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This is a guide to finding all the Relic Records and Old Messages in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise): Sunbreak in the Citadel map, and rewards for collecting them all!

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Citadel Relic Record Locations

Location Map

Citadel Relic Records Locations

※The red numbers correlate to their order in the Notebook.

Citadel Map and Sub-Camp Location

Citadel Relic Records (Click to jump!)
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

1: On a Small Cliff at Area 3

From the Main Camp, go out into Area 1 and follow the river on the right that leads to Area 3 until you see a canal on your right. Head inside and run until you see vines that you can climb. While climbing, look for a hole on the wall. Once you see it, go into it and find the other hole in the room to slide down into. It should lead into a small cliff where the Relic Record is located.

2: In Spiribird Bushes on Cliff at Area 4

At Area 4, there's a mountain that has ruined houses on its cliffside. Head up to the peak of the mountain, which is a small platform with a Mining Outcrop. From there, face the ruins in Area 14. Then, you can look down and look for Spiribird bushes on a cliff. There's a Relic Record hidden right there!

3: On Top of Front Wall of Ruins in Area 14

Once you arrive at Area 14, climb up the front wall of the ruined building (on the left side). The Relic Record should be at the top. Make sure to manage your stamina!

4: In Cave Covered By Red Planks in Between Areas 2 and 4

Go to the river area in between Areas 2 and 4. There will be a small cave there, with its entrance covered by red planks. You can open these up with Barrel Bombs. Head inside and claim the Relic Record!

5: On an Isolated Ice Cliff North of Area 5

Go straight north from Area 2, then climb up the first cliff to the right. Climb up the vines and go straight north until you see a large cliff ahead on the right with Jewel Lilies at the top. Take the Great Wirebug up, then from the top, wirebug across the gap to the isolated icy cliff. The Relic Record will be at the very edge of the cliff.

6: In a Gap in the Ruined Castle

On the path east of Area 8, climb down the cliff to the south to find a towering mountain of rock, broken bricks and bridges. Climb up from the small hill with a ledge at the end and wirebug up. From the platform, jump off and wirebug into the alcove to find the Relic Record.

7: In an Underground Maze

Go to the high plateau southwest of Area 5 to find a hole into the ground leading to an underground maze. Go through the cave to the west and slide down until you reach the Crystal Chunk. Go left and at the Bonepile, slide down the door to the right, then again at the next door. At the Stately Storage Box, look up to find a cliff you can climb up to, and there you'll find the Relic Record.

8: At the Top of the Tower

Go to the high plateau below the number 12 of Area 12 as shown on the minimap. Find the tower here and climb to the top; you'll find an easy Relic Record.

9: In the Mine in Area 13

Go northwest of Area 13 to find a small mineshaft you can enter. Halfway through, you'll find a ledge you can Wirebug up to, where you'll find the Relic Record.

10: At End of Tunnel in Sub-Camp 1

Travel to Sub-Camp 1. If you look at your map, you will notice that there's a tunnel in your Sub-Camp! The Relic Record is right the end of this tunnel, surrounded by 3 Spiribirds. If you haven't found Sub-Camp 1 yet, we have a guide on our Citadel map page!

Citadel Map and Sub-Camp Location

List of Rewards

5 Records 10 Records
Garangolm Statue Lunagaron Statue

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