habar Quartz 500 pts.
Great Whetfish.pngGreat Whetfish 600 pts.
Dash Juice.pngDash Juice 600 pts.
Pitfall Trap.pngPitfall Trap 600 pts.
Gloamgrass Bud.pngGloamgrass Bud 800 pts.
Minegardenite.pngMinegardenite 1000 pts.

How to Upgrade the Argosy

When using Trade Requests, you can deploy up to 3 Submarines at the same time but only one (1) will be accessible at the start. Also, the item choices you have for trading are not that varied. More submarines can be unlocked by accomplishing Requests, specifically the ones listed below:

How to Unlock Submarines

Submarine # Unlock Conditoins
Submarine 1 Village or Hub ★2
Submarine 2 ・Reach Village or Hub ★3
・Clear Cultural Exchange Request
Necessary Items
Wisplantern x3
Boatshell x3
Submarine 3 ・Reach Village ★6
・Clear Economic Stimulation Request
Necessary Items
King Rhino x1
Rock Roses x3
Bismuth Prism x3

Requests Guide and List of Requests

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