Zenny Farming Guide: How to Farm Money Fast | Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) - Zenny Farming Guide: How to Farm Money Fast

Zenny, the money in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), is something you can easily run out of. Thankfully, zenny is just as easy to farm back up! Learn how to farm money fast by reading on.

How to Farm Zenny (Money)

Complete Quests

MH Rise - Quest Complete Image
The most obvious way to gain money and is the most reliable way as well. Each quest has a set amount of reward money so double-check the quests reward to see which are the best quests that can yield more money for you!

Quest Types and List of Quests

Sell Items

MH Rise - Sell Items to Kagero the Merchant

Some items are just meant to be sold. Their uses are minimal and selling them off for cash is the most recommended method to use them. These items have a description that shows that the item has a high sell value. Take a look at your item box and sell off these items!

List of Items That Can Only Be Sold

Item Selling Price How to Obtain
20,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
HR8+ required
10,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
High Rank required
1,000z Argosy (Rare Finds)
20,000z Cohoot's Nest
10,000z Cohoot's Nest
1,000z Cohoot's Nest

Best Items to Sell

Can Be Purchased in the Argosy

MH Rise - Argosy Guide Rare Finds

The Argosy has some rare items that can be purchased using Kamura points. Sometimes, these range from traps and other consumables but most of the time, these are rare crystals that can be sold for up to 20,000 zenny a piece!

Argosy and Trading Guide

Collect Account Items

Account Items are items that are automatically used after a quest and are converted to money and Kamura points. Always pick up account items when you have the chance (except for eggs as they greatly hinder your movement).

List of All Account Items

Zenny Farming Tips

Farm Golden Eggs

Doing the Gotta Hoard Fast! collab quest guarantees a Golden Egg if the quest is finished in under 2 minutes, giving you an S+ ranking. Do this quest on Multiplayer and it will be easy to beat that requirement.

Do the quest five times and in 10 minutes or less you will have five Golden Eggs. A single Golden Egg is priced at 20,000 zennies! Sell all five eggs and you have 100,000 zennies in just 10 minutes.

Credit goes to Coffee Goblin who shared us of this wonderful zenny farming tip.

Gather and Sell Ores from the Lava Cavern Expedition

Upsurges for gathering points like Honey, Bonepiles, and Mining Outcrops happen during Expedition Tours - what we want for farming Zenny is the Mining Outcrop Upsurge. These are determined randomly, so be sure to check your Expeditions every time you finish a quest and check if the Lava Caverns has a Mining Outcrop Upsurge.

This is important because during Upsurges, instead of just giving you 1 copy of an item, it gives you 3! That means every Firecell Stones, Firestones, Carbalite Ores, and Fucium Ores you get will be tripled. You can then sell them to the Market for plenty of zenny! You can get 350,000z to 400,000z on average!

Mining Outcrop Farming Route at the Lava Caverns

This is the mining route that we devised so you can get the most out of your run. The video below shows the route that you should loop until the Mining Outcrop Upsurge is gone. Each loop is around 4 minutes and upsurges change every 10 minutes so you can get 2 loops per run!

Check out a video of the Lava Caverns Route below!

Lava Caverns
Zenny Farming Route
Lava Caverns
Zenny Farming Route
1 Fast Travel to Sub-camp 2 then turn right. You will see a cave opening and wiredash towards the first node.
2 Turn around out back and wiredash across the ravine. You will see an elevated rock formation with grass on top. Mine the second outcrop.
3 Go straight to the Upwelling Wind next to it and let is propel you upward. Ready your Wiredash while moving up because you need to Wiredash to get off the Upwelling Wind.
4 Go towards the Monster Fossil node and go across the ravine. You will see your third outcrop on the left.
5 Afterwards, Wiredash up the cliff and approach the Great Wirebug. Use it to get across.
6 When you get to the other side, approach the big hole to the right where you'll see the fourth outcrop on one of the cliff platforms.
7 Jump down and ride the Upwelling Wind again. Face your camera on your back and get ready to get off the Upwelling Wind using Wiredash.
8 Call out your Palamute and dash towards the fifth outcrop on the right. You will pass by several rock formation so you won't get lost.
9 Turn around, ride your Palamute, and continue on to the large hole near Sub-camp 1. You will need to target an elevated opening on the wall on top of Area 14 where the sixth and seventh outcrops are located. Use everything you got to reach this opening!
10 Next, ride your Palamute and go down the opening and go the road going to Area 12. When the rock formation on the left of the road ends, jump off your Palamute down to the eighth outcrop.
11 Go down the cliff on the left of the eighth outcrop and you'll be on top of the ninth outcrop. Ride your Palamute across to the other cliff and climb up until you're on the road connecting Area 14 and Area 13.
12 Ride your Palamute and cross Area 14 until you see a small opening on the right along the way to Area 11. You cannot miss this because there is a green spiribird in front of the hole the first time! Enter the opening and you will see an outcrop in the middle of a mushroom and plant node - this is your tenth outcrop.
13 Turn right and look up to see a hole in the wall. Line your Wiredash PERFECTLY to the hole then climb up! Follow the road and turn left - you will see your eleventh and twelfth outcrops.
14 Look right and wiredash up the hanging cliff. On the top you will see your thirteenth outcrop.
15 Continue on forward and wiredash across another cliff platform next to a lava waterfall. You will see your fourteenth outcrop here. After mining, Fast Travel to Sub-camp 2 immediately.
16 Once you reach Sub-camp 2, we suggest going in and out the tent to deposit all the ores you are carrying. This saves you from maxing out during the whole run. Repeat the route again afterwards.
17 [OPTIONAL] Slide down towards Area 3. Follow the two branches at the end of the cliff and go down to the left of it. Your fifteenth outcrop is waiting for you. Fast Travel back to Sub-camp 2 afterwards.

Camp Guide: How to Unlock Sub-Camps

Farm the ★4 Village Quest, Third Wheel

Whenever there isn't a Mining Outcrops Upsurge in the Lava Caverns, you can also opt to do the ★4 Village Quest, Third Wheel. It features a fight against both an Arzuros and a Tetranadon in the Arena. You can clear it in about 5 minutes with Lvl 5 weapons. You can get about +5000z from selling all the rewards you get from it, on top of a 3000z reward money for completing the quest.

Village Quest Guide and List of Key Quests

How to Increase Zenny Farming Efficiency

Play Solo

MH Rise - Solo Gold Reward

While it may be tempting to join up with other players to complete quests. The reward you obtain will be divided into each player. If you have players and the total money is 10,000 zenny, each player will only receive 2,500. The difficulty of quests also scales up to the number of players so only team up with other hunters on difficult quests!

Wear Armor with the Geology Armor Skill

MH Rise - Zenny Farming Guide Geologist Skill

If you plan on doing the Zenny Farming Route in the Lava Caverns, we suggest preparing an armor set that can help with gathering items.

Armor skills like Geologist allows you to mine one extra time from Mining Outcrops at Level 3. This helps immensely especially since the Zenny Farming revolves around mining ores and selling them!

Equipment with the Geology Skill


Geology Jewel 1


Piece Armor Base Defense Skills
Torso Image Brigade Suit S 62
Geologist Lv. 1
Arms Image Brigade Vambraces 26
Geologist Lv. 2
Arms Image Brigade Vambraces S 62
Geologist Lv. 2
Head Image Cunning Specs 60
Geologist Lv. 2
Legs Image Guild Cross Boots 24
Carving Pro Lv. 1
Geologist Lv. 1
Torso Image Guild Cross Suit 24
Geologist Lv. 1
Arms Image Guild Cross Vambraces 24
Geologist Lv. 1
Wall Runner Lv. 1
Arms Image Leather Gloves 1
Geologist Lv. 1
Arms Image Leather Gloves S 30
Geologist Lv. 1
Head Image Leather Headgear S 30
Geologist Lv. 1
Legs Image Leather Pants 1
Geologist Lv. 1
Legs Image Leather Pants S 30
Geologist Lv. 1

Eat the Dango Money Maker

Monster Hunter Rise -Money Maker Dango
The Dango Money Maker will increase the amount of money you obtain from the end of the quest by a huge 30%! It is available when the Wealthy Man daily special is active from the canteen so make sure to check it out daily!

Dango List: Effects and How to Unlock

Get Feather From Fortune Owl Whenever You Spot It

While it appears randomly, never ignore the Fortune Owl when you see it as it doubles your earned zenny at the end of the quest! A notification saying Lucky Life Found should pop up on the right side of your screen whenever it appears on your screen.
How to Get and Use Fortune Owl

Don't Deliver Eggs!

MH Rise - Delivering Herbivore Eggs to the Main Camp

While it may be tempting to start delivering eggs for massive Kamura points and Zenny, the amount of time it takes to deliver one is just not optimal. Avoid going for deliveries if you wish to farm up money quickly.

How to Carry Eggs: Delivery Quest Guide

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