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May 26th Digital Event - Livestream Coverage and Everything We Learned | Monster Hunter Rise

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This is a summary of the May Digital Event Official Livestream for Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) Update 3.0. Read on for the livestream date and time, our livestream countowdown, where to watch, Second Free Title Update - Update 3.0 details, new content and DLC, and more

Where to Watch the Digital Event

Digital Event Livestream

▲ Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) content starts at the 8m45s mark

What We Know So Far

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Monster Hunter Rise - Crimson Glow Valstrax.png
CAPCOM introduces a new variation of Valstrax known as Crimson Glow Valstrax. This particular version of MHGU's flagship monster is expected to have new moves in Monster Hunter Rise.

Crimson Glow Valstrax Hunt Guide

Apex Zinogre Appears

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Zinogre.png
Apex Zinogre is also confirmed for Update 3.0. This particular apex version of Zinogre hosts gold fur, similar to Thunderlord Zinogre from Monster Hunter Generations.

Due to Apex Zinogre's uncanny resemblance with the former, it is safe to expect a heightened aggression as well as an Ultracharged State during the hunt!

Apex Zinogre Hunt Guide

Apex Rathalos Quest Unlocked

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Rathalos Quest.png
Update 3.0 releases Apex Rathalos into the wild! Look out for its Hub Quest as soon as the update lands on March 27 (1 AM BST)

Apex Rathalos Hunt Guide

Apex Diablos Quest Unlocked

Monster Hunter Rise - Apex Diablos Quest.png
Apex Diablos is also expected to have a Hub Quest outside of the Rampage once Update 3.0 arrives! Update 3.0 is expected to launch on March 27 (1 AM BST)
Apex Diablos Hunt Guide

New DLC Content

Several new DLC content were also announced during Monster Hunter's Digital Event. These range from Hunter Voices to actual BGMs from the game itself.

Crossover Content (Collaborations)

Monster Hunter Rise - Crossover Content 2.png
Monster Hunter's Digital Event has revealed plans for cross-title collaborations for Versions 3.2 and 3.3. While we didn't get much in terms of specifics, we expect CAPCOM to release more information regarding these collab events in the coming weeks!

Monster Hunter Stories x Monster Hunter Rise

One confirmed collaboration is between Monster Hunter Rise and an upcoming spin-off title called Monster Hunter Stories 2. We can link our save data from Monster Hunter Stories 2 to acquire the Rider Hunter Layered armor set in Monster Hunter Rise!

Update 3.0 Will Feature a New Ending

Monster Hunter's Digital Event for the month of May also confirmed the culmination of Monster Hunter Rise's story! We received very limited information in terms of the specifics but we expect a final clash against the two main Elder Dragons of Monster Hunter Rise, Ibushi and Narwa.

Update 3.0 Will Require 1.4GB of Space

It is also announced that Update 3.0 will come at around 1.4GB, way bigger than Update 2.0! Considering how vast Update 2.0 is, we expect Update 3.0 reach the same level — and more with its hidden content!
Update 3.0: Release Date and New Monsters

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