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Sunbreak Solo and Multiplayer Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise - Solo and Multiplayer Guide
This article describes the major difference between playing solo and multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise). If you want to know more about the differences between solo and multiplayer, which quests can only be played solo, and if you can play offline, read on!

Solo vs Multiplayer

Monster's Strength Scales Depending on the Player

Monster Hunter Rise - Difficulty Scaling

When playing in Hub Quests, the Monster's strength will always scale depending on the number of players currently present in the quest. Do not worry about dealing with 4-player scaled monsters when three of your mates disconnect - the game will automatically adjust the monster's strength!

You Can Only Bring One Buddy in Multiplayer

When playing in Solo, you may bring two Buddies of any type (Palico or Palamute). In Multiplayer, however, you and your mates are locked into using one Buddy each. The game will automatically choose the Buddy you set in Buddy Slot 1 via the Buddy Board.

Join Requests Only Works for Online Multiplayer

Monster Hunter Rise - Join Requests Only for Online Multiplayer

The new SOS Flare-like feature of MH Rise called Join Request is only useable during online play. Local Multiplayer or Solo Offline play will prohibit you from using Join Request.

There are More Quest Supplies in Multiplayer

In Multiplayer, quest supplies are for the maximum number of players (4 players) no matter how many you are in your group.

List of Items and Materials

Solo-Only Elements

Village Quests are Solo-only

Monster Hunter Rise - Village Quests Solo

Village Quests are story-driven quests given to you by Hinoa during the game. These quests are always scaled for one (1) player and can only be done solo.

Village Quest Guide and List of Key Quests

Can Be Played While Offline

Village Quests and other solo-only features can be played offline without a connection to the Internet or a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Multiplayer Elements

Hub Quests are for Multiplayer

Monster Hunter Rise - Hub Quests are for Multiplayer

The Gathering Hub is where you would get all the multiplayer-scaled quests given to you by Minoto. You can either do Hub Quests offline (via Local Communications) or online (via the Internet when you have Nintendo Switch Online subscription).

Hub Quest Guide and List of Hub Quests

Online Multiplayer for Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Gamepass

Monster Hunter Rise - Online Multiplayer

If you're playing on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, or Gamepass, multiplayer is only available via the Internet. From there, you will be playing with hunters on the same platform as you, as Crossplay will not be supported.

MH Rise Release Date on PlayStation, Xbox, and Game Pass

Can Play Multiplayer While Offline via Local Communications

Monster Hunter Rise - Can Play Multiplayer While Offline via Local Communications

Since the Nintendo Switch is portable, it just makes sense that you can bring it anywhere and you can play together with your friends through ad-hoc or Local Communications. Just make sure that all of your Nintendo Switches are near each other and start playing!

Recommended Weapons for Solo Play

Use Any Weapon You Want

Monster Hunter Rise - 14 Weapon Types in the Demo

There is no right or wrong choice when choosing which weapon you should play when you want to solo the game - the power of the weapon highly depends on the skill of the hunter so we highly encourage you to try out all weapons and see which one will click to your playstyle.

Weapons List: Weapon Types and All Weapon Guides

Recommended Solo Play Weapons

However, some weapons are excel on being used when playing alone. Here are some of our recommendations:

Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise - Long Sword Title Card

The Long Sword is a weapon that boasts a plethora of counterattack opportunities and is best with going toe-to-toe with monsters. Because it excels in counterattacking, the monster must always attack the hunter and this does not happen all the time in multiplayer.

Long Sword Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset

Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise - Hunting Horn Title Card

The Hunting Horn changed in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) to be this offensive powerhouse that at the same time can buff allies and yourself. When played solo, you can buff yourself to get immense power to deal with any monster standing in your way.

Hunting Horn Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset


Monster Hunter Rise - Lance Title Card

The Lance is a defensive powerhouse that can transform defense into offense. It also has a lot of counters like Anchor Rage and Guard Counter which requires the undivided attention of monsters. The Lance is also pretty slow and easy to flinch so we do not recommend using it in multiplayer.

Lance Guide: Combos, Controls and Moveset

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