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This a guide on how to use Wirebugs in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Read on to learn about Wirebug moves, controls, attacks, and more!

What are Wirebugs?

New Tool for New Actions

Wirebugs Awesomeness.jpg

Wirebugs is an exciting new tool introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. The Wirebugs give additional mobility to the player as well as give way to doing more actions such as dashing, dodging, and more!

Wirebug Charges

Wirebug Gauge.jpg

Using Wirebugs consumes a gague which can be seen on the lower center portion of your screen. The amount consumed gauge varies per action, the same goes for the recovery amount. The Wirebug gauge automatically recovers on its own over time.

Amount of Usable Wirebugs

Amount of Usable Wirebugs.jpg

You can carry up to two Wirebugs on you while on the field. It is possible to temporarily increase the number of usable Wirebugs, up to three, by catching Wirebugs in the field.

Reach New Heights

Wirebug Flying High.jpg

You can find Jewel Lillies in the wild where you can place Great Wirebugs on! With Great Wirebugs you can shoot yourself upward at a long distance and reach very high places.

How to Get and Use Great Wirebugs

Start Wyvern Riding!

Wyvern Riding.png

Wirebugs are crucial for Wyvern Riding as it determines how long you ride a wyvern and each attack consumes a Wirebug gauge. Mastering this skill will make hunts easier for you!

How to Mount and Ride Monsters

How to Use Wirebugs

Wiredash Action

Wire Dash.jpg

With Weapons Sheathed

Buttons Description
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Sends you forward to where your hunter is facing, which allows for fast repositioning.
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Sends you upward diagonally, which helps avoid ground attacks
Buttons zL.png + Button zR.png
Will fire a wirebug in the direction of your reticle which propells you forward with greater precision than the other moves.

With Weapons Sheathed In Mid-air

Buttons Description
Buttons zL.png + Buttons X.png
Keeps you airborne and allows you to travel the direction your hunter is facing.
Buttons zL.png + Buttons A.png
Sends you downward diagonally and can help keep you grounded

Wirefall Action


Buttons Description
Buttons zL.png + Buttons B.png
Allows you to reposition while you are knocked over.

Wall Run Action

Wall Run.jpg

Buttons Description
Buttons zL.png +
Buttons X.png or Buttons A.png
Wiredash towards a wall and do a Wall Run at the cost of your stamina. You can do other actions while Wallrunning such as attacking.

Silkbind Attack

Silkbind Attack.jpg

For Melee Weapons

Buttons Description
Buttons zL.png +
Buttons X.png or Buttons A.png
Depending on your melee weapons move set, this can trigger silkbind attacks.

For Ranged Weapons

Buttons Description
Button R.png +
Buttons X.png or Buttons A.png
This can trigger silkbind attacks for ranged weapons as long as it is drawn.

List of Silkbind Attacks and How to Use

Hang Mid-air


Buttons Description
Buttons A.png then
Left Analog.png + Buttons B.png
Pressing A while airborne will make you hang in the air which then you can choose a direction to go using the Left Analog and then B.

Though you can only hang mid-air for about 6 or 7 seconds so plan out your move within this time frame! you can also throw bombs and kunai while hanging in mid-air.

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