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Rathian Basic Information and Armor Sets.png

This is an article about Rathian, a returning monster appearing in Monster Hunter Rise (MHRise) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn everything we know about Rathian, the currently revealed Rathian armor sets, and the effects of its attacks.

Rathian Latest Information

Rathian Returning Monster.png
Type Flying Wyvern Previous Games All MH games
Element Fire Ailment Poison
Breakable Parts
Coming Soon!
Official Description
Fire-breathing female wyverns, also known as the "Queens of the Land." With powerful legs and poison-secreting tails, they hunt mainly on the ground. Sometimes seen preying as a couple, Rathian and Rathalos cooperate well.

Starting Area

Map Starting Area
Shrine Ruins Coming Soon!

Appeared in the Great Sword Video

Appeared in the Rathian Video.png

The Rathian is confirmed to be in Monster Hunter Rise after it appeared as the large monster being hunted in the Great Sword introduction video. The Rathian is showcased in almost every Monster Hunter game, being the face almost of the series.

Rathian Armor Set Preview

Rathian Armor Set (Female) Rathian Armor Set (Female) MHW
MHRise.jpg OG.jpg

It appears that the Rathian Armor Set will be making a comeback as shown in one of their official previews. The armor set in the video is strikingly similar to the Monster Hunter World Rathian Armor Set.

Rathian Characteristics

Thunder and Dragon Weakness

The Rathian is weakest against Thunder and Dragon element attacks, weapons, and tools. It is ideal to aim for its head as a weak point but prioritizing removal of its poisonous tail is also an option.

Pink Rathian Variant

Pink Rathian Variant.png

There is a possibility for the Pink Rathian to make a comeback in Monster Hunter Rise, which was first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Rathian Attack Patterns



The Rathian has a unqiue way of utilizing its poisonous tail. It will do a somersault close to the player, assaulting the player with its tail in a circular whiplash. It is crucial for you to avoid this attack as it causes significant and lingering poison damage. Stock up on some antidotes and other poison cures if you wish to go toe-to-toe with the Queen of the Land!

Fire Projectile Attack

Flame Breath

Apart from it's poisonous tail and menacing claws, the Rathian can shoot a fire projectile from its mouth. In its regular state, it shoots only one but when angered it will shoot three in a row. While shooting, it is left vulnerable which gives ample time for you to attack it while its preoccupied in toasting the spot you once were.

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