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This is a list of all scraps in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). Check the links below for more information on each scrap that can be found in the game!

List of All Scraps

Aknosom Scrap Aknosom Scrap+
Almudron Scrap Almudron Scrap+
Anjanath Scrap Anjanath Scrap+
Arzuros Scrap Arzuros Scrap+
Baggi Scrap Baggi Scrap+
Barioth Scrap Barioth Scrap+
Barroth Scrap Barroth Scrap+
Basarios Scrap Basarios Scrap+
Bazel Scrap+ Bishaten Scrap
Bishaten Scrap+ Bnahabra Scrap
Bnahabra Scrap+ Bone Scrap
Bone Scrap+ Chameleos Scrap+
Diablos Scrap Diablos Scrap+
Fur Scrap Fur Scrap+
Garangolm Scrap Goss Harag Scrap
Goss Harag Scrap+ Heavy Aknosom Scrap
Heavy Almudron Scrap Heavy Anjanath Scrap
Heavy Archdemon Scrap Heavy Arzuros Scrap
Heavy Astalos Scrap Heavy Barioth Scrap
Heavy Barroth Scrap Heavy Basarios Scrap
Heavy Bazel Scrap Heavy Bishaten Scrap
Heavy Bnahabra Scrap Heavy Bone Scrap
Heavy Chameleos Scrap Heavy Diablos Scrap
Heavy Espinas Scrap Heavy Fur Scrap
Heavy G. Baggi Scrap Heavy G. Jaggi Scrap
Heavy G. Magala Scrap Heavy G. Wroggi Scrap
Heavy Goss Scrap Heavy Hermitaur Scrap
Heavy Humble Scrap Heavy Ibushi Scrap
Heavy Insect Scrap Heavy Izuchi Scrap
Heavy Jyura Scrap Heavy K. Daora Scrap
Heavy Kadachi Scrap Heavy Khezu Scrap
Heavy Kulu Scrap Heavy Lagombi Scrap
Heavy Lunagaron Scrap Heavy Magna Scrap
Heavy Mizutsune Scrap Heavy Nargacuga Scrap
Heavy Narwa Scrap Heavy Ore Scrap
Heavy Pukei-Pukei Scrap Heavy R. Ludroth Scrap
Heavy Rajang Scrap Heavy Rakna Scrap
Heavy Rathalos Scrap Heavy Rathian Scrap
Heavy Resentment Scrap Heavy Rhenoplos Scrap
Heavy S. Magala Scrap Heavy Seregios Scrap
Heavy Shogun Scrap Heavy Somna Scrap
Heavy Teostra Scrap Heavy Tetra Scrap
Heavy Tigrex Scrap Heavy Valstrax Scrap
Heavy Volvidon Scrap Heavy Zinogre Scrap
Humble Scrap Humble Scrap+
Ibushi Scrap+ Insect Scrap
Insect Scrap+ Izuchi Scrap
Izuchi Scrap+ Jaggi Scrap
Jaggi Scrap+ Jyura Scrap+
Kadachi Scrap Kadachi Scrap+
Khezu Scrap Khezu Scrap+
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scrap Kulu-Ya-Ku Scrap+
Kushala Daora Scrap+ Lagombi Scrap
Lagombi Scrap+ Magnamalo Scrap
Magnamalo Scrap+ Malzeno Scrap
Mizutsune Scrap Mizutsune Scrap+
Nargacuga Scrap Nargacuga Scrap+
Narwa Scrap+ Ore Scrap
Ore Scrap+ Pukei Scrap
Pukei Scrap+ Rajang Scrap+
Rakna-Kadaki Scrap+ Rathalos Scrap
Rathalos Scrap+ Rathian Scrap
Rathian Scrap+ Rhenoplos Scrap
Rhenoplos Scrap+ Royal Ludroth Scrap
Royal Ludroth Scrap+ Slagtoth Scrap
Slagtoth Scrap+ Somnacanth Scrap
Somnacanth Scrap+ Teostra Scrap+
Tetranadon Scrap Tetranadon Scrap+
Tigrex Scrap Tigrex Scrap+
Valstrax Scrap+ Volvidon Scrap
Volvidon Scrap+ Wroggi Scrap
Wroggi Scrap+ Zinogre Scrap
Zinogre Scrap+

How to Use Scraps

Used to Craft Buddy Armors and Weapons

The main purpose of Scraps is to craft weapons and armors for your Buddies! These can greatly improve their performance during hunts so don't neglect this feature!

List of Buddy Equipment: All Palico/Palamute Weapons and Armor

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List of Items and Materials

List of Items and Materials by Type

Item and Material Types
MH Rise Ore Icon.pngOre Bones.pngBones Monster.pngMonster Materials
Plants.pngPlants Medicine.pngFood and Medicine Fish.pngFish
Insects.pngInsects Traps and Bombs.pngTraps and Bombs Ammo and Phials.pngAmmo and Phials
Tickets Icon.pngTickets and Coins Account Item.pngAccount Items Scraps Icon.pngScraps
MH Rise Sunbreak - Afflicted Material Icon.pngAfflicted Materials - -
Other Items Other Materials Upgrade Material Types

List of Hot Items

Master Rank Items
Dragonbone Artifact Awegite Prized Pelt Tough Claw
Large Herbivore Bone Monster Toughbone Twisted Stiffbone Timeworn Crimson Horn
Frocium Purecrystal Deepshell Valiabiscus
Large Armored Bream Torpor Sac Monster Essence Goldlite Ore
Low/High Rank Items
Boatshell Wisplantern Rock Rose King Rhino
Bismuth Prism Machalite Ore Rhenoplos Egg Eroded Skeleton

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