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This is a guide to the best builds and equipment for Light Bowguns in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn about the best Light Bowguns for Update 3.0, and the best Skills and Armor pieces to use with the Light Bowguns for Low Rank, High Rank, and endgame.

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Latest Endgame Build

MH Rise - Spread and Slicing Build Banner

3.0 Spread & Slicing Build

Weapon Slots ATK DEF
Sinister Shadow Bolt Sinister Shadow Bolt
②①ー 190 155
Affinity Element
Sinister Shadow Bolt retains its throne amongst the new Spread Light Bowguns in Update 3.0 primarily due to its amazing ammo capacity!
Armor Slots Skills
Utsushi Mask (H) S / Channeler Hair-tie SUtsushi Mask (H) S / Channeler Hair-tie S ①ーー
Rakna MailRakna Mail ②①ー
Reload Speed Lv. 1
Spread Up Lv. 1
Valstrax BracesValstrax Braces ②ーー
Rakna Coil Rakna Coil ②②ー
Spread Up Lv. 1
Golden HakamaGolden Hakama ①①ー
Talisman Skill Recoil Down Lv. 1
with an additional ③ slot
Critical Boost Lv. 3 | Weakness Exploit Lv. 3
Spare Shot Lv. 3 | Spread Up Lv. 3
Reload Speed Lv. 3 | Recoil Down Lv. 3
Wirebug Whisperer Lv. 3 | Razor Sharp Lv. 2
Latent Power Lv.1 | Flinch Free Lv. 1
Dragonheart Lv. 1
Build Merits After a bit of tweaking, we've replaced Attack Boost and Partbreaker from our 2.0 Pierce and Slicing Build with Weakness Exploit and Critical Boost instead while retaining its QoL skills. Since Spread and Slicing Ammo work best when aimed towards weak spots, these skills are absolutely welcome changes that allows us to hunt the new monsters of Update 3.0 better!

High Rank Builds

MH Rise - High Rank Light Bowgun Build

Gathering Hub HR 4 - HR 100+

Whether you're just breaking in the High Rank at HR 4 or are just looking for some new strategies at HR 100, we've got the best High Rank Light Bowgun builds to spice up your hunts.

►High Rank Light Bowgun Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Spread & Slicing Build HR 100+
Pierce & Slicing Build HR 100+
Sticky Ammo Build HR 100+

Low Rank Builds

MH Rise - Low Rank Light Bowgun Build

Village Quests - Low Rank Hub

Check out the best Light Bowgun builds for Monster Hunter beginners or for speeding through Village Quests or Low Rank Gathering hub.

►Low Rank Light Bowgun Builds

Latest Builds Rank
Offense and Utility Build Village Quest ★4 to ★6

Best Light Bowgun Skills

Best Skills
Pierce Up
Get one of the three ammo type skills depending on the ammo type you're going to use!
Normal/Rapid Up
Get one of the three ammo type skills depending on the ammo type you're going to use!
Spread Up
Get one of the three ammo type skills depending on the ammo type you're going to use!
Wirebug Whisperer
Greatly improves Counter Shot and Silk Dash usage at level three.
Mobility and defense capabilities are improved so much that shield mods aren't mandatory anymore.
Recoil Down
Makes aiming way easier.
Reload Speed
Makes aiming way easier.
Attack Boost
Increases DPS for all ammo types.
Spare Shot
Increased DPS by giving you a chance to shoot ammo for free.
Maximum Might
Increases affinity when Stamina is at maximum. As a non-stamina heavy weapon, this is an ideal skill to have.
Partbreaker increases damage on breakable parts by as much as 30% at level three, allowing you to break monsters down easier!

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