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Wondering how to craft new weapons and armor but just can't quite figure it out? Read on to find out all about forging weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)!

Weapons and Armor

Fundamental Equipment in a Hunter’s Life

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Without weapons or armor, you cannot even begin to dream of hunting even a tiny Jagras! A lot of the fun of Monster Hunter comes from the diverse gameplay offered by its 14 weapons, as well as the crafting of builds that cater to your specific needs.

Craftable at the Smithy

Both weapons and armor are craftable at the Smithy! There are two in Kamura Village: Hamon at the Steelworks and Nakago in the Hub Prep Area. Simply talk to them to access weapon and armor crafting.

How to Forge Weapons

Once you're in the Smithy menu, choose the Forge/Upgrade Weapon option.
Choose the type of weapon you want to craft. It defaults to the weapon you currently have equipped.
Pick the weapon of your choosing! You can only start forging from the weapons that have a hammer symbol above their icon. (Take note that these can also appear later in the weapon tree!)
If you have the required materials and zenny (money), you can go ahead and forge your weapon by selecting it with your A button. Enjoy!

How to Forge Armor

Once you're in the Smithy menu, choose the Forge/Upgrade Armor option > Forge Armor.
From there, you can see every armor that you have access to. You can only craft one armor piece at a time. Hovering over an armor piece will show you the materials and zenny needed at the bottom of the armor image.
Usually, you will want to craft an armor that has the skills that you want. To see what skills an armor piece has, simply hover over an armor piece and press down on your right stick.
4 If you have the needed materials and zenny to craft it, and you've made sure you like the skills it offers, go ahead and forge the armor piece by selecting it with the A button.

How to Unlock Weapons and Armor

How to Unlock Weapons

When it's early on in the game, chances are a lot of the weapons or entire weapon trees that you don't have the recipes for and are marked as '????'. To unlock the recipes for these unknown weapons, you will need to get its core material.

How to Unlock Weapon Trees

Craft the Original Weapon

If you do have the recipe for a weapon but you can't craft it, remember that you have to craft the original weapon in the weapon tree. The original weapons are the only forgeable ones, marked with a hammer icon. From there, you can upgrade to the rest of the weapon tree.

How to Unlock Armor

Same goes for armor, though instead of being marked as '????', unknown armor just doesn't appear in the armor list at all. You will just have to get the material required to make that armor to unlock its recipe. For example, the Brigade Armor Set won't appear until you've gotten all of the Arena Coins needed to craft it.

List of Armor Sets

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